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Armin C. Heining hat an sich selbst und zusammen mit vielen Hunderten homosexuellen, bisexuellen und heterosexuellen Teilnehmern Erfahrungen mit unterschiedlichsten Werkzeugen zur nachhaltigen Heilung und Ganzwerdung von Körper, Seele und Geist gesammelt.

Die Seminarteilnehmer haben die Möglichkeit, ihre gleichgeschlechtliche Liebe als etwas Gay tantra massage berlin anzunehmen und ihren Alltag dementsprechend zu gestalten. Heining, Berlin. Es wurde eine Basisforschung in Zusammenarbeit mit den Teilnehmern vergleichbarer Link im heterosexuellen Kontext angelegt, gay tantra massage berlin.

Jetzt bestellen! Sei Teil einer multi-kulturellen Gruppe voller interessanter und weltoffener Männer! Es fördert Deine ganzheitliche Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.

Dynamische Https:// Aktive Meditation.

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Der Begründer und Protagonist. Das Anliegen. Die Vision.

Wenn Du diesen Eintrag direkt verlinken möchtest, benutze bitte folgenden Link:

On the basis of this extraordinary pathway through life, he has gained the ability to empathize with the most diverse aspects of human life and, particularly in the case of gay men, he can offer competent advice, support and direction.

Participants describe Armin as completely transparent and authentic. He has gathered long-lasting experience, both by working on himself and together with many hundreds of gay men, as well as bisexual and heterosexual participants. He uses the most varied instruments to achieve sustainable and wholeness in body, mind, soul and spirit.

GAY-TANTRA uses the strongest of these including the roadmap of the chakras, gay yoga, giving an idea of personal development, and the tantric energy circles creating deepest intimacy with oneself and one's partner. Different methods help you to feel your body at a deeper level, likewise your sexuality, energies and emotions. You feel more proud and self-confident and gain long-lasting access to new levels of consciousness. Seminar participants are given the opportunity of accepting their please click for source love as something natural and living their daily lives in keeping with it.

Nine of these previous mentioned titles are also available in French as of Additionally, it is based on the profound and worldwide recognized books of Margot Anand Naslednikovwho was for nearly two decades the Tantra teacher and mentor of Armin Heining, today's good friend.

Gay fetisch these certifications, received after successfully passed examinations, participants are allowed to promote their own profession.

Organisational support is appreciated and welcome for future events in additional North America locations. A Tantra School for gay singles and couples, counselling, gay sex coaching, various rituals and much more are also on offer as well as special gay massages. They will open up new horizons supporting your personal growth, making your life more joyful, shining, full of love, meaning and excitement.

Don't miss this unique offering! Book your event and learn with films and other provided educational material. He regards himself as being a monk and traveler on spiritual paths, gay tantra massage berlin, a teacher and student all in one.

Monastic Time As Benedictine monk Brother Christoph Armin came into contact with the contemplative path of Christian meditation in and learned this under the guidance of recognized teachers for some ten years. He gay tantra massage berlin this practice later into the contemplative tradition of Tantra, called gay tantra massage berlin, and is still practicing and teaching this on a regular base to this day.

This "neospiritual" path was developed in the eighties by Margot Anand Naslednikov as a modern approach to an old spiritual tradition. Armin became a licensed teacher and applied this path to the sphere of gay men and all men who love all kinds of men. Armin has been teaching in Germany and abroad since and is today an internationally acclaimed coach and trainer. Most of his seminars are frequented by men who want to try something new and deepen their sexuality, or who seek to connect homo sexuality, love, compassion and forgiveness, intimacy and spirituality, gay tantra massage berlin.

Armin offers seminars and trainings. He also gives tantric individual sessions breathwork, gay tantra massage berlin, bodywork and gay massagestherapeutic sessions of CranioSacral- and Visceral Therapy and relaxation in body-temperature water aqua tantra. Armin says: 'Mahamudra leads to the most intimate way of being with yourself.

And the tantric energy cycles gay tantra massage berlin to the most intimate way of being with your partner. Armin's manner can be summed up as clear and decisive: Without wanting to convert anyone or put him under pressure, he knows how to act and speak out of his inner convictions. His life motto: Be connected with the inner depth, be playful and gay tantra massage berlin ease in the here and now, gay tantra massage berlin.

Armin Heining was born in and graduated in theology, pedagogics source non-medical practitioner. Career and Professional Scope Armin has been teaching in Germany and abroad since and is today an click here acclaimed coach and trainer.

Essence of Teachings Armin says: 'Mahamudra leads to the most intimate way of being with more info. Life Motto Armin's manner can be summed up as clear and decisive: Without wanting to convert anyone or put him under pressure, he knows how to act and speak out of his inner convictions. Do you want stay up to date? Register now.

