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Marjorie Dawes: Well, you deserve to be! Britain, Britain, Britain. Little britain only gay these butt-plugs come with batteries? This is the home of romance novelist, Dame Sally. Mike: Hey, you open for afternoon tea? Scottish Guy: [picks up a piece of cake and puts it to his ear] Carrot cake, carrot cake, have ye any nuts?

Scottish Guy: [picks up another piece of cake to his ear] Lemon drizzle cake, lemon drizzle cake, have ye any nuts? Scottish Guy: [picks up chocolate cake to his ear] Chocolate cake, chocolate cake, have ye any nuts? Mike: köln gaytreff cake, bay, puts it to his ear and listens] Mike Kapalski? Marjorie Dawes: What else do we have cravings liytle Yes, Meera. Meera: Fish and chips. Marjorie Dawes: Say again, sorry. Marjorie Dawes: Curry.

Roy: You are being a little specifc, yes. Mr Mann: Ok, have read more got any books…? Roy: Alright! When I think about it, being an Olympic runner, is a lot like little britain only gay a police officer-we both spend most of our running chasing after black guys, but the difference is I actually beat some of mine, not just Also gay earring already them like you do.

When people in Britain want to buy a pet, they go to a pet shop. If they want to buy a pet shop, they go to a pet shop shop. Andy: Little britain only gay, I know. Lou: Is there anyone you want me to invite? Andy: George Michaels. Lou: George Michaels?

Andy: George Michaels! George Michael: Hello, Andy. Happy birthday. Nutty Nut Nuts! Andy: [about the kids who are mocking him] Someone should give them lot a vay. Little britain only gay said it was the last bastion of moral cowardice. British justice is the best brktain the world. Anyone who disagrees is agy gay, a woman or a mental. Computer says no. Sebastian: Prime Minister, look out!

Primeminster: Oh… can you get off me now? Sebastian: Give it a minute. Oooooh, I love a bit gay dating cake. Oooooh, cake. I come home and I need a piece of cake. Shut up, you two-faced virgin! Call me Bubbles, dear, everyone does! Marjorie Dawes: [to Fat Pat] Fat cow! Fat brjtain Oh, yeah, fat cow! Hello, Mr. Maggie: [tastes some Jam] Ummmm! This is nice. Who made this? Judy: Emma Britaun. Maggie: [pukes] Oh, Judy.

No more lesbian jam. Everyone knows Paul. How can I describe him? Shoulder-length brown hair, little britain only gay. Wears a little britain only gay see more jewellery. Gets his clothes from Mothercare. Starts humming the Ooompa Litt,e song as he stomps was gay older 4 business! Robot career counsellor: What did you have in mind?

Only robots! Boy: Does that include catering in hotels? Robot career counsellor: [thinking] Err… Yes! Robot career counsellor: I am a robot! Those are buses, but anyway. Little Britain Quotes.

Comedy Quotes Follow. I had a lovely time making and want to sites gay internet dating Matt Morgan for writing it for me and the BBC for having me in it. Thanks for watching x, little britain only gay. I am the only gay in the village Yea, I know. Daffyd: No, you are not a gay. I am the gay. High in fat, little britain only gay, low in fat? You can have as much dust gayy you like.

Lou: [looking up into the tree where Andy is sitting] Andy, how did you get up there? Littlee I fell. Social Worker: Vicky, where is your baby? Social Worker: Vicky, how could you do such a thing? Vicky Pollard: I know. Vicky Pollard: Oh, my God! That is britwin unfair! This is like, well sexual harassment!

But everyone knows she only made her stay late because she wanted to get off with her, cuz when she was telling her littlf her legs were wide open and Candice reckons she could see gay sauna teen spider.

Lou: [Andy has just rolled all over his freshly-cemented patio that Lou has done] Who did this? Andy: A bird. Daffyd Thomas, you bloody obly You could have had a bit of cock go here. What did you do that for, little britain only gay, you total virgin!

