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If you know of a title that's missing from this list even if it's not found on MyDramaList please let me know, and I'll thai gay com it!

MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Neyjour Jun 26, Sort By: Author's Order. Neyjour's Rating. It's Complicated Thai Drama -8 episodes. Kiss Me Again Thai Drama -14 episodes. Love by Chance Thai Drama -14 episodes, thai gay com. Motor-Cycle Thai Drama - My Dream Thai Drama -12 episodes. My Engineer Thai Drama -14 episodes. Our Last Day Thai Drama - Our Skyy Thai Drama -5 episodes. Roop Thong Article source Drama -18 here. Sapai Ka Fak Thai Drama -29 episodes.

What the Duck Thai Drama -20 episodes. Bad Brother Thai Drama -5 episodes. Choose Thai Drama -5 episodes. Diary of Tootsies 2 Thai Drama -12 episodes. Friend Day Thai Special -2 episodes. Make It Right 2 Thai Drama -14 episodes. Together with Me Thai Drama -13 episodes. Water Boyy Thai Drama -14 episodes. Bad Romance Thai Drama -13 episodes. Diary more info Tootsies Thai Drama -12 episodes.

The Extra Thai Drama -12 https://magnalonga.info/gay-sauna-bonn.php. Kiss Thai Drama -16 episodes. Make It Right Thai Drama -12 episodes. My Bromance Thai Drama -12 episodes. Part Time Thai Drama -26 episodes. War of Thai gay com School Thai Drama -12 episodes.

Love Sick 2 Thai Drama -36 episodes. Part of Love Thai Drama -17 episodes. Love Sick Thai Drama -thai gay com, 12 episodes. Sunshine, My Friend Thai Drama -20 episodes. Change Thai Special -1 episode. Club Friday thai gay com Thai Drama -29 episodes. Hormones 2 Thai Drama -13 episodes, thai gay com. Never Again Thai Special -1 episode. Hormones Thai Drama -13 episodes.

Club Friday 2 Thai Drama -12 visit web page. Last updated Dec 6, Neyjour's Lists View all. Time-Travel: Thai gay com Korea - dramas 40 titles 73 loves 2 comments.

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Also see my separate lists for each country, thai gay com. Crossdressing has nothing to do coming out videos gender identity so titles with cross-dressing tyai who like thai gay com included. Bodyswap is reluctantly included. Also by intention. Don't gag cinematic masterpieces with light-hearted romcoms. That's not fair, thai gay com. Judge by what they were intended to be. But as long as one can tell fantasy from reality--it's a convenient word.

I agree with the wide-spread criticism--this definitely has a lot of flaws--especially obvious in the technical department and the, at times, very weird writing--but I don't consider it any worse than many other titles in the bunch of run-of-the-mill BL that coj been released in Thailand since the start of the boom.

At times the story in itself is very nice, at times it's a jumbled mess of The random and illogical writing is what makes it weird. I was aware of this before I watched it, due to reviews I had read--but I still found it confusing. What it DOES have, is great and sweet chemistry between the quite charming leads.

Even if the acting gaya khan uneven, the guys have a great connection and are very, very sweet together. Reunited as one of the side couples in "2gether"they don't get all that much time, but the connection is still there. I'm sorry, but this one is so overrated.

There are a shitton of better ones out there Like vay reboot fromwhich is SO much better in every way. I really don't like this one but since the production as a whole is thai gay com well done, I can't rate it below other run-of-the-mill BL. The main crappy things; The pacing of the main couple's story is excruciatingly slow slow progress is good if done right, but this is just drawn-out without any substance to back it up and steals so much time and space from the side couples, that those two only come off as unnecessary and shallowly explored vay components.

The chemistry is a bit better between the side couples. No wonder The whole crap with the IRL homophobic behaviour and comments from one of the lead actors as gayy as from people in the learn more here, left one with thai gay com very bad taste in one's mouth, not to mention that the homophobia severely affects the end result in terms of chemistry.

If you don't sincerely want to portray homosexual relationships, but tahi think cok is trending, let's release a BL title" without any desire to actually create a good piece, you won't be able gay karikaturen write nor direct in a way that actually creates a believable atmosphere or chemistry between the actors.

I was hesitant about this one, and kept putting it off. I didn't hhai like the original and thau usually make for a poor replacement. This didn't. This is much better than the original version. Acting and chemistry between most leads, pacing and focus, directing and planning, musical thai gay com LOVE the instrumental score -- everything is better.

I haven't coj the novel s? I prefer those to the main story. I don't like cheesy, so at times the syrup makes me cringe, but for the most part, it stays "just sweet"--delivering an overall very satisfying parade of great BL treats that are bound to make you continue reading In terms of actual quality--I was happy to find quite a few scenes that were REALLY well directed and made me go twinkly-eyed-silent instead of "iiiihhh".

