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What comes to mind when agy think of a gay destination? Others might imagine the mmedellin that host major circuit parties like Gay dating bender, Mykonos or Miami, gay medellin.

But as the landscape of both tourist destinations and LGBT rights have changed over the past decades, so too have the opportunities and desires for those looking for gay medellin new.

Colombia may not be the first country you imagine when you think of progressive LGBT rights and protections. InColombia became the 24 th country in the world to allow full marriage equality and in recent years medellih put in place mevellin allowing mecellin adoption and anti-discrimination protections, gay medellin.

The gay medellin scene in Colombia has historically been more underground, but within just the past 10 years, the read article has gained more support and the visibility has increased dramatically, particularly in the large cities like Bogota and Medellin.

Gay pride celebrations and protests are now commonplace and gay russian in these cities and the community gay medellin an active voice, please click for source is not always common in this part of the world.

Photo via Theatron. Though slightly smaller, Medellin still has a thriving gay scene mostly centered in the area of Parque Lleras. Head up to the Cerro de Monserrate, which is agy mountain located right in the heart of the city. Take a ride up the mountain gay medellin enjoy amazing views of the city from the top, gay medellin. Medellin also has an exciting gay nightlife scene with new bars and clubs opening regularly. This city was once a Spanish colony and its well-preserved fortress on the water is one of the top attractions.

Imagine the sound of live music filling the streets, the taste of wine and tapas on a patio in the[ Single and ready to mingle? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Gay medellin in to get trip updates and message other travellers. When are you travelling? Clear Fay. All Things to Do. Day Trips. Outdoor Activities. Traveller Resources. Types of Attractions. Nightlife 7. Karaoke Bars 1. Free Entry. We found 7 results for you in Medellin Clear all filters.

View Map. Filter Nightlife. Donde Aquellos Bar 21 reviews. La Cantina de Gay medellin gay bademeister reviews. Viva 3 reviews. Club 1 review. Querida Bar of Nightlife in Medellin. Bar la fuente of Nightlife in Medellin.

Soul Bar of Nightlife in Medellin. Previous Next 1, gay medellin. Frequently Asked Questions about Medellin.

Marcha del Orgullo Gay / Medellín / 2019
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A very green area, gay medellin, with many bars and terraces. With many other tourists around this feels like a safe relaxed www gay rape com. On that square are the enormous oversized statues made by Botero. The museum de Antioquia gay medellin also quite interesting. Take the Metrocable for spectacular views over the city.

It will go over the poor mfdellin up the hills and shows the differences in this city between the rich and the poor. It's not really necessary mmedellin exit at the endpoint, you can take the cable car straight down the hills again.

And then there is the Escobar tour. We knew a bit the stories, but when doing the tour and seeing gay medellin actual places was quite impressive. We would recommend a private tour, gay medellin. The subject of Escobar is very sensitive. Not all local people appreciate these kind of tours. The Colombians are very friendly people. And we love gay medellin latin spirit.

But still be very careful, especially at night. The area in Park Lleras if a good location to start the night. Here you find many restaurants with terraces in a very green environment.


Whilst Bogota in Colombia is home to the largest gay club in South AmericaMedellin is notorious gay medellin having the most beautiful guys…the famous hot singer, Maluma, is a Paisa boy… just sayin'….

As such, it makes it a popular base for digital nomads and startups. We based ourselves in Medellin for almost a year because of this. Medellin also has a fun gay scene to explore. Whilst it's not as big as the Chapinero gay scene of Bogotait still has plenty of awesome gay hangouts to check out, which we've summarised in this article. For more, be gay medellin to check out our comprehensive gay guide to Medellin.

Out Adventures' brand new Colombia tour is hotter than Maluma! The optional gay salsa class, food tour and snorkeling excursion make this adventure muy caliente! Find out more. This is the touristic beating heart of Medellin, where the city's best hotels, restaurants and nightlife can this web page found.

It's a lot of fun here. There's always an electric and young vibe, particularly at gay medellin. The Paisas love to party and will quickly embrace you. The other thing to note about Medellin and Colombia generally is that despite its tumultuous history with the drug cartels and what you see on Netflix's Narcos series, it's actually very safe, gay medellin. Medellin, in particular, gay medellin, has undergone a huge transformation over the past 20 years.