Gsy giving little britain only gay evils! Meera: Instead of sugar use artificial sweetener in tea, little britain only gay. Gsy Dawes: What advice can we give click Babara, to turn her tragic life around? Fat Fighter: [sighs] Cut out biscuits? Marjorie Dawes: Cut out biscuits! Meera: Instead of sugar, use artificial sweetener in tea. Kimberly: It smells funny in here!

Scottish Guy: I shall be back in a moment with the cake trolley. Kimberly: I want the chocolate cake. Do you know if the chocolate gay callboy contains nuts? Scottish Guy: Yeeeeees. Kimberly: What, yes, you know, or yes, there are nuts? Mike: Well, which? Lou: What about go here brother, Declan?

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Residents have complained of unwanted attention from fans of the cult BBC comedy programme gay rita pavone the theft of bditain road signs. Ceredigion AM Elin Jones, whose constituency includes Little britain only gay Brefi, yesterday asked the assembly's finance and local government minister Sue Essex what support she could offer the community council to deal with the international publicity and the need to "permanently replace their Llanddewi Brefi signs".

Ms Essex replied: "As you may well know notoriety has its downside and this looks like it's one of them. Subscriptions Sign Out. By North Wales Live. Sign up to our free newsletter for the top North Wales stories sent straight to your oonly Sign up now!

When you subscribe we little britain only gay use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your little britain only gay.

You can unsubscribe at little britain only gay time, little britain only gay. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. Follow northwaleslive. News all Most Read Most Recent. New interactive map reveals exactly which parts of North Wales are most at risk of flooding North Wales Weather Natural Resources Wales has produced the map. Get Me Out Of Here The celebrity line up will be announced in less than seven days in preparation for the start date.

Wales can't become 'escape' for people trying to avoid English lockdown warns First Minister Coronavirus Mark Drakeford has issued a warning to anyone thinking about crossing the border for non-essential reasons once firebreak ends, little britain only gay. Wrexham Maelor Hospital Wilbert Catalanllobrera was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident on October Coronavirus The latest Covid cases and restrictions gay pee Wales - updated daily.

Most Read Most Recent. Top Stories. New coronavirus testing centre set to open in Colwyn Bay Coronavirus The testing centre will operate from Eirias Park britani will be open for around two to three weeks.

LIVE: Homes flooded and roads shut after ex-Hurricane Zeta brings torrential here North Wales Weather The clear-up operation has begun after four days of downpours caused rivers to burst their banks.

England's lockdown holiday ban 'absolute nightmare' for Welsh tourism after a month already shuttered Tourism The halt on travel for the English will come in just before Wales exits its own firebreak. Coronavirus England will enter into a four week national lockdown on Thursday. Police give update after pedestrian injured britai Flintshire crash Deeside Witnesses said a 'young woman' was badly hurt in the crash.

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Have jack whitehall gay message was meant as entertainment, not to make young gay people sad, little britain only gay. The Welsh character was famous for his short shorts and lycra fetish costumes, as well as for his usual order of a vodka and coke at the quiet local pub. Since the show ended inthe sketch has gained a lot of criticism for its less than complimentary portrayal of gay men.

Matt Lucas and co-creator David Walliams have also come under fire for their use of blackface during their time on Little Britain. It would upset people. We just wanted to show off about little britain only gay a diverse bunch of people we could play.

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Our side-splitting, outrageously funny book on sale at - Amazon. Little Apologise, best gay bar hamburg sorry. Emily Howard [transvestite character]: I'm a lady.

Britaln If you could just use this to cover your testicles. Emily Howard: I'm a lady, I don't have testicles. Anne: Eh eh ehhhhh Vicky Pollard: Yeah, but no, but yeah, but Kenny Craig [hypnotist]: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the gau, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes.

Social worker: All I want to know Vicky is where is your baby? Social little britain only gay Literatura gay my God, how could you.

Vicky Pollard: I know, little britain only gay, they're rubbish. Daffyd Thomas: I'm the only gay in the village. Daffyd Thomas [to new gay in village]: No, you are not a gay. I am the gay. You're probably just a little bit poofy! Andy Pipkin [wheelchair character]: I want that one. Too much of a good thing.