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Travel abruptly halted this growth, preventing us from reaching the break-even point and becoming profitable for the first time. Despite these efforts, and the partial return of our activity between June and September, we must admit that the months ahead are going to be extremely difficult.

In our hearts, we do not believe that travel will resume for real before the summer of We hate to interrupt your day with this message, as we can imagine you have other things to read or do. But there you have it. Our teams around twenty people currently work tirelessly on a daily basis to offer you the best possible experience.

By becoming an investor, you will show them how much their work means to you. We imagine that most recipients will ignore this message. We thank you all for your time and attention. Cozy apartments, private rooms and amazing homes: be welcomed by the gay community in over countries. From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, gay tantra massage berlin, you have the option to stay in the gay tantra massage berlin of gay districts as well as other neighborhoods in the places you visit.

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A really good tantra training begins where counseling and therapy end. Here you will now find your training partner with whom you can practice and deepen Tantra on site or online. Through real experiences you realize your dreams and visions. My method is particularly effective and enjoyable at the click the following article time. Assuming reflection and acting independently, you develop your full potential. I design the course of the training according to your life situation after our detailed preliminary discussion.

Whatever your initial situation, you will feel strengthened afterwards and your energy level will be raised sustainably. The first part of our training takes half a day. After that, shorter training sessions are possible on site, in nature or online.

Thank last of us ellie gay you the opportunity to share your concerns with me now.

Together we will feel free to approach the form and gay tantra massage berlin of your training, free of charge of course. Currently 5 participant. Next training date: Magical moments full of devotion, sensuality, eroticism and deep relaxation.

Book your tantra massage spontaneously for today via W app. Enjoy an erotic tantric massage on transcendental nature; refined with hotstones and gentle scents you near deeper into a gay tantra massage berlin relaxation. After loosening the muscles and a first state of euphoria, you experience a full massage.

Mutual, sensual touching accompany our journey continues up to one or even multiple sexual climaxes: Gladly do I integrate a genital or anal massage, gay tantra massage berlin.

Your sensations are much more intensively and by distributing the sexual energy through your whole body you feel like a new person afterwards. Your tantric massage ends with a gentle facial massage and a recessed balancing your energy throughout the body. As a single, the blind date sessions are particularly exciting for you. Autumn-Special: Wirlpool-Bath with extra Foam. Get in touch with me and get read more questionnaire so that you can tell me your wishes discreetly.

Our session can begin. Your journey to the inside begins with a meditative attunement. Close your eyes, breathe more slowly and trust my voice. Slowly we leave everyday life behind us and dive deep into the world of the senses and imagination.

Let yourself be pampered from head to toe by two temple servants. A variety of treasures unfold their sense-beguiling effect. By contacting members of the tantra I would like to add a special essence of your tantra massage.

This four trips activate the flow of energy and extends the consciousness. Relaxed and alert to equal, unfolds each session for itself as a particular facet of your personality.

Intensify your perception in the ritual of opening the senses. Deepen your ecstatic experiences in a body-electric session. Experienced healing in a meditative self-love ritual. Enjoy sexual liberation in the dark-eros session. From now on you can also experience the tantra trips in a modified form online. The meditation and rituals all take place under the given safety regulations and in close consultation with you — alone or with only one other gay tantra massage berlin.

All dates of the open tantra groups in the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute. Would you like to learn the tantra massage or take part in a tantra workshop? The offers I have designed are coordinated individually click thematically. Your course always takes place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or on a public holiday. Just tell me gay tantra massage berlin time, when and on which topic and in close consultation with you, I put the offer to your ideas together.

Or just choose from the current offers. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Wenn Sie die Webseite weiter nutzen, gehen wir von Ihrem Einverständnis aus. Creative trance. Sensual moment. Common heart breathing.

Activation of life energy. Tantra trance trips. Ecstasy in the Dark Eros session. Travel to your senses. Shower and bathing.

Mediation and gay tantra massage berlin in the Tantra group. Your place for tantric massage in Berlin. Gay tantra massage berlin and experience equal. Tantra-Training A really good tantra training begins where counseling and therapy end. Start Skype Chat. Skype not installed? Tantra Training, gay tantra massage berlin. Tantra-Massages Magical moments full of devotion, gay tantra massage berlin, sensuality, eroticism and deep relaxation.

Tantra-Bath Ritual Your journey to the inside begins with a meditative attunement. Tantra-Bath Ritual. Tantra-Trance-Trips By contacting members of the tantra I would like to add a special essence of your tantra massage, gay tantra massage berlin. Tantra-Network temple of the senses Sharing with each other can conjure up moments of happiness.

On December 3rd, we gayromeo plus account you to the small temple of the senses in the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute, Baustzenerstr.

Bewitch your senses with intense seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting. Get to know our team and all the offers. Try a shower sensory ritual or a tantra massage in individual sessions.

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Tantra-Bath Ritual. Where to stay in London Gay Pride.
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