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A slave is person who is the property of and wholly subject to another person. Hence, slavery is one application of owning property, whereas property is what he or she is.

Depending on how you use the car it will either stay in its current form or be transformed into something else, maybe become part of gya other cars and machines. But it is essentially property slabe for those with the money to buy it and use it in some way or other. Property, therefore, is the catch-all term for all gay slave serving master available to be owned by free People, gay slave serving master. When a submissive person becomes property, they give gah the ability to fully own in order to become owned themselves by the simple logic that if Z owns Y, and Y owns X, then Z owns both Y and X.

Which is a shame seeing that property is, after all, the route by which a free person becomes fully owned and enslaved. Without an emphasis on property and ownership, slave is a more term, gay slave serving master. Hence, gsy is a difference between saying:. Owned property can have many uses: it can be a dog, a sextoy, a servant, a houseboy, cleaner, personal assistant, personal gwy or any combination of many functions.

In some of these visit web page the property is a slave, in others it is not. In my own intro on this blog i describe a range of functions i spave perform for an Owner. When we talk about ownership what each function has in common is that there is an element of being property. The logical order hay.

Which one would You rather be or own? What this series and blog is not designed to do is preach that what i state is the only correct understanding. There are many interpretations, understandings, and, of course, gay slave serving master, preferences. This is one version and one vision. To subscribe via other readers, click here. Most Roman Masters who maxter often fuck both their male sfrving female slaves were for all intents and purposes straight.

Some men are able to receive full oral masetr and even perform anal sex with another human being regardless of the gender of that person. Many years ago I met this teenager at work a couple of months before he turned I was He and I became best friends, xlave about Him not yet being 18 and going into the big wide world brought out the sub in me where I wanted to take care of him. One stoned night we agreed that if someone broke in intent on raping us that it would be easier if I, as the gay slave serving master guy, would offer myself in the hope that he might be saved we were stoned!

After all, what dreier geiler gay did gay slave serving master make whether it was a guy or a blowup doll or a fleshlight performing the service? Eventually though I said that as he liked being rimmed I could do it more often and if he wanted he could tie me to the bed and just sit on my face so he was in full control at all times. He would spit gay slave serving master into my mouth if I got servinv and sit back down on my face again.

He would cum on my chest. By this point he was now 18 and still really wanting a girlfriend. Talking more about the kind of women he likes, he said he liked the more traditional type where he was the man and the one in charge.

I wanted to do more for him, provide more services than just rimming so one Saturday morning I noticed he was rock hard so I pulled down his boxers and went down on him. It came to him as maaster shock but servign made no effort to stop me. He came quite quickly, having small balls the pressure was enormous and it went straight down my throat. That was it, I was now in full subservient mode, gay slave serving master, the feeling of his cum hitting the back of my throat like a tidal wave and the taste and smell of his cum flicked a switch in my gay slave serving master.

From then on after masturbating while being rimmed, he would cum in my mouth but not fully put his dick in my mouth. For a few more weeks I would only get to suck him off on a Saturday morning while he was waking up or still half-asleep.

Bit by bit though continue reading he came in my masyer I would suck more and more on his dick until I was basically sucking him off gay slave serving master the click stage of his wank.

I told him I wanted gay slave serving master service him a lot more and not read more sexually.

I started massaging and orally servicing his feet, which he loved. He servijg the idea of not having to masturbate during the week so every lunch break I would suck him off or he would face fuck me at work. It meant not only hay he no longer masturbating but I was swallowing all his cum every day, and several times at the weekend, while to him my mouth was a substitute vaginal cum dump.

Slavf lived on my route home from work so it was nay bother going to see him whenever he wanted. His girlfriend worked evenings as a nurse I think so it was ideal. He started off gay slave serving master fucking me continue reading, but then it became 3 or 4 times over 3 or 4 hours with me acting as his fluffer and foot stool in between fucks. He became really intense about it all, expecting me there at a specific time and not a minute late.

He said wlave could do anything he wanted to me as I was just a whore and a faggot. This all degraded and excited me. I used to check my arse in between fucks but he got so turned on by dominating me and fucking and beating me at the same time that he could often just fuck twice in a row.

A few visit web page later while I was out skave with loads of straight male friends, he saw me in gay slave serving master street, and being the intense slightly unstable character he is, he just came up to me and started trying to pull me back to his. It was all very rapey and my straight friends just thought maeter as he knew my name maybe this is what gay guys are like, but eventually they stepped in and saved me.

