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An extended version of the song is available uncensored to download on the South Park Studios website. I'm the most talented musician in the world! If I were a homosexual, south park gay fish, source a fish, I would know! Come on I've been so lonely girl Pagk been so sad and down Couldn't understand my head is joked around I wanted to be free With other creatures like me Now I got my wish Cause I know that I'm a gay fish Gay fish [x2] Gay fish, yo.

Mother fuckin' gay fish. On these Lonely nights at the grocery store In the frozen fish isle, feeling like a whore Cause I wasn't be'in true you know everyone said that i had to make south park gay fish switch Gay fish Now I know that I'm a gay fish Gay fish [x2] Gay fish yo Mother fuckin' gay fish. My marvin girl gaye a fish yo Going on a gay fish Gay fish [x2] Yeah, Now where i more info girl.

Makin' love to other gay fish Gay fish I used to be scared, denyin' who I was Actin' straight but goin' out to the gay fish clubs Dancin' with the mullets Makin' out with all the gy I take that salmon home and work that coddle fin for hours But see more I'm out and I'm free to love what I want be it yellow fin or bass or them trout in Vermont I slap that Marlin ass Make that grouper butt shake I come to your house and have an orgy in your mother fuckin' fish tank Fish tank [x2] Mother fuckin' gay fish Gay fish [x2] I, I'm a fish yo' Going on a gay fish Gay fish Yeah, Now where i belong girl.

Makin' love to other gay fish Gay fish [x3] I really get around I'm a slut of the sea When I say I got crabs I mean it literally Gya was eating dinner and just had to go down On the Mackerel on the dish ' Cause I'm the gayest of the gay fish Gay fish [x3] Oark fuckin' gay fish Gay fish [x2] I, I'm a fish yo' Goin' on a gay fish Gay fish [x2] Yeah, south park gay fish, now where I belong girl, south park gay fish.

But I got to settle down I can't be a soutg I ain't gonna' just sleep with any fish no more I found me a lover a brother who's a cross-dressing pike named Trish And together we are gay fish Gay south park gay fish [x2] Gay fish, yo' Mother fuckin' gay fish Gay fish I, I'm a fish yo' Going on a gay fish Gay fish Yeah, now where I south park gay fish girl.

Makin' love to other gay fish Gay fish [x8 Fading Out ]. In it, Kanye's adventures beneath the sea are shown to be hallucinations; the coast guard retrieve his bloated corpse from the ocean, sporting a macabre grin.

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Cartman Pomp and Circumstance: March No.

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South Park. Watch Random Episode, south park gay fish. South Park S13 E3. Randy's Economic Recovery Committee learns of a child gah is speaking out against the economy. Randy's Economic Council debates what to do about Kyle, who's encouraging people to spend. South Park S13 E4. The boys can't wait to get home to see the thrilling conclusion to the Terrance and Phillip special. The parents are shocked about what's happened at the school, and Randy tries to comfort Stan. The men all come together in song to support the women.

And Terrance and Phillip step up to the alter. Terrance and Phillip aren't happy about Canada Channel's newest hit show. Terrance and Phillip take a south park gay fish road trip to Canadian wine country with Katherine and Katie. South Park S13 E5.

Cartman draws up legal papers click the following article that he Jimmy get the recognition they deserve. Kanye West continues to deny that he's a fish, and the joke's "creator" stops by Conan. South park gay fish Cartman tries to cash in on the joke's popularity, his authorship fisu into question. South Park S13 E6.

Randy and Stan put the finishing touches on their pinewood derby car. Authorities are shocked and baffled over the theft of a particle accelerator magnet.

SouthPark-Gay Fish *Official Music Video*
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1305 - Fishsticks

He pqrk in the Season Seventeen episode, " The Hobbit ". Kanye does not understand the Fishsticks Joke and thinks that people are actually south park gay fish please click for source him personally as a gay fish.

He resorts to violent rages every-time someone attempts to explain the joke. He punches out a TV presenter and leaves the stage during a performance. Learn more here Carlos Mencia claims credit for paark the joke on the Conan O'Brien show, he kidnaps and murders the comedian while trying to get him to explain the meaning, south park gay fish.

Kanye and his entourage hold Cartman and Jimmy hostage at Jimmy's house threatening to murder them if they do not tell him the reason for calling him a osuth fish".

Jimmy and Cartman ignore the threats and fight about who wrote the joke, Kanye comes to the wrong conclusion and accepts that he is a literal " Gay Fish ", mistaking the argument as if they were talking about him, south park gay fish. At this point, a music video shows him diving into the sea where he begins humping and French-kissing other fish and sea animals.

Kanye returned in " ", still in his "gay fish" attire, to take part in the lawsuit against South Park with all of the gau celebrities, south park gay fish.

However, he repeatedly calls her to clarify certain issues as her similarities to a hobbit become ever more apparent. In a deleted scene from " Fishsticks south park gay fish, the U. Coast Guard picks up his body, where he appears gag have drowned with a smile on his face.

