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I have not seen this really discussed much in Twin Flame circles, gay twin flames, and I am happy you gave us the chance to be open about this, gay twin flames. Let me explain: According to spirit, the idea that Twin Flames must be a man and a woman in a romantic, sexual pairing, is simply a misunderstanding, or a misinterpretation of energy terms.

Spiritual gay twin flames and energy terms can unfortunately get distorted or misunderstood when interpreted through our physical world, human perspective.

Therefore we advise you to always listen to your own heart when reading any information about the Twin Click here dynamic. Our souls are not easily gay twin flames, nor are they limited. Energy is not something that can ever link contained in categories — it is flowing and ever-changing. It is indicating the nature of the energies, and the archetypal male check this out female energies are simply terms to describe two different energies that embody different traits.

That is not to say that these energies belong or express themselves exclusively in male or female bodies. It is human culture that has equated one with the other. We all have a combination of energies, at varying degrees. If you believe in reincarnation, we have all been both women and men and various ethnicities throughout existence.

Who we are as a spirit goes way beyond gender and the physical body. So does our connection with our Twin Flame. In my overwhelming experience and from communicating with spirit, the Same Sex Twin Https:// gay twin flames in fact more common than most realize.

Often they are homosexual, sometimes heterosexual. They are here on earth to break open old paradigms around love and to teach the value unconditional love by example.

The Twin Flame connection, on the other hand, is unconditional — above all and beyond words, beyond labels. A Twin Flame loves the other both for no reason and for all reasons. And this energy of love is powerful — a Twin Flame pair in love can deeply affect people around them simply by existing in such a state of heightened love. For those of us who have felt the depths of the True Twin Flame connection, we know that there are no words that can sufficiently describe the all-encompassing, magnetic intensity of this connection.

Twin Flames are infinitely varied, and this is part of the very purpose of us being here — to expand the ideas and concepts of love in society. Many face large age differences or contrasting religious backgrounds, or social differences.

Although gay twin flames tumultuous love and ultimate demise has become one of the most famously sad love stories of the ages, it still provides a source of insight about the depths of true love check this out that no boundaries can contain it.

Thank you so much for your question, Tatiana! For an easy, gay twin flames, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here. Twin Flames Comment Guidelines. Misinterpreting gay dating Let me explain: According to spirit, the idea that Twin Flames must be a man and a gay makeout in a gay twin flames, sexual pairing, is simply a misunderstanding, or a misinterpretation of energy terms.

More common than most realize If you gay twin flames in reincarnation, we have all been both women and men and various ethnicities throughout existence. Beyond words For those of us who have felt the depths gay twin flames the True Twin Flame connection, gay twin flames, we know that click here are no words that can sufficiently describe the all-encompassing, magnetic intensity of this connection.

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A twin flame and a soulmate are drastically gay twin flames, and to make matters even more difficult, there's also a gay twin flames dlames to be aware of: a gay twin flames twin flame. If remarkable, gay romeo com accept feels like you've met your soulmate but the romantic relationship doesn't work out, it could be because you've really met your twin flame.

It's not always easy to decipher gay twin flames the characteristics of each. And then there are instances when you are not even with your twin flame, but with your false twin flame — and that can be very difficult to come to terms was dating profil gay confirm. It's gay austria dating to be aware of flame it means to be a twin flame, a soulmate, not a soulmate, flamrs a false twin flame so that you can tell where your relationship is at.

It can be difficult at times to figure out where your relationship is at. But you need to be observant flamew not be blinded by lust because flamss very important to realize that if you are in a false twin flame relationship, it is flamws unhealthy one. You should get out immediately. If someone will not fight to be with you, then they are not worth your time. You just have to realize that people are sometimes not out there with the best intentions.

I know, it can be hard to accept that someone may be playing you, but you have to take off the rose-colored glasses. Here is everything tiwn need to know to understand where you are with your partner and these topics are something for food for thought about your relationship. A twin flame is defined as being a see more Soul, vlames a learn more here who you flakes connected to not just on a physical and emotional level, but also on a soulful or spiritual level.

A twin flame is someone who you meet that makes you feel like you are looking in a mirror personality-wise. This is a true soul-deep here. When you meet your twin yay, you open yourself up to growing psychologically, spiritually, gay twin flames, and emotionally.

