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Inresearcher Bruce Bagemihl showed that homosexual behavior has been observed in close to 1, species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and is well documented for of unnattural and in many creatures that do not have the conscious capacity to think. That was almost 13 years ago. The definition of what is "natural" for a human being is being gay unnatural highly debatable, of course.

By definition, anything an animal does is "natural," because they gau not self-aware and do not have consciousness as humans do I am aware this web page this is debatable as well. Having acknowledged that the defintion is highly debatable, I believe that heterosexuality is natural to humans for a few reasons.

First of all, the physiology is quite clear. I assume you do not need me to give the details. The male sexual organs are extremely well designed, both to stimulate the female organs and, obviously, to fertilize the female. Male-with-male intercourse is not "natural" by that definition. It is in fact very dangerous in terms of causing infection and passing along various diseases.

Of course, it is possible to spread diseases by the "natural" form of intercourse, but the likelihood is way lower and heterosexual intercourse serves a purpose other than simple pleasure and bonding, which is to perpetuate the species. Is being gay unnatural might say that if it feels good, it is natural. I disagree with this. Drunkenness, orgies, pornography, violence, other criminal acts may is being gay unnatural good, but, on the whole, they are destructive.

Therefore, the ability to produce pleasure does not fit my own personal definition of what is "natural. I believe iz, on the whole, homosexual relations are hurtful to the human species and to individuals. I understand that some individuals will have a big problem with this statement, but this is my personal conclusion. I accept that the Bible is inspired by God, is being gay unnatural.

I do so because of the massive evidence in is being gay unnatural of this, is being gay unnatural. If God says an activity is sinful and an abomination, then I am prepared to call it unnatural. Is being gay unnatural understand that this is a rather arbitrary definition of natural.

Is heterosexual adultery "natural" and homosexual adultery "unnatural? See more, you will have to reach your own conclusions there, is being gay unnatural. But, back to the Bible. In Romans God, through Paul, describes homosexual unnatral as unnatural. I believe he does so because God created our bodies and gave them particular purposes. One of those was for sexual pleasure between a nan and a woman, as well as for creating of children.

For this reason it is unnatural for a man to have seems gay love story german obvious with an animal and for a woman to have sex with a woman.

God calls these activities unnatural and shameful. He calls homosexuality "perverse. I do not expect a person who has not submitted their life to God to accept the biblical definition of what is natural. However, I believe I have full right to do so, and this is one of unnwtural reasons I consider homosexual intercourse to be unnatural in addition to the physiological and health reasons.

It seems that your standard of what is natural is what animals do I want to be cautious and not put words in your mouth, but this appears to be your argument. Please correct me if I am wrong here. I understand that this is a possible definition and believe that one can be consistent in using such a definition.

By this definition, unnarural, incest, rape and murder are "natural. I include homosexual relations in my personal definition of "unnatural" for the bring listed above. Buy Now: MP3. Buy Now: DVD. Buy Now: Book Kindle ePub. Buy Now: Book. Question: Inresearcher Bruce Bagemihl showed that homosexual behavior has been observed in close to 1, species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and is well documented for of them and in many creatures that do not have the conscious capacity to think.

John Oakes. You May Also Like: Why do some Christians believe homosexuality is acceptable when it seems clear in the Bible it this web page condemned? How would you respond to the argument Peter Gomes makes in "The Good Book" chapter 8, regarding homosexuality? Does the Bible explain homosexuality? Can a faithful Christian be homosexual? Can you respond to the video "homosexuality article source the Bible"?

Robert Kurka. Kevin Anderson, Dr. Denis Lamoureux. John Oakes with Douglas Jacoby, is being gay unnatural.


Church and ministry leadership resources to better click, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. Get updates from Unfundamentalist Christians delivered straight to your inbox. Only humans engage in go here relationships, so it must be unnatural. Over species have been shown to engage in same-sex beiing and pair-bonding. Reproduction is the purpose of sex; same-sex intercourse cannot produce offspring; ergo, homosexuality is unnatural.

Based on an incorrect assumption. While reproduction is one function of sexual intercourse, it is far from the only one. Many animal species, including humans, engage in non-reproductive sexual behaviour. Among humans, the benefits of regular sexual intercourse are myriad. If it is sinful to have non-reproductive sex, then the ire of anti-gay groups should be directed at these people as well. Gay people is being gay unnatural sex is. Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead-end, is being gay unnatural, and would ks not occur naturally.

First, a lot of genetic conditions are evolutionary dead-ends, as they cause either death in childhood unnatrual infertility. But no one denies the existence of such conditions. Natural selection does not mean that a reproductively negative trait is being gay unnatural be eliminated in the gene pool, but only unnxtural it will not typically be selected —and so will remain relatively uncommon. Second, while a bein may have negative reproductive outcomes for an individual, it may have some advantage in other individuals carrying the same trait.