Kanye West is an African American with wouth black hair and fisu dark skin tone. Prior to becoming a suoth fish", he wore red "shutter shades", a presumably leather jacket, a white shirt with a partially-covered black design at its centergray pants, and red-laced black and white sneakers.

As a "gay fish", he wore a shiny green, skintight shirt, as well as aqua-green, skintight pants. In The Fractured But Wholehe is depicted as a literal fish with shiny green scales.

He still wears his signature golden chain. In " Fishsticks ", he is egotistical, narcissistic, and self-absorbed. He is also unintelligent, not being able to understand something as simple as the Fishsticks Joke believing people see him as a homosexual fish. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Gays treffen karlsruhe have an account?

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The th overall episode of the series, it was originally broadcast on Comedy Central in the United States on April 8, In the episode, Jimmy writes a joke that becomes a national sensation, and Cartman tries to steal the credit while rapper Kanye West is the only person in the country who fails to get the joke, but cannot admit that he does not get it because he believes himself to be a genius.

The episode was conceived from a joke among Parker and fellow co-creator Matt Stone about a fish dressed as motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievelwhich eventually turned into a joke about Kanye West not understanding a joke about why liking fishsticks made him a gay fish. The way Cartman tries to steal credit for the joke was ppark by real people Parker and Stone have worked with in the television business, south park gay fish.

Parker provided the voice of West in the episode and during the song "Gay Fish", a parody souh West's south park gay fish " Heartless ". The episode also spoofed comedian Carlos Menciawho praised the episode after it was broadcast. According to Nielsen Media Research"Fishsticks" was watched by more than 3. The gay 13 yo received even further attention after West famously interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the September MTV Video Music Awardsafter which Comedy Central replayed south park gay fish episode four times back-to-back.

Jimmy works on writing jokes for his comedy routine while Cartman sits on his couch, eating potato chips. Jimmy comes up with a joke with here no assistance from Cartman he only helped Jimmy originate the joke by telling Jimmy he was hungry for something more substantial than fruit, south park gay fish, and Jimmy suggested there might be some fishsticks in the freezer :.

Jimmy: Do you like fishsticks? Cartman: Yeah. Jimmy: Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth? Jimmy: What are you, a gay fish? The joke, which plays on the similarity of the phrases "fishsticks" and "fish dicks" when spoken, [1] [2] becomes a hit throughout South Park. When Cartman begins taking half credit for the joke, Kyle tells Jimmy he should stand up to Cartman. When Jimmy tells Cartman he feels he wrote most of the joke, Cartman fears Jimmy will try to take full credit and asks Kyle for advice on how to deal with Jimmy.

Kyle instead says he believes Jimmy wrote the entire joke, and suggests that Cartman's ego is so big that he subconsciously remembers fiish incorrectly to make himself feel more important. This is supplemented by Cartman's flashbacks to the creation of the joke, which gah more overblown and ridiculous as the episode goes on, showing him to south park gay fish believe that he deserves credit.

Meanwhile, the joke becomes a national sensation. The joke is played on rapper Kanye Westwho does not understand it. West grows angry when others say he does not get it, and will not allow anyone gau explain it to him, because he claims to be a genius and "the voice of a generation".

Kanye abducts Carlos Mencia, who admits he stole the joke to compensate for not being funny and claiming that his " dick don't work " in a parody of Viggo Mortensen's character Lalin in Carlito's Waybut Kanye does not believe him and beats him to death with the help aouth his hired thugs. Jimmy confronts South park gay fish, asking how he can live with himself for taking credit for a joke he did not write.

They are interrupted by Kanye, who threatens to kill them. By now, Cartman has not only convinced himself he wrote the whole joke without Jimmy's help, but believes he also saved his life from a black widowslew a dragondefeated an army of Jew robotsand has powers similar to the Human Torch.

South park gay fish thinks he realizes what Kyle was south park gay fish to tell him, but he gets it completely backwards: Cartman believes that Jimmy's sough is the one that is twisted and Jimmy's ego trying to convince itself that he wrote the joke, south park gay fish, while not accepting that Cartman wrote the whole thing, south park gay fish, and Jimmy believes him.

Kanye has an epiphany about his own massive ego and south park gay fish he finally understands the joke. However, he incorrectly thinks it means he is, in fact, south park gay fish, a gay fish. The episode ends with Kanye donning a wetsuit and diving off the Santa Monica Pier into the ocean to embrace his new identity as a gay fish in the form of a music video, in which he happily swims around the sea, kissing and humping random fish.

However, in a deleted scene, West drowns and his south park gay fish is picked up and discovered by the US Coast Guard. The concept for "Fishsticks" began when Parker, fellow co-creator Matt Stoneand aouth Bill Hader attended a writers' retreat in SeattleWashington and they visited a body of water where they could watch salmon jump. They south park gay fish joking about a salmon wearing an outfit like the motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievelwhich eventually reminded them of the music video for rapper Kanye West's song " Touch the Sky ", in which West himself dresses like Knievel.

The duo said they found it hilarious paek told pari of the joke back and forth to each other for the rest of the ride. Stone said, "The van driver we hired was just so bummed because we just kept talking about fishsticks, 'You're a gay fish', over and over.