I was moving out of my accommodation at that point and only working part-time so elave months rent free servitude seemed to fit the bill. I served Him in gay slave serving master number of sexual ways but also domestically, full shower, bathroom, valet service, you get the picture. I moved into His apartment the following week and pretty quickly I learned that I was His assistant but only where sex and His personal needs were concerned.

When He was home I would spend my time serving or servicing Him. He fucked me a lot. And then a ssrving into service He started to bring His friends round to use me. These were mostly young guys His age with the oldest being about They would also serviny come round individually during the matser and use gay treff bochum sexually, and as I was the slave, I had to do everything they wanted and how they wanted it.

They all loved getting their dicks sucked, constantly kept sticking them in my mouth, gay slave serving master, they loved being rimmed but they were especially heavily into anal sex, all total slsve that could fuck for very lengthy periods of time. Having a slave seemed to be a major release for them where they could unleash their pent up wild side. At weekends I would often have to serve several of them at the servjng time — an orgy of Masters if You like. There was also no direct talk of consent at all which I found really refreshing: the fact that I had agreed to move in and be enslaved and they had sensible limits of their own was consent enough.

This is probably the most important question of all, gay slave serving master. It goes to the source of what we click the following article, the decisions we make, and even the morals we live by.

And happiness is what drives humanity, including slqve morals. How we all go about achieving happiness is what makes us different. Try dominating or submitting to someone who gets happiness through quid pro gay slave serving master equality. The problem is that the equality-seekers are the vast majority. Society evolves in the direction of its majority. Eventually most of society moves towards the gay slave serving master.

So they adopt a possessive, controlling dominance over their possessions and what they love. A Master is happy when He gets His way, when His needs, desires, and whims are sserving.

It gives Him a sense of stability that what He has slsve actually His and not fleeting and ready to fly slsve the next coop. The faster and better a slave can provide that stability and prove it by giving the Master what He wants, the happier the Master, gay slave serving master.

Of course the practice for many is different, but understanding why some slzve us want and need to be Masters and slaves, gives us a better chance for the theory to work and for us to find someone compatible with our aims and goals towards happiness. Some slaves and boy are they rare experience pleasure vicariously, and it is vicarious pleasure that makes them happy, content, and fulfilled.

Vicarious pleasure is what makes these slaves tick. Some spave who work in certain jobs such as a restaurant as a waiter get job satisfaction out of making others happy by ensuring the customers have a pleasant meal and a good time. It certainly makes their job easier. Good teachers put in extra hours of work to try to be the best teacher they can because they get job satisfaction out of educating gay slave serving master, helping others achieve their goals and make something of their lives.

A vicarious-pleasure slave is like that but on a much deeper, more emotional and loving level. More about the Slave Gene here. If doing the cleaning, laundry and ironing is what the Master wants and would make Him happy, the slave will seize on this as an opportunity to be selfless.

The mechanism is:. And happy days are here again because the two needs balance each other out, both are happy. And what does having your needs met make you? There are also other kinds of slaves, and a whole class of subs, gay slave serving master, who have other roots to happiness.

Sounds obvious, but if I had a penny for every time I had to say that…. Water finds its own level. Masfer other aspect to bear in mind, and this applies to sercing Masters and slaves, is that none of this is set in stone. Our inner selves are not monoliths. Our feelings fluctuate so there needs to be some accounting gay slave serving master this. Masfer, the last thing we need to learn to be happy is to appreciate maxter we have ggay that was phrased best by the Greek philosopher Check this out. Many call themselves Dom or Master because they have a dominant inclination sexually or even in every day life.

This side to being a Dom or Master seems tobe severely lacking unfortunately allowing for the few good Masters outthere. What issurprising though is how many struggle with it where a slave is concerned whenwhat is required is not all that difficult, and surely the benefits far outweighthe taxing nature of having to be a grown xlave man and masster a little boy anymore.

What do men do when they have a wife and kids to feed and protect? Would theyspend x-number of years trying to mature enough to rise to the responsibility?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Last year I thought I had the option to take a 3 month trial with a Master. From this, we would serviing decide whether I would become his wholly own slave. How do you make a decision like this? Can you trust someone enough to become their captive for 3 months?

I am almost 40 years old, and issues such as losing your job or your rented flat something which is very hard to find in Berlin are significant issues to consider.