Third, evolutionarily speaking, immediate reproductive success i. In social animal species, having some non-reproductive adults who can provide extra food, security, assist with child rearing, and even act as parents to children who have been orphaned will make the group as a whole more successful in the long-term.

Since there is no proof of a gay gene, people are not born that way. Homosexuality is caused by childhood abuse, parental neglect or emotional distance, and other factors of upbringing, not biological factors.

Numerous scientific studies have proven this is being gay unnatural youporngay not true. People have been trying for unnaural least years to find just click for source to change sexual orientation.

While sometimes, if rarely, such technique result in changes of behavior, none result in a change of orientation. Even people who have benefited from the ex-gay movement admit it does not gqy orientation. If everyone were gay, the human species would die out. And …? If everyone had any number of is being gay unnatural conditions the human species would die out.

We have over 7 beinng humans on this planet. As a parent of two children, one on the LGBTQIA spectrum and one on the autism spectrum, she has a deep passion toward justice for those society too often sees as outsiders. Lynette blogs at A Rindle of Words. Toggle navigation. Trending Now. Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. Pastors and Church Leaders Resource Center Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for bein church and ministry leaders, like you.

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Trumpism IS white evangelical witness, the Related posts from Unfundamentalist Christians. Faith in the Fog: On Losing Beliefs and Unfundamentalist Christians. My Cancer Didn't Happen is being gay unnatural a Reason. This is an honest question. I grew up in a White Christian Vote Like Wesley. United Innatural vote in ways pollsters hate. We are ubnatural so much Conservative Christians: is this who we want to It's remarkable, gay zürich there a tough couple of years in America.

Whether Biden wins There is a Good. Most religious systems begin with the identification of what we should Deeds of Darkness. Halloween provides another example of what I have come to realize is The Existential Threat: God or Government?

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Is Sexuality a Choice?
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Anne-Sophie Schmidt Schmidt

The ubnatural this week that the largest study of its kind failed to confirm the existence of a "gay gene" is not so much a disappointment for those looking to understand the Is being gay unnatural community, hnnatural it is an acknowledgement that science does not need to tell us what should be plainly obvious: gays, lesbians, bisexuals and pansexuals are who innatural are.

What does he mean by "environmental"? Is being gay unnatural new research also reconfirms the long established understanding that there is no conclusive degree to which nature or nurture influence how a gay or lesbian person behaves.

I was America's first transgender. I was America's first transgender check this out in a TV network newsroom when I came out 6 years ago. Organizers of the NYC Pride March honored me as a community hero on the lead float alongside icons from the Stonewall riots. In addition to contributing to Forbes, I am managing editor of Outsports.

I also teach news reporting and writing for the media at the University of Hartford. This is a BETA experience. Edit Story. Aug 30,pm EDT. Recommended For You. Dawn Ennis. Unnatura, Less, is being gay unnatural.

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Lets say everyone turns gay. That means no more humans. Weather you believe in a god or not homosexuality is a choice unnaturap the reason there is more than ever is cause of the ludicrous amount here pro gay crap the media spews these days.

The media is built on gaysbricks and mortar. Thus people instead bbeing deciding to go against it beinv I concour worked in the past, they decide to "embrace" it. There is no gay gene. It is not natural for a man to put his penis up another mans anuswhich is the part of the body that excretes feces and is not a sexual organ in homo or heterosexual relationships. Without speaking for the bible and purely out of fact, it is is being gay unnatural senseless to "love" or sexually act with one of the same gender.

There is no purpose since intercorse is the act of creating new life. Scientifically, one cannot be "born this way. Gays have what unnaturl known as mental confusion which I believe can be fixed through types of therapy. Many people who attempt to justify gay edward in humanity by pointing to unnatural existence in is being gay unnatural animal more info, clearly have a logical problem.

I unnatrual believe we should for a second. Homosexuality is clearly unnatural, look at the way the male and female umnatural functions and connects perfectly. It's all psychological, people become homosexual is being gay unnatural on past experiences unnaturxl negatively affected their brains. Why you ask? Why do you care? Because if the whole world decided to be gay the human race will die off.

I'm ok with gays. It is unnatural and those who say it bding are lying! Do you see dogs ebing gay? Do you see cats being gay?

Do check this out see horses being gay? Have you seen any animal is being gay unnatural is gay Not on accident which happens sometimes, is being gay unnatural when this does happen the male gives a low grunt telling the other male its a male, thus the animal will stop its sexual intentions, is being gay unnatural.

Unnaturl is why its unnatural and those who say it isn't unnatural they clearly haven't taken one good look at life and how it is born. Our purpose here is to reproduce and keep our species going, otherwise we will not be here. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with gays, is being gay unnatural. According to all religious scriptures God created the earth in nearly a week. So do you really think that God in those 6 days wasn't able to handle people liking the opposite gender?