Thai gay com heavy praise coming thal me. Unfortunately, it's bursting with tiring and gross stereotypes and tropes-- especially Alpha Male-behaviour of self-proclaimed tops bossing their "wives" i. Just because you do it kindly and gently doesn't mean that it's not degrading and emasculating. It seriously degrades bottoming ga as well as women But let's blame the author of the original story for that, thai gay com, not the producers of the drama.

I do, however like, that the three couples at least represent three different trope constellations, giving us some gqy. And hopefully one relationship more equal and respectful, when Ming and Kit progress in the sequel thai gay com. After ccom 1, I was "meh". Then I started to fall for the guys and now I kind of like it. But I might be biased. Anything that has guys with guitars and puts this much focus on music--is bound to get me hooked. There isn't much to the story--it's standard and more check this out a little bit stupid aren't most It's not meant to be super deep.

It's sufficient for a fix of cute boys love. Also, the MC actors are just tyai the prettiest BL tnai ever. A runway model and a fairytale prince. Something like that. Most of the cast thai gay com made up of familiar faces from earlier BL. Acting, from all involved, thai gay com, is Gunsmile drives me crazy, though. He CAN act, but he always goes over-the-top in comedic roles. I hate that. As thai gay com matchless gay münchen quite aspects Not impressive.

The editing ghai really weird and at times--so abrupt that it feels like one went to the bathroom thai gay com commercials and missed out on a couple of minutes The jumps between the couples, are really haphazard. And the amount of time they get, is so odd in proportion that the side couples feel unnecessary. But since I love Toptap, I won't complain.

He's adorable. Thai gay com want to adopt him. I want to pinch his cheeks. Like, really. The story up until then, building slow, just went into total lightspeed, causing a crazy rushed progression.

It took them 9 eps to get to mutual admittance of feelings--then one episode to hook up, shack up and shake it up But fuckups aside--the OST is catchy and the cheery gay relationship tips song from this series blasting when my alarm goes off in the morning--turns my cranky mood down a notch.

Basically; despite a thin plot, messy techs and lack of originality This isn't good. Thai gay com have no idea how thai gay com could claim it is. The only reward is to see more of Mean and Plan--whom I like both as individual actors and paired up in BL.

In this piece, I did love seeing the tjai contrast between their characters in "Love By Chance" and this one. Mean's change if one has watched "Love By Chance" before this one--makes you go thsi One of my all-time fav BL https://magnalonga.info/kostenlos-gay-dating.php And I love their chemistry. I've seen people complain about the gzy of that in their pairing in "LBC", but remember--in that drama, thai gay com, their relationship has barely even started at the end of S1 and the development of their tahi is perfectly right for the storyline of their hate-to-love.

In this mini-drama you see that they do coj chemistry. And good such. So basically; the mini-drama sucks but since it's these two guys, it's still rewarding enough to be worth watching if one likes Mean and Plan--individually or together. I love crazy. But it really sounded so over-the-top that I was sure that it would either be a complete disaster--or quite epic, thai gay com. It thai gay com out that it was the latter. The reviews were what thai gay com me to watch it, and I absolutely loved it, thai gay com.

An insane road-movie drenched in gunfire, thai gay com, violence, death, crazy characters, wild partying and crackling sexual tension--yet it gives you deep and serious drama, telling the stories thai gay com characters that are of a type that we very seldom see on screen in this way--making them human and real, not just how they stereotypically are portrayed. This is also the thai gay com time I've ever seen the love story of a Trans woman portrayed in-depth in a multi-character drama, as a big part of the plot.

Jenny rocks. We get a gat assortment of sexual preferences and identities served and are made to thai gay com them all. This isn't really BL--it's a story about a polyamorous relationship between two guys and a girl--so much cpm thai gay com gwy is in throuple. Polyamory is a concept that's hard to deliver in a way that thzi a watcher who has zero understanding for how someone can love several thau equally.

This manages to do that. I also find it fascinating how their love transcends actual sexual preferences and just comes down to emotions lighting desire regardless of one's "normal taste" and how coom isn't something that can't be overcome.

I swing both ways so of course, I'd think this is fricking hot--but I dr gayk bochum that almost anyone could xom it really manages to almost entirely erase the whole gender thing.

I can't explain it in detail because it would spoil--but if you end up discontent with some of the end results, I urge you to think deeper https://magnalonga.info/falcon-gay.php the actual, practical outcome, thai gay com. I'm no fan of Earth, I really don't think he's a very good actor--and I've always had something against him, I just can't put my finger on exactly thai gay com it is But the story seems kind of interesting.

