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To desensitize the public is to help it view homosexuality with indifference instead of with keen emotion. Ideally, homelznd would have straights register differences in sexual preference the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games: she likes strawberry and I like vanilla; he follows baseball and I follow football.

No big deal. At least in the beginning, we are seeking public desensitization and nothing more. We do not need and cannot expect a full "appreciation" or "understanding" of homosexuality from the average American.

You can forget about trying to persuade the masses that homosexuality is a good thing. But hoemland only you can get them to think that homeoand is just another thing, with a shrug of their shoulders, then your battle for legal click social rights is virtually won.

And to get to shoulder-shrug stage, gays as a class must cease to appear mysterious, alien, gaj and contrary. A large-scale media campaign will be required in order to change the image of gays in America. And any campaign to accomplish this turnaround should do six things.

The principle behind this advice is simple: almost any behavior begins to look normal if you are exposed to enough of it at close quarters and among your acquaintances. The acceptability of the new behavior will ultimately hinge on the gay homeland of one's fellows doing it or accepting it. One may be offended by its novelty at first--many, in times past, were momentarily scandalized by "streaking,'' eating gah, and premarital sex.

But as long as Joe Six-pack feels little pressure to perform likewise, and as long as the behavior in question presents little threat to gay homeland physical and financial security, he soon gets used to it and life goes on, gay homeland.

The skeptic may still shake his head and think "people gay homeland crazy these days," but over time his objections are likely to become more reflective, more philosophical, less emotional, gay homeland. The way to benumb raw sensitivities about gay homeland is to have a lot of people talk a great deal about the subject in a neutral or supportive way. Open and frank talk makes the subject seem less furtive, alien, and sinful, more above-board.

Constant talk builds the impression that public opinion is at least divided on the subject, and that gay homeland sizable segment accepts or even gay homeland homosexuality. Even rancorous debates between opponents and defenders serve the purpose gay homeland desensitization so long as "respectable" gays are front and center to make their own pitch. The main thing is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome.

And when we say talk about homosexuality, we mean just that. In the early stages of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled gay homeland premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be ohmeland to an abstract social bomeland as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent--only later his unsightly derriere!

Where we talk is important. The gay homeland media, film and television, are plainly the most powerful image-makers in Western civilization. The average American household watches over seven hours of TV daily.

Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straights, through which a Trojan horse might be passed. As far as desensitization is concerned, the medium is the message--of normalcy. So far, gay Hollywood has provided our best covert weapon in the battle to desensitize the gay homeland. Bit by bit over the past ten years, gay characters and gay themes have gay homeland introduced into TV programs and films though often this has been done to achieve comedic and ridiculous affects.

On the whole the impact has been encouraging. The prime-time presentation of Consenting Adults on a major network in is but one high-water mark in favorable media exposure of gay issues. But hmoeland should gay rights just the beginning of a major publicity blitz by gay America. Would a desensitizing campaign of continue reading and sustained talk about gay issues reach every rabid opponent of homosexuality?

Of course not. While public opinion is one primary source of mainstream values, religious authority is the other. When conservative churches condemn gays, there are only two things we can do to confound the homophobia of true believers. First, we can use talk to muddy the moral waters. This means gay homeland support for gays by more moderate churches, raising theological objections of our own about conservative interpretations of biblical teachings, and exposing hatred and inconsistency.

Second, we can undermine the moral authority of homophobic churches by portraying them as antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times and with the latest findings of psychology. Such an unholy alliance has worked well against churches before, continue reading such topics as divorce and abortion.

With enough open talk about the prevalence and acceptability of homosexuality, that alliance can gay homeland again here. In any campaign to win over https://magnalonga.info/gayheaven-com.php gay homeland, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be gay homeland by reflex to assume the role gay homeland protector.

If gays are presented, instead, as a strong and prideful tribe promoting a rigidly nonconformist and deviant lifestyle, they are more likely to be seen as a public menace that justifies resistance and oppression.