We thought it was so funny, south park gay fish, and just the fact that he didn't get it. Although the joke originally stemmed from Evel Knievel and not Kanye West, Parker and Stone said they realized West would probably be extremely humorless about south park gay fish joke and not understand it, so they decided the south park gay fish should revolve mostly around ffish.

After coming up with the idea, Parker and Stone waited a long time before they finally wrote the script because, Stone said, south park gay fish, "It just seemed too dumb, south park gay fish.

Are we really going to do a whole episode about this? During one scene in "Fishsticks", Cartman steals credit from Jimmy for a joke he did not write. This was inspired by people Parker and Stone have worked with in the television business who were present for discussions the duo had, then later claimed credit for the idea even though they had nothing to do with it. Stone said, south park gay fish, "They truly believe they did it.

That's the really sinister part. It's not where they're trying to steal part of the glory. They actually fully believe that they came up with it.

Parker provided the voice of Kanye, both in the episode and in "Gay Fish", a full-length song fiish at the end of the episode about West's realization that he actually is pari gay fish. Parker said he eventually discovered he had fisy sing off-key on purpose in order to get the desired effect.

Parker said, "You had to be a bad singer in order for that thing to old gay sound the way it does. One featured Jimmy asking, "Do you like fishsticks?

Carlos Menciahost of the former Comedy Central show Mind of Menciais portrayed in "Fishsticks" as knowingly stealing credit for a joke he did not write; this is a reference to accusations other comedians have made that Mencia plagiarizes jokes from other south park gay fish.

During a fantasy sequence, Cartman says "flame on" and turns into a fiery, flying superhero; this is a reference to the Human Torcha superhero and member of the Fsh Four.

In its original American broadcast, "Fishsticks" was watched by 3, south park gay fish. It had over 1. Both Kanye West and Carlos Mencia responded safe gay porn one day of the episode's original broadcast and said they enjoyed the parodies of themselves, although Kanye West said on his blog that his feelings were source. I thought it was hysterical.

Catch the rerun. It hurts my feelings but what can you expect from South Park! What are you talking about? South park gay fish was so dumb. Simon Vozick-Levinson of Entertainment Weekly said the post was "a fascinating look at where Kanye's head is at these days", and complimented West for his "humility and honesty".

One day, we'll all look back on this day and thank South Park for ushering in this historic moment in the life of Kanye. Mitchell wrote, "Did he just get the last laugh on South Park? The episode received positive, if slightly mixed reviews. Ramsey Isler of IGN declared it the best episode of the season, calling it a "beautiful Kanye West spoof that was so well-timed, so hilarious and so spot-on" that it became a "phenomenon". South Park. Travis Fickett of IGN said the episode included some good laughs but "never kicks into high gear" and said the themes might have worked better as subplots than a full episode: "'Fishsticks' is one of those episodes that typically occur around go here in the South Park season.

It's not great, not bad — hovering somewhere around amusing towards forgettable. Club said he was disappointed by the episode and thought the message about celebrity self-delusion might have been better if it focused on only West or Mencia, rather than both. Although O'Neal liked the West song click here the episode's final scene, O'Neal said "cramming West and Mencia together—even mixed in with Cartman's very funny fantasy sequences—felt too cobbled to me, and the time limits imposed by sohth back and forth between it all made the respective digs start to feel a little too one-note.

Following a controversial performance at music south park gay fish Bonnaroomany concertgoers have since sprayed graffiti around the festival grounds, as well as making signs, deriding the rapper as a "gay fish. Kanye West referenced this episode in his song " Gorgeous " from the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy where he says please click for source a South Park writer with a fishstick".

A cryptocurrency called Coinye was created in January Under legal pressure, the developers had to change the logo from resembling West to resembling "a half-man-half-fish hybrid" instead. The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each souyh, [33] a collection of deleted scenes, and a special mini-feature Inside Xbox: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of South Park Studioswhich discussed the process behind animating the show with Inside Xbox host Major Nelson.

From Wikipedia, south park gay fish, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Coinye. The A. Retrieved DVD Talk. South park gay fish January 24, Paramount Home Entertainment. ParamountHome Entertainment. South Park Studios. Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on The New York Times. TV Guide. New York Post. TV by the Numbers. South Park Studios Official. Archived from the original on December 1, siuth Rolling Stone. MTV News. Retrieved February 18, If Magazine.

Retrieved December 15, Retrieved November 14, The Verge. Retrieved 19 June

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Both Kanye West and Carlos Mencia responded within one day of the episode's original broadcast and said they enjoyed the parodies see more themselves, although Kanye West said on his blog that his feelings were hurt. Cartman thinks he realizes what Kyle was trying to tell him, but he gets it completely backwards: Cartman believes that Jimmy's ego is the one that is twisted and Jimmy's ego trying to convince itself that he wrote the joke, while not accepting that Cartman wrote the whole thing, click Jimmy believes him. The joke, which soufh on the similarity of the south park gay fish "fishsticks" and "fish dicks" when spoken, [1] [2] becomes a hit throughout South Park, south park gay fish.
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