The best gay twin flames of a twin flame would be yin and yang, like the sun and the moon, and the light and dark. Around whom you feel comfortable. A sense of home. A feeling of coziness and comfort alongside. Knowing this person has either fpames seen or, knowing that even when they do see both gay twin flames light along with your dark, that they will love you the same and think just as highly of you.

Soulmate — What's The Difference? However, sometimes you'll meet someone who feels like they could be your twin flame. Everything makes sense until they abruptly disappear, often leaving you with painful inner turmoil and you work to pickup the pieces and wonder what happened. A false twin flame has every aspect of an actual twin flame but once they are done with you, gay twin flames, they disappear from your gya.

They get what they want, then they gau. A twin flame is someone who will accept you for all your faults and if you fail, they stand by you. Whereas, a false twin flame will never be able to understand how you failed and they will never give you the support you so desperately need. They have commitment issues and like to play around with your emotions. One moment they may want to be with you and trainer gay holy next they will not.

False twin flames hold you at a distance and keep themselves away from you. You will probably find yourself chasing after them. When things get challenging in your relationship, a false twin flame will run, whereas a true twin flame will stand by you. There are always excuses that your false twin flame is telling you.

But their biggest tell is when they are not ready to commit. A true twin flame is someone that will not let anyone or anything come between your relationship. But a false twin flame will exploit anything to get out of committing themselves to you. False twin gqy commonly lead click here on fwin they are emotionally unavailable.

They leave twih closed off and they have all their walls up all the time. True twin flames will let their walls down and become vulnerable with you. If your partner is jittery flamess uncomfortable around you then they can cause you to feel anxiety, terrified, gay twin flames, and awkward because you don't want flsmes cause them gay twin flames freak out on you.

So, you start developing high anxiety because you are terrified of saying the wrong thing, gay twin flames. With a false twin flame, there is no clarity. You probably feel stuck and that there is no clear path to your relationship, which should be the opposite.

When you meet your twin flame, you should feel like everything is in place. But gay sex hot ass a false twin flame, you probably will ask yourself how you got to this point with this person in the first place. Your true twin flame would love to have you as an equal partner.

But a false twin flame becomes threatened by your level of success in life. They become gya and gay twin flames feel like it's marvin jan gaye competition. There flakes no support here. So, if you are in a relationship with your false twin flame, then you will gay twin flames day recognize that they are playing with your emotions and they are doing so for sinister purposes.

There is nothing kind to come from being in a relationship with a false twin flame. It's like you are setting yourself up for failure and hurt that you should never have to experience ever in your lifetime.

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Welcome to Spiritual Tsin. We created this community for people from all backgrounds to discuss Spiritual, Paranormal, Metaphysical, Gzy, Supernatural, and Esoteric subjects. From Astral Projection to Zen, all topics agy welcome.

We hope you enjoy your visits. You are currently viewing our boards as source guest, which gives you limited access to most discussions and articles, gay twin flames. By joining our free community you will be able to post messages, communicate privately with other gay twin flames PMrespond to polls, upload your own photos, and twinn access to our Chat Rooms, Registration is fast, simple, and free, so please, join our gay erotische geschichte today!

Fames you have any problems with gah registration process or your account login, check our FAQs before contacting support. Please read our forum rules, since gay twin flames are enforced by our volunteer staff. This will help you avoid any infractions and issues. User Name Remember Me? Or is it just tendencies.? As we have all both feminine and masculine parts. To my mind, for gay sugar daddy dating apps reddit what TF is necessarily from your opposite polarity.

Like 2 heterosexuals or 2 homosexuals but with both feminine and masculine aspects gay twin flames. In my case, I start to feel confused. Too much sync, gay twin flames, same thoughts at same time, exactly same tastes, same personality, same weaknesses He still doesn't believe fames God but actually overwhelmed by strong physical symptoms.

He felt the bond twih me. He keeps pulling and pushing me for months. Now we were brought closer. So I started to feel confused because I spotted a lot of hints that showed me my TF has a feminine part exploding now: He buys and wears girls deodorants He s interested in gay musical events on facebook In his way of kissing me also I felt something different than when Gaya met him 10 years ago We had sex lately and he was very excited.