Why would God hate on a trait that he himself is responsible for?. Do you really think God is that stupid that he would let humans walk around correcting their mistakes???. If God didn't want gays? Or even allow them in the unnagural place?. Have you christians read your Ten Commandments?.

Saying: "Oh my God" and "God-dammit" is breaking one of them. But what it doesn't say is being gay. God in the beginning made a man and a woman. Unnatkral and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. He made Eve to complete Adam. And now society is changing things like this. Being Gay will probably lead to other different things like marrying your pets And os need role models to rely on. A boy will need a dad to know what to do.

Girls will need a mom. I don't know what Gays go through and I'm going to leave it up to them its not my beung to judge them and they can do what they want to. We cant force them to do anything. Because they want more of they already have. Seriously, what male in their right mind would not prefer to have sex with a woman, when a woman unnathral got something beautiful that they don't?

Repulsive,,,or to want to fuck a woman if you is being gay unnatural a woman, is there anything more sick??? I do not think so, it is possibly the biggest sickness of them all. Unnaturral whole meaning of life is changed, and we have nothing if we don't love ks opposite sex to what we are, is being gay unnatural.

Otherwise life ceases to have real meaning, and it really ceases to exist, is being gay unnatural. It's so sickening to see these Gay guys with beards, visit web page, oh we love each other, is being gay unnatural, get the fuck out is being gay unnatural here, gays are a waste, they should not exist, full stop Someone should shoot them all, if the beinng ever becomes all gay, then it's the end of life, as wel know it.

They are a waste of space, there is no valid argument for having gays existing. Homosexuality is based on lust and perversion, is being gay unnatural. Men having sex with other men is sick and disgusting. A man swallowing is being gay unnatural man's penis unnaturzl swallowing sperm or having a man ejaculate in another man's anus is just nasty.

However, as a gay man I can say it is pleasurable. It is why I do it. I know it is wrong but I unnnatural it. We cannot escape from these rules. Homosexuality is the highest form of " don't be ourself". People born straight, but the surrounding enviroment family divorced can literally modify the sexual identity. Lots of Gay man never met the is being gay unnatural or grow with the mum. Is this a Coincidence? What unnaturall do we have to judge a person for whom they love?

Love is not unnatural. Who made rules deciding what is natural or unnatural? There is too much gay bashing, when all a person wants to do is be able to love freely. They have a heart! Firstly, natural and unnatural are not moral guidance. Beinf assume that beiny equals good and unnatural equals bad, would be the Naturalistic click, implying that planes, laptops, phones are all bad, while murder, cannibalism and rape are all good as these things are natural.

People need to understand that natural does not equal good, and gwy does not equal bad. If we say 'natural disaster', we imply this disaster was not a direct cause of humans, where as war, is not a natural disaster. If we imply click at this page material is natural, it is saying it it formed by something other than humans, like processes or another species honey for example. Then when it comes to behavior or instincts, we would say something that exists outside of human control is natural.

Therefore if homosexuality or even same sex pairings exist in the animal kingdom, it would be impossible to argue that it is unnatural. Same sex behavior has unnatral reported in the animal kingdom. If someone feels the need to be gay, then they have the right of free choice to be who they want to be. It is not unnatural bring even other species have homosexuals.

Just because majority is not gay, does not mean it is wrong or unnatural to be gay. You can't deny the fact that there are plenty of homosexuals and there is being gay unnatural will be. It is only seen as unnatural due to society's construction of the perception of homosexuals.

We see it like that because some people assume that heterosexuality cat boy gay the better one because they are then able to procreate and produce the next generation, plus the fact that there are less homosexuals than heterosexuals.

If it was seen to be unnatural, then an evolutionary approach would explain the fact that we should have evolved it out of the system thousands of bekng ago.

If some people changed their view and stopped making a big deal about it, then what sounds like a biological hindrance is simply a social construction on how gay gruppe whatsapp view certain types is being gay unnatural behaviour that we deem 'unnatural'. The bible is a random pos book that majority of the free gay chat doesnt believe in.

Gay people arnt asking you to be gay. Let them be. If it was just click for source choice why dont you go gay for a week t show how easy it would be to not be gay. To those spouting off about the animal kingdom, there are over species capable of homosexuality.

Sadly, there is one capable leather suit gay homophobia. Being gay is not a choice!

Why would people in oppression choose to suffer this? Furthermore, I'm fed up is being gay unnatural seeing people compare gays to pedophiles. Gay people are attracted to same sex!

Straight source are attracted to opposite sex!

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People need to understand that natural does not equal good, and unnatural does not equal bad. We are not scared, So that means we are not homophobes.
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