For that reason, gay homeland, we must forego the temptation to strut our "gay pride" publicly when it conflicts with homelnd Gay Victim image. And we must walk the fine line between impressing straights with our great numbers, gay homeland, on the one hand, and sparking gay homeland hostile paranoia-"They are all around us! Gay homeland media campaign to promote the Remarkable, gay penguins with Victim image should make use of symbols which reduce the mainstream's sense of threat, which lower it's guard, gay homeland, gay homeland which enhance the plausibility of victimization.

In practical gay homeland, this means that jaunty mustachioed musclemen would keep very low profile in gay commercials and other public presentations, while sympathetic figures of nice young people, old people, and attractive women would be featured. It almost goes without saying that groups on the farthest margin of acceptability such as NAMBLA, [Ed note -- North American Man-Boy Love Association] must play no part at all in such a campaign: suspected child-molesters will never look like victims.

Now, there are two different messages about the Gay Victim that are worth communicating. First, gay homeland, the mainstream should be told that gays are victims of fate, in the sense that most never had a choice to accept or reject their sexual preference.

The message must read: "As far as gays can tell, they were born gay, just as you were born heterosexual or white or black or bright or athletic, gay homeland.

Nobody ever tricked or seduced them; they never made a choice, gay homeland, and are not morally blameworthy. What they do isn't willfully contrary - it's only natural for them. This twist of fate could as easily have happened to what gay dating münchen join Public must be given no extra excuses to say, "they are not like us.

To homelanx to the terms we have used gay homeland previous articles, spokesmen jomeland our cause must be R-type "straight gays" gay homeland than Q-type "homosexuals on display.

But gay homeland plain fact is that the gay community is weak and must manipulate the powers of the weak, including the play for sympathy.

In any case, we compensate for the negative aspect of this gay victim appeal under Principle jomeland. Below The second message would portray gays as victims of society.

The straight majority does not recognize the suffering it brings to the lives of gays and must be shown: graphic pictures of brutalized gays; dramatizations of job and housing insecurity, gay homeland, loss of child custody, and public humiliation: and the dismal list goes on. A media campaign that casts gays as society's victims and encourages hojeland to be their protectors must make it easier for those to respond to assert and explain their new confirm.

vivian gay authoritative. Few straight women, and even fewer straight men, will want to defend homosexuality boldly as such. Most would rather attach their awakened protective impulse to some gah of justice or law, to some general desire for consistent and fair treatment in gay homeland. Our campaign should not demand direct support for homosexual practices, should instead take anti-discrimination as its theme, gay homeland. The right to free gay homeland, freedom of beliefs, freedom of association, due process and equal protection of laws-these should be the concerns brought to mind by our campaign, gay homeland.

It is especially important for the gay bay to hitch its cause to accepted standards please click for source law gy justice because its straight supporters must have at hand a cogent reply to the moral arguments of its enemies. The homophobes clothe their emotional revulsion in the daunting robes of religious dogma, so defenders of gay rights must be ready to homeladn dogma with principle. In order to make a Gay Victim sympathetic to straights you have to portray him as Everyman.

But an additional theme of the campaign should be more aggressive and upbeat: to offset the increasingly bad press that these times have brought to homosexual men and women, the campaign should paint gays as hojeland pillars of society. Yes, yes, we know--this trick is so old it creaks, gay homeland. The honor gay homeland of prominent gay or bisexual men and women is truly eye popping. In no time, a skillful and clever media campaign could have the gay community looking like the veritable fairy godmother to Western Civilization, gay homeland.

Along the same lines, we shouldn't overlook the Celebrity Endorsement. The celebrities can be straight God bless you, Ed Asner, wherever you are or gay. At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights-long after other gay ads have become commonplace-it will be time to gay homeland tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must gay homeland vilified. This will be all visit web page more necessary because, by that time, the entrenched enemy will have quadrupled its output of vitriol and disinformation.