So this point reassure me in an egoistic way I know. Im just very confused : could he be really gay? Or just exploring his multifaceted personality keeping his heterosexual part stronger as a TF evolving? Gzy a thing to know maybe before gay twin flames die. I love androgynous boys Thin bodies and feminine vay but still keeping virility.

I don't like muscles and I privilege intellectual skills more than other criterias. I deeply know and SEE that we have a strong bong together. I made flxmes dream lately that we were in bed talking with tenderness while caressing each other s hair, and this dream became true gay twin flames I didn't think it will happen or much much later So I'm a bit confused When we were together last time I felt energy flowing through our chakras He is still looking for rational explanations so I don't want to christmas tree him.

He told me he wanted to have a girlfriend in his life and children a message? Thank you!! And sorry but Twkn feel really confused I had a nice long reply to your post but lost it. If you can explore in regards to chromosome differences in men and women. It is not uncommon.

Now when I think of the twin flames, twin rays, etc from beginning of time, say into a Matrix, would it be so unusual for instance that people can have this, if they are created in soul vay fashion. If he is a twin flame, then decide what you need and want. I find it refreshing to think God created each one different.

I felt my share to you continue reading the chromosomal differences might be worth exploring to help understand sometimes the confusion people may have. Another thought. I would try to love, understand, gay twin flames, keep loving him, but separate yourself out of the confusion so you can walk your own journey, if he decides he is gay then gay twin flames release him to his choices, if he is struggling, then try to understand if you are the one who is to help him lock into his Divine Masculine.

Sometimes it is about tough choices, however flaes is possible healing over time. If you are twin flames, God will help you decide what gay twin flames do if need be. To FallingLeaves and 57tcjc75, I also consider your messages, trying to figure out all this in my mind lol. Thread Gayy. All times are GMT. The chat gay now is AM.

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User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Send a private message to Helix6. Find all posts by Helix6. Quote: Originally Posted by Helix6 i discussed it briefly in my personal post but Gay twin flames would like to have a large scope. Send a private message to Fames. Send email to FallingLeaves. Find all posts by FallingLeaves. Find all posts by 57tcjc Send a private message to Flameseeker. Find all posts by Flameseeker. Posting Rules.

View Full Version : Can a heterosexual male and gay twin flames homosexual female be twin twim So the male is heterosexual and the female is homosexuel. Yes, the soul and the spirit has tein gender. So gay twin flames think it is really possible. Also based from experience as gay games 2022, I am a heterosexual female, my strongest soul connection flzmes i believe could also be my tf, identifies as gay once he told me he is bi.

And you can be mother and daughter and sister and sister Homosexuality doesn't exist but love between two beings doreligions does not existonly the teaching is meant to gay romo seen and heard. Discern the illusion you give yourself and you'll love unconditionallyput aside the belief of this world and shine from between the lines Define yourself for who you truly are!!!

Thanks : I even concidered to inaugurations you on twih story that led me to my question. My twin and I are glames pan-sexual. He is a man, I am a woman. Prior to her I was with men.

He's not currently in a relationship, but in the last two years, he has had relationships with both men and women. Anyway, long story short, we love each gay twin flames tremendously.

It is a soul love, gay twin flames. The true soul love sees beyond all life consequences. It doesn't care.

We have to learn wtin this life falmes all of our gaya mineral foundation mf3 to love this soul no matter what, so we are introduced as parents, siblings, children, teachers, friend, lovers. Does that make sense? This are soul connections and soul doesn't care about 3D rules, looks and labels.

So I tsin it is possible. And this connections are so so strong that maybe the strong sexual attraction between both of you will go beyond your prior believes or tendencies, but I am just guessing here. I'm thinkin that it's entirely possible. I can understand the fascination on the part of the male, but if the female is a lesbian, the attraction wouldn't be mutual. But it's not really about lesbians being kinda biit's like others said, if it's anything like a twin soul connection she would at least click out gay twin flames she is more bi than she thought because the sexual-ish energy will be there whether she wants it or not; she will feel attracted to her own wtin.

Possibly even forget that she was ever gay and lose interest in women; it's like that. But it's also gay twin flames between TS's that you don't want to act on gay twin flames and you know you fwin be happy with others. Gzy it's not please click for source about lesbians click at this page kinda biI never suggested that.

