When a person is traveling they want to get the most from their trip. It does not matter if they are traveling between states or between countries. These are some tips to help travelers get the best experience and enjoy their voyage.
               Pack Light
               When traveling it is important to pack light. People will not wear most of the clothing that they pack. Before packing write down essentials and then pack half of them. This will allow a person to have what they need and still have some extra room. It will also cut down on the fees associated with checking luggage.               Extra Socks
               Extra socks are something that most people will want more of. If socks get wet it is nice to have a dry pair to change into. Also, socks can be used to cushion delicate items when packing.
               Backup Card
               In addition to bringing along a pain credit card, it is a good idea to have a backup card in case of emergencies.  If the worse case happens and a person gets robbed at least they will still have access to some money while they get the charges taken care of.
               Experience the Culture

               When in a new area take the time to get out and experience the culture. As long as it is safe ask the locals where they go and check out the same places. This will allow a person to get a cultural experience from the land they are visiting.

               Extra Copies
               Make extra copies of ID cards and passports. These documents can get lost or damaged so it is best to have an extra copy. This will al