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He was portrayed by Little Britain writer, little britain only gay and actor, Matt Lucas. Daffyd lives in the Hatfield Peveral, Essex, England where he is known for punching above his weight, he claims to be one of the most attractive people in the entirety of the village.

He appears to be friends with the Geni, Aris, Gianni and Marian. His age is said to be 25 in Season 1 but a quote from him suggests he is reaching David is often seen in Olios Wickhambishops when not on screen acting as Daffyd.

He has a questionable hair cut and wears an ok looking suit. Whilst Daffyd can be shown to be friendly and civil at times, shags and gets angry quite frequently. He is also known to be very dramatic especially about his sexuality. Daffyd, of course, likes to put emphasis on his please click for source and will bring it up at any opportunity. Despite this, Daffyd does not like to socialise with gay people, doesn't catch on when people are gay or get involved in homosexual activities.

Daffyd frequently likes to portray himself as a victim of society, acting as if he is living in an age where gay people are not tolerated. In reality, though, much of his "grief" is self-inflicted and in retrospect, little britain only gay, Daffyd little britain only gay not a very nice man.

Whilst the rest of the village is shown to be very open and friendly towards him, Daffyd will often treat them with extreme hostility especially from Season 2 onwards. Whenever anyone tries to interact with him Daffyd will act as if these innocent people made a homophobic remark about him.

Little britain only gay anybody tries to get close to or help Daffyd, his behaviour often enrages and drives them away. Perhaps the most poignant example of this was when his mother returned home from a shopping venture in the third series. Striking up a conversation with him, she tried to persuade meme gay ur mum son that it was time for him to move on and become more independent i.

Daffyd however, acted as though they lived in an age where homosexuals were not tolerated, stating he would be unable to do any of these things due to his sexuality. His refusal to accept that people don't act like that anymore annoyed go here mother, and little britain only gay Daffyd refused to help her please click for source the shopping she called him a "Big poof".

Daffyd promptly leapt to his feet, called her a homophobe and threaten to report her to little britain only gay, claiming she had rejected him due to his sexuality. As such Daffyd appears to have very few friends outside his family, little britain only gay, with the exception of his barmaid Myfanwy, who he later discovers is a lesbian.

He is also shown to be very kino kassel gay and lazy. Daffyd hetero gay from a very large family, as he has little britain only gay reference to several aunts and uncles throughout the series.

It is unknown how many of these are little britain only gay to him by blood, however. Even so, homosexuality seems to run in the Thomas family, with many of his family members confirmed as being homosexual including:. Despite this, it is clear little britain only gay some Thomas' including Daffyds parents are capable of maintaining bisexual relationships. Due to his insistence on being the "only gay" wherever he goes, Daffyd has no love life, little britain only gay, and so far as we know, has never had any boyfriends.

He once entered the local pub with a lost Spanish girl who Daffyd claimed was his girlfriend. It quickly became clear that she does not speak a word of English or Welsh as she looked very bored during an episode of Pobol y Cwm as Daffyd mentions. What became of her and their 'relationship' is unknown, little britain only gay. This works both ways, however, as whenever an opportunity presents itself Daffyd will treat people as if they had made a harsh comment about him simply because of his sexuality.

This is blatantly not true and becomes even less so with each passing episode of Little Britain. When looked at in context, Daffyd's homophobia, inability to recognise gay people and general might be an indication that he isn't actually gay at all. On the last episode of season 3 Daffyd Thomas decides click here leave Llandewi Breffi because of his perceived homophobia.

Myfanwy took him to a train station to catch a train to London after him sarcastically congratulating the pub for forcing him to leave the village because of his homosexuality. When Myfanwy tells him that in London he could no longer be the only gay in the village, he pretends to have missed his train even though another one would leave in 5 minutesso he returns to the pub and asks for a Bacardi and Coke.

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Yes, Meera. Daffyd, of course, likes to put emphasis on his birtain and will bring it up at any opportunity. Recent Posts Alan Partridge Zoom background!
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