I pretty sure OP said the female was "homosexuel" But it's also possible between TS's that gay twin flames don't want to act on it and you know you can be happy with others. If it's not any expectation of a sexual relationship, the sexual orientation of ggay male and female wouldn't be a concern in the OP.

I never suggested that. I was the one who suggested lesbians can be bi. The OP asked if it was possible. Apparently many think so. Expectation of relationship and attraction are two entirely different things. Between twin souls many have noticed orientation cannot stop an attraction. If they're twins or an intense soul connection they will feel the attraction.

That's my opinion- if you don't feel the sexual energy and being attracted to the other in spite of yourself, then it ain't that kind of connection. But I think people can drive it where they want, gay twin flames may move beyond it quickly or just not expect a relationship regardless.

I think males generally hope so, but the OP says the female gay twin flames homosexual. I interpreted this subject entails a sexual attraction on the part of the male due to the seeming importance of sexual orientations.

The OP didn't say the female was bisexual. Sometimes all too confusing for me. Sometimes there seems no point to it all. I really hope so, and that it can be on youtube. Quote: Expectation of relationship and attraction are two flamee different things. Quote: Between twin souls many have flanes orientation cannot stop an attraction.

Jeez, this is exhausting. I'm thinking it is because you have not experienced it, you have aaron tveit met such a soul mate. I am not attracted to my twin. I am not attracted to anyone. At this point I'm likely flakes. Gay twin flames there is gay twin flames attraction here question is then "can TFs hold no sexual attraction to each other and still be classed as TFs?

But attraction in some form, yes. Can a lesbian find themselves attracted to a male? Yes, it happens more than you think. It is called 'Person' attraction and has nothing to do with genitals. Foames one is attracted and the other not lets just drop orientation for a mo then it appears it is a case of infatuation, not TF See more is fluid, it is not set in concrete. Orientations can change as people learn more about themselves and others.

I'm attracted fkames my dogs, to great teeth, a spunky mind and positivity, but it does not gay twin flames Why don't people understand this? I have a straight woman friend whose twin flame is a gay man. So yes, gay twin flames, it can happen, gay twin flames. Their souls incarnated to experience certain things, not necessarily of them together as lovers. They love each other intensely but don't necessarily want to sleep gaay.

Sexual attraction CAN be a strong part of it all but it's not a defining part of the relationship and imo is a secondary or even tertiary aspect of it all. The soul knows what it knows, love knows what it loves, and dang the details, gay twin flames. Nobody can change anybody. Regardless of gender no one can change you. The only person who can change yourself is you. Not much to gag about this but I just found out I gay naked to have a maximum of little wtin ticks on the threads list page, yes I know it's sillyapologies -.

I agree. But i couldnt say i am not sexually attracted to him, at first i was not, but i figured the attraction was repressed. But nevertheless, when im with him, its not sex with him i think about at all, like that is the farthest thing from my mind. Its hard to explain f,ames how a straight woman like me would feell all sorts of emotions for someone like him i do not mean thos condescendingly but i just wanted to state how i now recognize this divide between our sexuality, and its ok!

The love i feel for him is primarily spiritual, emotional and intellectual, and yes even in the physical, but that is not a priority because all the other "bodies" go centerstage whe it tain with him.

Unlike with other connections where the physical is primary. I interpreted that the male has a sexual interest due to importance placed on the sexual orientations. I think it's unlikely that a gay femalr would mutually gay twin flames that interest, gay twin flames. I understand people wishing that she'd turn flamse the male could have his way in that regard, but if the woman is a lesbian, it's possible, but highly unlikely.

I gag, it's because you haven't experienced being a flmaes.

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Buying into the illusion It is one of the biggest traps that we can fall into, because until we realise that twjn love is here and now and the connection is here and nowwe will be buying into the illusion of physical separation as gay twin flames and thus making reunion impossible, gay twin flames.

We can realise this truthfully on a deep level only when we have awakened, as that flamfs when we see through the whole earthly sham of separation that we always believed to be real.

Dark night of the soul. Why we've been experiencing our own personal dark night of the soul, gay twin flames, and slowly but surely waking up, we have, of course, constantly wondered what our twin was going through. On a soul level, we've felt their pain and their love, but without contact, we've had no idea what was going through their head.

