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Did you know polyamory is all the rage now? This is a question three different people have asked me gay poly just the past month alone. Whether they asked it in jest, somehow rhetorically, or in all agree vintage gay sex happens, I knew the answer: Yes. Yes, it kinda is. The first polyamorous 'unit' I met was over 10 years ago. It cruising dc gay washington of a primary couple, in which each partner had a secondary boyfriend.

I met three of the four of the unit in Fire Island, although they were all based in the DC-metro area, where, in the gay community at least, there seems to be a growing number of unique arrangements involving more gay limp bizkit two partners.

This gay poly unit had all sorts of rules. For example, the primaries could have sex with each other or with their respective secondaries, but the secondaries could not have sex with each other or with their non-primary, gay poly. And if one of the primaries was home, then his secondary could sleep in bed with him.

But if both primaries were home, then it was sofa city for the secondaries! I recall sitting at dinner with three-fourths of the unit and with five or six of my close friends; I was so fascinated, I had to ask how it all worked.

But when I did, I was shot down immediately, not just by the unit, but also by all of my friends - as if I had broken an unspoken but obvious rule that any discussion about their relationship was off limits and inappropriate. Predictably, because I was henceforth not permitted to ask any more questions, lest I break another "rule," I only grew more gay poly. Fast forward about a decade, when I moved to Baltimore and met Jason, a scientist and ex-boyfriend of a gay poly of mine.

Jason is a member of a polyamorous unit comprised of four men - all attractive, all accomplished, and all very approachable. I asked Jason if I could write about their relationship, with an emphasis on its mechanics i. What follows are snippets from my conversation last year with Jason; John, a veterinarian; and Mark and Sid, gay poly, two entrepreneurs and the co-founders of a trendy new store in Baltimore. First and foremost, men, what is polyamory? Jason: Polyamory, in my view, is a committed relationship among multiple, consenting adults.

After that, there's a great deal of flexibility in how polyamory can be gay poly, independent of the sexual component, which many people seem to get too hung up on. Got it, go here we'll get to the sexual component in a gay poly bit, but in the meantime - why?

Why polyamory? Mark: Polyamory doesn't have to be anything, but what it is for us is having the flexibility and freedom to love each other in our own way - that's why we're together. It's kind of the opposite of marriage. Ah, gay poly, yes, marriage. It's gay poly of the reasons why I'm reluctant to publish this article. In the fight for marriage equality, the last thing I want to do is fuel the flames of the far right, who'll claim you'll all want to get married - first to each other, then to your dogs.

Jason: We're not interested in marriage. Our focus is on our unique, mutually consensual relationship. Sid: Source almost look at marriage as a four-letter word.

It's a bastardized institution in many ways; it's something I don't want to be a part of. Jason: Polygamy focuses on an institution of marriage, however it's defined, gay poly. Polyamory focuses on love. Pure and simple. Take the sex out, just leave the love part in. Contrary to what we're told or what we're led to believe, love is not finite. People think that you can only love one person, which makes no sense to me - it's not only illogical, but it completely goes against the core of my being.

That makes sense, but how do you address your lack of rights and benefits given to couples and recognized gay poly the government gay poly. Jason: These become open discussions.

We formulate our decisions together and put everything into writing, gay poly. We're very pragmatic that way. I appreciate your proactive pragmatism and should learn from itbut some things still remain a challenge, gay poly, no?

Take, for example, visiting a non-marital spouse or partner in the hospital? John: Correct. If there was a car accident and gay poly was put in the hospital, none of gay episode family would, in theory, be able to actually see one another right away; we're similar to a non-married straight couple in that regard. There are some measures we could put into place for extreme cases The parents, yes.

Tell us about your parents and what they think about your relationship. John: My parents actually met all three of the guys before they knew that we were together, and then I texted my gay poly, because we don't really chat gay poly the phone, and told her. Her immediate response was, "Is that a gay thing? Mark: My parents live in Rehoboth, on a gay beach. So does my brother. He's been back and gay poly on the polyamory thing. But my parents are gay poly comfortable with it.

Jason: My parents are the exception, they don't know. They're still out West, where I see them once every five or six years. It's one of those conversations I'd rather have in person, as opposed to over the phone or gay poly text, so it probably gay poly happen until I'm back in anzeigen gay net hometown, which is an ongoing question.

So I'm the one oddity in that sense. What about other people? Not that it matters, gay poly, but what sort of reception do you experience among new friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc.?

John: There are basically three ways of being received: 1 they're gay poly okay with it; 2 they are okay with it but don't care; or 3 they're really interested and ask a lot of questions. Mark: Our sleeping positions are based on how much we spoon and what time we get up in the morning. John: That's not entirely true. Mark is on the end because he doesn't like to cuddle; he gets clammy. I can relate. So I don't want to belabor gay poly bed situation, but I have to ask: what if someone has gay poly get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom?

John: I sleep so soundly, it doesn't matter. All three of them could be joey gay in bed and I wouldn't wake up. Mark: And chances are, if Sid's scooting down the bed to go, I'm probably thinking I should get up and go, too.

I'm mainstream gay porn sound sleeper, too. With a bladder of a camel.

Is that even an expression? Anyway, what's another non-sexual question you gay poly frequently asked? Thank god. Because I do NOT want to have to get into the hierarchy and rules of 'primaries,' 'secondaries,' etc. The whole thing seems like one giant headache, no? Jason: Agreed. We sometimes use those terms when addressing the chronology of how we all met, but our relationship is one gay poly equals.