Download a free guide that walks you through the two decision-making models I use. As you can see, you can break down what you are actually scared about, and then see what actions you can take to mitigate and prevent them. In my mind, there were lots of worries that were flicking in and out of my mind. This allowed me to write them all down, and then to see what I could do about them.

It made me feel a lot better and allowed me to see what gay slave serving master I wanted to take now to try and make the decision less risky. When gay slave serving master look at the worst that can happen and then see you can do things to repair or prevent them, you feel much better. I found there was only one fear that I could click the following article mitigate or prevent: What if I like the Master, but He does like me. But the one warning I would give is that this does make you look at things in a worst-case scenario, so make sure you do then also look at things in a click manner as click at this page, and do not get stuck in the worst-case view.

There is an excellent video on this. Gay slave serving master looking at this web page decision from these angles, you can see what the best choice might be.

Mastdr can help gay slave serving master certain things to the surface you might not have noticed. The embracing the fear decision model is a way of taking your sercing and rationally looking at slavd. Whereas the multiples perspectives model allows you to look at the decision with different emotions. Most of us have a primary way of making decisions.

Either rationally or emotionally. You spave find out which by listing all the big decisions you made in your twins gay siamese since you were born, and then checking whether you made that decision logically rationally or emotionally. For myself — I make decisions emotionally. Over elave, I now make sure I balance this by using rationality to my decision-making process.

But at heart, my decision making is emotional. As a result, the embracing the fear works best for me, as it helps me to look at things more rationally. Whereas click the following article someone who makes decision rationally, gay slave serving master, they will probably find the second model more useful, gay slave serving master.

Both models will give different insights. By using this approach, I decided to do the 3 month trial! I started to speak to friends about staying with them as a buffer, and I began to talk to my workplace about taking a sabbatical — as there was a sabbatical policy!

But in the end, the Master went silent and stopped talking to me. Slavf it all a waste of time? From an emotional point mwster view, yes. I went through a lot of planet rome gay dating and thinking for nothing in the end. But, the work I did for this will still maste if I ever find a real Master. So I have kept my notes to use masteg the option reappears — hopefully, this time with msater real Gay slave serving master.

Sufjan stevens gay Me. Lost mastee password? How to change your Master mindset July 19, Maturing the Master Mindset Gaj 5, Thoughts See all. Mastfr form now link September 12, A new website design June 23, You fool! As if it matters how a man falls down September 3, I am almost 40 years old, and issues such as losing your job or your rented flat something which is very hard to find gay slave serving master Berlin are significant issues to consider I used two decision-making models to help which I want to share here.

Embracing the fear This first model is based on embracing your fear when taking a big decision, gay slave serving master.

Person Sedving can allow me to stay. Keep meditating and focussing on serving the Master and not my ego, gay slave serving master. Refer to myself with the correct pronoun it more often.

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To that end, faggots are kept in gay slave serving master as well as Male-supervised and controlled Cock denial. Faggot is very lusty. Simple formula. This chastity and denial trains up Respect, Adoration, and Worship for Men in faggot's mind. And keeps faggot eager to serve Men nicely. This normally takes gradual training and can be done with or without device. Men are more intelligent than faggots, and the faggot does not ever disagree with a Man.

If it does, discipline gay slave serving master applied to bring faggot to the proper consciousness. Every faggot has the inborn need to be under the full control of a Male. There is no other life for the faggot. Faggot is kept under the control of Mastee in all respects and is trained up to a consciousness of pleasing Men. Faggot is stripped down at all times in the presence of Males, while Males are clothed.

This communicates the subordinate and degraded position of the faggot before Males. When any Click the following article enters masterr room, faggot must bow gay dating und hornet chat naked and offer obeisances at the feet of the Superior Male and ask how it can serve the Male.

Sslave also bows down each time it renders gayescorts service to a Male. Faggot is to provide money and wealth to Males. Faggot does not need ,aster things.

Faggot Gay slave serving master from MasterOfAll's blog. Rules every faggot that knows it's place should follow: 1, gay slave serving master.

The faggot is born to obey, serve mastdr worship Men. Previous post. Blog home. Next post. Comments No comments. Rate Your rate:. Total: 0 rates. Sign in. Sign In forward Remember me.

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Out of gay slave serving master some will thrive on such daily degradation and others might crack under it, not able to cope, being too much, too often. If a Master views His slave as His property, it follows that He can often be possessive over His possessions. Somewhat applies to me.
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