What used to be the home city of Pablo Escobar's billionaire gay medellin industry is today one of the most progressive, exciting and gay-friendly cities of Colombia. Put it this way, on the elevator of our apartment building, gay medellin spotted a sign, which showed a list of arrestable offences and their respective penalties. Our friends at The Queer Scout, an excellent gay local tour company, offer a gay nightlife tour of Medellin.

We found this gay medellin be a fantastic way to discover the gay scene, gay medellin. You'll be greeted by a gay local guide, who'll take you to the best gay bars in Medellin for an unforgettable night out! Chiquita is a bar like no other, gay medellin. It's super hip, with some of the quirkiest decor you'll ever see in your life.

It takes kitsch to a whole new level, and we love it! The story behind Bar Chiquita is that it this web page the home of the eccentric but worldly diva-goddess called Chiquita.

Everything in this quirky gay medellin of a bar is based on Chiquita's character as being a well-travelled, highly sexualised, strong woman of the world, with plenty of different interests!

Gay medellin home breaks down the barriers of normality and encourages you to unleash your inner freak… and we live for it! The outdoor terrace is also one of our favourite spots in Medellin for cocktails and people watching, gay medellin. However, come early to get a table outside as they're very popular. And the final highlight here you need to check out?

The toilets! Seriously, gay medellin begging for a space in your Instagram gallery — with strobe gay medellin and some crazy psychedelic wallpaper…you need to see it for yourself. Bar Chiquita is open only from Wednesday to Saturday until 2 am.

It gay medellin located at Carrera 37 Local This bar is another favourite for people watching and checking out all the talent parading on by outside. Sitting around in the outdoor area here, you can expect to catch the eye of dozens of other gay guys checking you out.

So, if you're out on the pull, then this is the place for you, gay medellin. Yet, Donde Aquellos is still a laid-back enough environment for you to lounge around and chill. The bar developed from the friendship between two guys who owned a liquor store in the early s.

Over the years it has grown into the frivolous and fabulous bar that it is today, with loyal patrons, curious tourists and even a few talented drag acts. With unique cocktails, gay medellin, great music, and gorgeous bar staff, Donde Aquellas is one of the hottest places to be seen on a night out in Medellin.

Fusing Japanese culture with iconic gay references, a trip to Querida is a night you gay medellin remember for the gay medellin of your life. When we stepped inside for the first time, we fell in love with the Oriental trees which draped the dance floor in purple flowers.

It felt truly magical dancing in the flashing lights whilst breathing in the smells of lavender and vine, gay medellin. Giving elements of both naturism and urban life, this place is saturated with flashing neon lights. The bar is filled with LED boxes which are built into the walls, giving off the feeling of walking down gay feet porn streets of Tokyo. The cocktails are lush and unique. As were gay medellin drag stars!

Giving high energy performances, the queens here blur the lines of gender and redefine performance art. The crowds were highly stylish. Each person killed it with their outfit game — leaving us feeling a bit underdressed. With stunning make-up, high fashion clothes and heels for the gawwwds, this crowd did not come to gay medellin, they came to slay.

So if you're preparing a night out at Querida, make sure you ask a gaggle of gays to clock your outfit first! Querida Bar is located at Calle 10 43B gay medellin is open only from Thursday to Monday until midnight later on weekends. Inspired by the era of Motown and the home decor of the s, stepping into the Vintrash Bar is like moving through a time capsule, gay medellin, back to the age of black-and-white TV, gay medellin, Apollo 11, gay medellin, Marilyn Monroe, The Supremes men old gay The Jackson gay medellin.

With geometric shapes painted across the walls, gay medellin, vinyls on display on gay medellin shelves, portraits of old movie stars, and Warholian pop art, this place offers up a real feeling of nostalgia. Heaven knows that we certainly enjoyed Vintrash as it gave us the chance to relive our youth…just kidding, we're not that old!

The music brings gay medellin elements of Latin fire, Euro-Pop and folk. So you can expect your fellow guests to be a gay medellin mixed crowd. After all, the 60s wasn't the easiest time to be an out and proud homosexual, so our older gays never got the chance to party as their straight peers did back then. This bar lets us reclaim that! Now, all we need is a queer jazz bar that models gay hotels pattaya thailand after the swinging parties so we can get down like Gatsby!

Vintrash is located at Carrera 35 gay medellin and is only open from Wednesday to Saturday until 2 am. Lit in a royal purple hue, this place comes across as a little bit shady when you first walk in. But ultimately, we found it to be equally as welcoming and fun as all the others, gay medellin.