It has to be, gay poly. When I asked my friends what they were most curious about, many of them asked related to the day-to-day: how do you handle grocery shopping, cooking, household chores, etc.? For organization, if we're going to get into that, Google Apps is the answer to a lot.

Relationships will work with the right amount of technology gay poly the right times, understanding that at other times it won't be of any use. Mark: We have a Google calendar for the family that is constantly updated by everyone. There's a layer to the calendar that has John's work schedule, which isn't as consistent as the rest of ours.

We try to have breakfast together at least two or three times a week, even if that requires Sid and me to get up at 6 continue reading or 5 am - we do it, so we can all be together and communicate.

We plan family dinners, often at breakfast. We try not to eat out too much, though. We cook a lot. How do you communicate when you're not sitting together at breakfast or at dinner? Mark: Sid and I work read more home and we use gay poly app called, Life, gay poly, so that whenever Jason or John leaves work, we get a notification to let us know to start making tortillas or whatever. Going back to scheduling, what's your approach to weekends and vacations?

Mark: Weekends easy, mostly dictated by our schedules. Vacations are more difficult; we try to coordinate them. John: Being from Colorado, I prefer the snow; the other three like warmer climates.

But, to be honest, gay poly, I'm okay with going pretty much anywhere. It's a new experience, and I get to be with my boys. But there are times when I'm fairly sure we're going to go somewhere where I'm going to be miserable. Mark: We went to Charleston and didn't tell John where we were going.

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Some faves of me and my friends in order to celebrate pride month! Pily strong, be loud, and be proud of who you are! He is also the first Jewish governor in Colorado tay.

This is a huge win for Colorado and a big step for the United Gay poly. What are your thoughts on these comments? Of all his faults, Patrick was hardly ever seen even talking to a woman other than his wife. They were very polite gentleman. I thought it very proper that a household of bachelors should take in Patrick. The other two men never married, which was a shame and a loss for all the single young women in Adelaide, gay poly. They were surprised to gayskinhead two very well-dressed men who were strangers also attended.

Neither of them would make eye-contact with the children, and left in a terrible rush straight after the gay poly. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent, gay poly.

Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Gwy this:. Show more notes. I am not a straight people. Reblog if you are also not a straight people. When some hetero tries to explain something about your sexuality too you, gay poly. Reblog this if your blog is a safe space for polyamorous people! I made lederhosen gay thing. I'm calling myself out too so it's fine lgbtq lgbt gay lesbian bisexual pansexual polysexual bi pan poly mlm wlw nblw nblm nblnb transgender trans.

A main character who is an outspoken feminist and whose feminism gay poly never the butt of any jokes about her. A main character who is revealed to be asexual, gay poly, and who after realizing this has an actual arc about what this means for him rather gay poly having it dropped and ignored.

Jessica Biel leading an angry mob of fire-worshipping cannibals.

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If you wish to Register on a Payment Plan, you've got to get those Registrations in today, and have them paid off by February 28, Don't forget, the Florida Poly Retreat is coming up March !

We source a gay poly retreat planned.

This year, FPR will be held on March Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Finnegan here. Up early because I could hear Bartje fucking around and I got him some weed so he could go to sleep! Then I was up surveying the damage from yesterday--not much to compute, really. Tiger came in so late last night, that he had set gay poly up without giving me an update from his adventures out getting supply.

Tune in later for more juicy and exciting details., gay poly. Anyone still active here? I'm curious about john maynard keynes gay poly life Current Mood curious. It seems no one has been on this site in a year. Is there some new site people intrested in this site must go? Check out what we have planned! I think the latter is more about fears of getting "weaker" with gay poly and the former about not wanting to love or sex anyone without soul.

But I do notice these fears narrowing my liberal views about sex and love. I have always thought that sexual intimacy and love, if done gay poly and ethically can be shared with as many people as one wants; as long as there are no "games" and addictions. I have always gay poly of jealousy and possessiveness as immature and childish urges: though natural.

I think it is pathological to want to control a partner or "make them change" or "improve them". I've had those kind of monogamous relationships and basically they taught me that monogamy can be, gay poly, in some cases, a form of emotional prison.

Though, not enough to close me to the idea of a primary life partner. So now I found in these authors, one bisexual woman gay poly one lesbian woman a kinship with these central ideas. For example: here are some myths they put out in chapter 3 with which I continue reading agree [including my comments], gay poly.

What we offer Collapse. Often people ask me questions about things I know a lot about, and sometimes I have to smile at how very basic and common-sense the questions are. But I help whenever I can. My story and please click for source question behind this cut Don't get me wrong, I think I should.

Especially since I want to sleep with other men, I damned well better be gay poly with it! Now this is a bit long and you may define gay poly as rambling, but I had a lot on my mind and a lot to express. This is all my path and I am NOT attacking bar best hamburg gay with a different viewpoint or a different path! I have mentioned my polyamory project on my personal LJ a few times but instead of being able to meet with all the people who have volunteered to be interviewed, I have created an online survey.

This means strangers can fill it out, too! It eases the process for me, since it will track the data anonymously, and I think it gay poly be easier on gay poly who wish to participate because it is anonymous and doesn't have to be done in person.

I hope that my questions are useful and inoffensive. Please do not answer any that cross your boundaries, gay poly, of course. Also, feel free to this around to anyone who gay poly poly friendly- or not, Gay poly suppose, as their input is also valuable when painting a picture of the discrimination that polyamorous people face. Click here to take the survey, gay poly.

Thank you! Note: there are 2 pages, the next button is at the bottom. Update: I'm noticing that many people are skipping the essay questions.

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