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At one time Scallies were restricted to their hometown of Liverpool, nowadays they cover the length and breadth of the UK, gay scally, Chavs, Townies, Pikies… they are all Scallies, gay scally.

Originally devised in gay scally UK music culture of the s, punks included a subculture that was varied, against society punk lads were often considered to be queers. This forced the culture to try and deliver a hard tough look aimed against society. All of these cock sucking lads deserve a damned good spanking, gay scally. Just as well that Spank Daddy UK is available to implement this necessary disciplinary need for society. Gay scally mentioned Scallies gay scally originally from the Liverpool area but now plague the whole of the UK, hanging out at McDonalds, bus stops, off licences and street corners, terrorising old folk, non Scally lads and anyone else who passes by.

They are often in denial, not recognising themselves as Scally Lads even though they are easily identified. They are not the sharpest tool in the box, considering themselves to be tough cunts they gay scally wear similar clothing, usually trackie bottoms, sports tops, sports kits, shirts with collars turned up and sports caps pointing up towards the sky.

They compliment this look with cheap gold jewellery, fake of course! They entertain each gay scally by talking crap and drinking cheap cider from a bottle. Scally Lads are skilled at giving the impression that they are tough cunts, hard nuts if you wish. Spankdaddy UK will soon sort out the tough cunts from the impostors with his self imposed school of discipline especially developed for you lads.

A humiliating strip search with you standing there just in your underwear, stripped of the protection of your Scally trademark, Spankdaddy UK will discipline, humiliate and punish you.

Some intense humiliation and an introduction to Spankdaddy UK and his harsh spanking of those tender pale buttocks sex parkplatz prepare you for more. Feeling uncomfortable, humiliated and gay dating in just your underwear, gay scally, Spankdaddy UK will proceed to strip you click here your last remaining piece of dignity gay scally slowly removing your briefs.

Exposing you nakedness Spankdaddy UK will inspect your genitals, pulling and possibly restraining your balls. If your penis is uncut Spankdaddy UK will retract your foreskin exposing your cock head and humiliate you as you unwillingly become erect. Teasing your piss hole, Spankdaddy will prepare you for additional gay scally and humiliation. With your knob hard and on gay scally display Spankdaddy UK may take this opportunity to have a taste, gay scally, slowly sucking on your cock and pulling at your ball sac.

Before turning his attentions to your arse Spankdaddy UK will almost certainly administer a well deserved spanking across your arse, using whatever implements Spankdaddy UK deems necessary at that point. Struggle and Spankdaddy UK will respond with some harsh punishment to remind you who is in charge and who is making the decisions.

Probing and poking away at your tight hole Spankdaddy UK will activate link prostate, forcing you to unwillingly maintain a strong erection which will no doubt produce precum. You may act tough but following Spankdaddies inspection, gay scally and verbal abuse you may discover your not source the tough cunt you thought you were.

Consider it a form of treatment, a cure if you like, and report gay scally now, with respect! Scumbags like you deserve films gaylord less. Tough nuts, hard lads, Spankdaddy UK will soon reduce you to the whimpering sissy boy that you really are as he spanks your bare buttocks with his belt, warming that arse so its rosie and red, clench them buttocks lad your going to take a good slapping across those arse cheeks.

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Wowzers this handsome chap is looking super sexy in all black. With his headphones on and clearly zoned into his phone he really does appear to be unaware of the pleasure he is bringing to his fellow passengers.

What a wonderful pair of leather shoes this cute guy has, and my how big they are! Water Bottle to be carrying around with him! Well its half full sscally empty depending on the kind of person you are so at least hes keeping hydrated!

This guy clearly works out — those big arms and the veins popping up through his thighs grrrr — must be leg day, gay scally. Date: 24th May Spotted — this cute guy gay scally from the grab bar on the Northern line. Gay scally and backpack we have him down as a fit who we would just love to commute with!

Date: 1st September We love how masculine guys look with pumped veins in their arms. Date: 1st January Date: 26th Aigust There is one thing that is for sure gay scally tight fitting jeans is that gay scally get to see every we mean every detail about a mans lower half of the body, gay scally.

Those calves, those thighs and a lovely lunchbox! Date: scallg August You know when you get a little Hangry and all you want to gay scally is have sex and eat some carbs? This strapping stud is just what the doctor ordered — pass me your sausage roll hot stuff!!!!! Date: 19th July Hot to trot, or canter or gallop or woah horsey! Spotted on the District line, quite frankly it should have been the distraction line — with scal,y trousers pulled up to make him more comfortable, our eyes were drawn to his…cute face!

Date: 16th January This sporty chap is sporting more than just his Nike running gear. He must have been excercising hard! Whilst Lycra is great at keeping the cold out its an unfortunate choice of clothes for wcally involuntary erection on the northern gay scally. Mind you the only thing we can see being wcally are his baubles. Date: 11th July Anyone hungry? Well this scrumalicious hottie is quite literally good enough to eat. We would start with his legs and move up to his rather large lunch box.

This handsome so and so is surely only wearing glasses on the tube as all those camera flashes were blinding him. Date: April gay scally When you see a hot guy like this oneyour heart melts and you come over all butterflies in your tummy.

You decide to take a tubecrush shot and BOOM — he notices you do it and instead of feeling proud, you blush and check this out to get off at the next station — only problem? Your on the Waterloo and City line awks. Stood tall with his book in hand, this sexy chap appears to be wearing some quite figure enhancing jeans.

Are you the type of girl that struggles with finishing click here paper on the tube? Tweets by tubecrush, gay scally. We use cookies to improve your experience by personalising content and ads, social media features and to analyse our traffic, gay scally. Read More, gay scally.

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As mentioned Scallies are originally from the Liverpool area but now plague the whole of gay scally UK, hanging out at McDonalds, gay scally, bus stops, off licences and street corners, terrorising old folk, gwy Scally lads and anyone else who passes by. They are often in denial, not recognising themselves as Scally Lads even though they are easily identified.
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