They probably read the synopsis too fast. This isn't "modified bodyswap". Read the synopsis carefully, thai gay com.

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Watch fullscreen. Playing next Martial Arts Videos. Muay Thai sparring session at Texas Fighting Syndicate. Long Ariel. Meet the Thai teenager with incredible gaay fighting skills. Muay Go here Defensive Fighting Tips.

Part 1. Thai prison fighting. Thai students practice sword fighting during con time. Fighting Techniques thai gay com Muay Thai. Willard Othel. Thai teens revive neglected sword fighting tradition with blades and stunts. South China Morning Post.

Dan Hardy in depth-Wolff Heart, ok with retiring, fighting overseas, thai boxing, thai gay com, bruce lee and more. Fight Hub TV. Pupils learn ancient sword fighting martial art in their PE lessons at Thai school. Bradford Curry. New day news. Featured channels.

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Or perhaps we can help you get started? Please browse our enchanting LGBT friendly and gay welcoming destinations below. CitiesHistorical. CitiesEscapesHistoricalNatural beauty. BeachesEscapesNatural beauty. BeachesCitiesEscapes. CommHistorical visit web page, Natural beauty, thai gay com.

BeachesEmergingEscapesHistoricalNatural beauty. In Thailand, thai gay com, we believe that diversity is amazing. We have something for everyone. Come visit us and find thai gay com for yourself, but in the meantime, let us inspire thai gay com with stories that will make you want to go Thai; and be free. Thailand welcomes every color under the rainbow; and has something for everyone, whatever your interests.

Let us whet your thai gay com with some divine inspiration below. Local experiences. Visit the website of the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration to learn more about how Thailand upholds its safety standards. You are invited to experience an all pool-villa wonderland set in the rainforest of Kamala, Phuket. Gzy embraces a Thai…. The Peninsula Bangkok perfectly thai gay com timeless elegance and sophistication with contemporary thai gay com and technology. Its distinctive waved-shape design affords each….

We offer…. Away Koh Kood is the epitome of an island hideaway, thai gay com. The resort features spacious luxury bungalows with private terraces and….

You are SO welcome. In a city where anything is possible, thai gay com, SO Sofitel Bangkok hotel is everything to gzy, whether…. For more than years, travellers have followed the Chao Phraya River to rhai at the legendary Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. As a Thai hospitality…. Siam Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is a vibrant 4. Supanniga Cruise is a gay owned, luxury seat dinner cruise that will surely give its boarders, locals and visitors alike,….

Our boutique resort offers a unique experience in the heart of Siam, Sukhothai, Thailand. Our newly opened boutique resort is…. Set on 3 acres of verdant frontage along the Chao Phraya River, The Siam is a suite-and-villa urban luxury retreat…. Runs from 12 — 14th April Upscale drag-spectacular, often check this out the Queens of Drag Race Thailand, set in a Shanghai-Speakeasy style bar in the basement of…. Thailand is a feast for the eyes.

Its beauty extends from its tropical landscapes down to the warmth of its…. Sign-up for free marketing updates gay beautiful the latest news, travel tips, offers and promotions from the Go Thai.

Be Free team. Email address:. By checking the opt-in box, you consent to gsy information provided above being used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and to the special terms accompanying this sign-up form. Be Free. We will share your details with your local Tourism Authority of Thailand office yay will contact you further for your permission to receive emails directly from them.

We will never provide your details to a third party. For more details on how we manage hay data, clm read our Privacy Policy. How can we inspire you today? Tay CitiesHistorical. Phuket BeachesEscapesNatural beauty. Xom BeachesEscapesNatural beauty. Koh Samui BeachesEscapesNatural beauty.

Heritage sites EmergingHistoricalNatural beauty. Go Thai. Facebook Twitter Cim YouTube. Discover your Thailand Thailand welcomes every color under the rainbow; and has something for everyone, thai gay com, whatever your interests. Luxury travel. Keemala, Phuket You are invited to experience an all pool-villa wonderland set tthai the rainforest of Kamala, Phuket.

The Peninsula, Bangkok The Peninsula Bangkok perfectly mixes timeless elegance and thxi with contemporary comfort and technology. Supanniga Cruise, Bangkok Supanniga Cruise is a gay owned, luxury seat dinner cruise that will surely give its boarders, locals and visitors alike,…. Sriwilai, Sukothai Thai gay com boutique resort offers a unique experience in the heart of Siam, Sukhothai, Thailand. See more. Keep in touch! Email address: Country By checking the opt-in box, you consent to the information provided above being used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and to the special terms accompanying this sign-up form.

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I didn't even like the original and reboots usually make for a poor replacement. That says a lot.
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