It's definitely one gay medellin the smaller gay bars in Medellin, but this adds to its charm. It's cosy, gay medellin, intimate and very relaxed. It can be very easy gay medellin miss Faravahar when you're just passing by down the street, gay medellin. But if you spot the tiny rainbow flag above the door, then you know you've found the right spot.

Admittedly, we wouldn't ever end up spending a whole night here, but it's a great starting point for when you're gayheaven ready to hit the town. The other guests are very chatty and approachable — mainly fellow tourists or friendly locals, who offered great tips on what gay medellin to try out, gay medellin.

Just go easy on the aguardiente if you're offered any, as the stuff is lethal and you'll struggle to remember the rest of your night — not to mention the aguardiente hangovers are not pleasant! Looking for a quick gay pawn shop to eat before you hit the town?

Then San Marcos is the perfect place to go to. Whilst some are heavyweight drinkers when it comes to a night out, we always ensure gay medellin to go out on an empty stomach. San Marcos is an ideal place to start the night because along with the fantastic pop music, super-friendly service and some yummy cocktails, they do some pretty damn nice food as well! San Marcos is a lot more avant-garde than the other entries on this list, so expect to see a lot of brooding poets huddled in the corners or grunge artists covered gay medellin tattoos.

Once you're done eating, you can move on upstairs to the dancefloor or skip the meal and head straight for it if you're not hungry. Some of the best musicians and DJs in the city come here to perform, so you never know who might be there when you arrive. Regardless of size, gay medellin, La Cantina de Javi has such a grand atmosphere to it.

We felt like we were being admitted to a ginormous street festival! The crowd here is more local compared to the other gay bars of Medellin, also quite young and carefree. Plus, they're totally gay medellin for having the best night possible! La Cantina de Javi revels in its Latino culture, with fiery music, drinks that leave a burning sensation at the back of gay medellin throat and exploding red, white and green confetti! This bar takes its Colombian heritage by the throat and runs wild with it.

And we loved it! Why not celebrate the beauty of your roots and force it into the faces of gay medellin who come by? Living in Britain has made us become naturally apologetic link the point where we are excusing the parts of it that feel English.

Yet, these people take pleasure in what makes them Colombian! We need a taste of what they're having. This place offers a real taste of what Latin life is like. And after a taster, we want to take gay medellin whole bite! The Ink Bar is within walking distance to Viva Discoteca — the largest gay club of Medellin, making it the perfect pit stop for commencing a weekend night out on the town. It often gay medellin live music, allowing you to get fired up on the dance floor and become exposed to the hottest new talent on the Latin scene, gay medellin.

We got to mix with both locals and tourists. Most people who go here are like us, using the bar as a pregame for a wilder night ahead. The crowds were nearly always the same each night, so if you frequent there often enough, you will find yourself being adopted by a big, gay, happy Colombian family.

Yet, gay medellin, we got talking to many others who were just there looking to kick off their heels after a long day at please click for source and stay for the read more evening.

Either way, you're in for a fun time at the Ink Bar! We found Medellin has so many cool and fun activities to do.

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I have no insights but found a good site for listing of all gay venues, sometimes with gay medellin recommendation as to which ones are most popular. Just use your browser to look up gayscout. When are you going?

Thanks for the reply. I have been here for 5 days and have found no problem with connecting with others via commom social netwrok sites here. What I did in was meet someone online first and then when I got to Medellin known gay medellin the see more as Medallo I just called him up, we went out for dinner and then we and a gay medellin went to a gay bar.

The next day we went to a bathhouse. Unfortunately I don't think the bars are located all together. But they seem scattered around the city. The people were very friendly. But it's very nice to have a trusted friend to take you around. Not being gay - not sure on this but be very careful with picking up or meeting any strangers by yourself - especially if you don't know the lay of the land. Gringos get in trouble in Medellin picking up mainz gay they just met and taking them back to their hotel - wake up the next morning not remembering anything with all their stuff missing.

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Los Patios Hostal Boutique is a gorgeous gay friendly mevellin ho s tel in Medellin. For a young tour guide with experience and a love for food, book David as your Holiday Houseboy for Medellin. So if you're preparing a night gay medellin at Querida, gay medellin, make sure you ask a gaggle of gays to clock your outfit first!
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