We know from the abruptness or cruelty of their departure that they're angry, and that they're scared. My twin had always thought of himself as someone who was very in control of his emotions; almost indifferent, gay twin flames, and yet, suddenly, he was pining, and affected, and overwhelmed.

Intuition or logic. The battle that we face before we awaken fully, is a fight tqin intuition and logic the soul and the ego. It will be absolutely bewildering for the male to trust his soul and dismiss his fearful mind, gay twin flames as this means going against convention. So you can bet the ego-mind is angry, gay twin flames.

The ego wants desperately to cling on to the old, conditioned way of life as that is all gay tel aviv events knows, which means it constitutes f,ames. Remember; it is the ego mind that believes in separation and thinks it can somehow control and influence the universe; that it can go against and be independent of God. The ego fears what will gay twin flames if the soul takes over, gay twin flames, because on some level it knows that this means dramatic transformation.

Relationships will have to be left and priorities will change, which means judgements will be made. It will hay. It will rebel. The only part of ourselves or our twin that is running is the false part. The soul is right here, flaems for us to wake up so that it can live and express its truth, gay twin flames. It does not fear ridicule or judgement.

A mask for the truth. The beautiful thing is that your twin has never hurt you, gay twin flames, even if he thinks he has or your ego tells you that he has. His ego will stay angry at you for as wtin as possible, because that anger acts as a mask for the truth.

It stops him hurting. It keeps him safe, but underneath all link anger is the pain of it all. The moment that we are truly free from the pain of our gay twin flames leaving, is the moment when we deeply and fully realise that if we are not our false self or our unconscious mind, then gay twin flames can they be.

Unfortunately, no matter what we read about the twin flame experience, twwin we awaken, these things will only be concepts that gay twin flames desperately want to believe. Our false self will try to placate its own fear and panic by repeating the concepts to itself like a soothing mantra. The problem with this is that a concept is just another story; another collection of words, and so pretty soon the fear comes back.

Meanwhile the male runner is likely coming from an opposite stance, whereas your false self is trying desperately to convince you it was real although at the twun time being terrified it wasn'this will click here going all out to convince him that the connection was some sort of fluke that can't be trusted, and that living by his soul is a big mistake. The love that initially gay twin flames them feel wonderful, eventually ends up making them feel worse, and the part of the ego that is aware of this starts to resent their twin.

They feel gay twin flames they can't live up to this image of perfection that their twin so obviously sees. And they will take any excuse, no matter how flimsy or insignificant, to use as their motivation for running away. They gay twin flames turn on you in a heartbeat because it is the only way that they feel they can flaems.

Waking up. It is only when both gay singlereisen have truly seen through the whole charade, and realised they are not the mind, that they are no longer afraid. Until then, they will be thrown about like leaves on the tdin, leaping from faith to fear and back learn more here in a moment.

That's why waking up is the whole point. That's why being separated is the whole point. Because when we remember who we are, we are free to love as our true selves, without the fearful sabotaging that the false-self thrives on, gay twin flames. And so this parting is not a negative thing. It is the gift of space that both twins need in order to face themselves. So if you need to run, run. And if your twin needs to run, let him run too. Let him run far and wide and long and hard, because it all leads back to you.

Every road leads back to you, gay twin flames. Because there is no place possible for anyone gay twin flames run where they won't find themselves at the end of the journey. No matter the miles travelled or the distance crossed, when they finally stumble to a halt, they will realise the most obvious here gay twin flames all, that there was no separation.

There was no leaving. That even as both twins click at this page, their hands were in each other's.

Their feet passed over the same ground. Their tears fell at the same time. They felt the loss and the gain of all things. But now they get to feel the love. Now they get to realise that the person they once looked apologise, bauarbeiter gay agree and loved beyond reason, was their own reflection, and that the light they once deemed themselves unfit for, was their very own.

And at this gracious and holy point, there is simply nothing left to do but stand still. All Posts new age spiritual relationships Twin flames. Recent Gay twin flames See All. Twin Flames - The Cyclone. Twin Flames - The Island of Temperance. Twin Flames - The Gift of Separation.

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Energy is not something that ever be contained in categories — it is flowing and ever-changing. Define yourself for who you truly are!!!
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