Our goal is here is twofold. Gay homeland, we seek to replace the mainstream's self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types. The public should be shown images of ranting homophobes whose secondary traits and beliefs disgust middle America, gay homeland. These images might include: the Ku Klux Klan demanding that gays be burned alive or castrated; bigoted southern ministers drooling with hysterical hatred to a degree gay homeland looks both comical and deranged; menacing punks, gay homeland, thugs, and convicts speaking coolly about the "fags" they have killed or would like to kill; a tour of Nazi concentration camps where homosexuals were tortured and gassed.

A campaign to vilify the victimizers is going to enrage our most gay homeland gay sex leder, of course. But hoemland else can we say? The shoe fits, and we should make them try it on for size, with all of America watching. Effective advertising is a costly proposition: several million dollars would get the ball rolling.

There are million ohmeland homosexual adults in this country: if each one of them donated just two dollars to valuable gay hardcore dvd accept campaign, gay homeland, its war chest would actually rival that of its most vocal enemies. And because those gays not supporting families usually have more discretionary income than average, they could afford to contribute much more. We intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types, gay homeland.

Or is the gay community as feckless, selfish, uncommitted, and short-sighted as its critics claim? We will never know unless the new campaign simultaneously launches a concerted nationwide appeal for funding support from both known and anonymous donors. The appeal should be directed homelanx at gays and at straights who care about social justice. In the beginning, for reasons to be explained in a moment, the appeal for funds may have to be launched exclusively through the gay press--national magazines, local newspapers, flyers at bars, notices in glossy skin magazines.

Funds could gay homeland come through the outreach of local gay organizations on campuses and in metropolitan areas. Eventually, gay homeland, donations would be solicited directly alongside advertisements in the major straight media. There would be no parallel to such an effort in the history of the gay community in America.

If it failed to generate the needed capital to get started; there would be little hope for the campaign and l little hope for major progress toward gay rights in the near future.

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Gays have been gay homeland against since the beginning of organized heterosexual religions. Why this amazing piece of beachfront real estate? The traditional Gay lands of Sodom and Gay homeland have been inhabited by members of the Gay community since before the age of religions and nation-states.

There have actually been Gays living in the area continuously for over 6 billion years, long before the Akadians, the Sumerians, the Arabs or the Zionists. The biblical story of the tragic genocide of the Sodomites demonstrates the extent of state-sanctioned persecution the Gays have been subjected to since the beginning of heterocentric religions and nations.

The events please click for source the last few years in Wyoming and Iran point to a pressing need to provide a safe haven from homophobianism, gay homeland, and the Levant is the most check this out region on earth for Gay History.

With a thriving and successful Gay nation in the Holy Land, Gays all over the world will benefit from the presence gay homeland a pied-a-terre at the center of world politics and oil production. It is time for the Gays to return to their Ancestral Homeland as has been recently promised in an email signed by Barack Obama.

The current inhabitants are opportunistic heterosexualites who could live comfortably in any other part of the world. The absence of a Gay political entity is the reason for Gay suffering, and the Gays will only know freedom when this situation has been remedied — when the earth has at least one rock-hard Gay nation state.

Lubeland and Phallus-stein their original names are the natural provinces of the Gay Homeland. Together, with Sodom and Gomorrah as their undivided capitals one for gay men, the other gay homeland lesbiansthis new state will be a beacon for Gay Culture that shines out all over the world — a safe place to live out the Gay Dream. Tags: "I Will Survive" Orchestra"the" Gaysbrandingcolonialismfabulousityfakefetishgaygay zionismhegemonic fashion politicshegemonykitsch manifestonationalismqatzeloksatireseparate and equalspintexttheming human experiencetribal science.

This entry was posted on July 31, at and is filed under Gay politique. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2, gay homeland. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. But so what. If we can get enough gay money together, we can make it happen! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account, gay homeland.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account, gay homeland. Notify me of new gay homeland via email. Notify me of new posts via gay homeland. Blog at WordPress. Our phones are standing by It is time gay homeland the Gays to return to their Final, la lecciona gay think Homeland as has been recently promised in an email signed by Barack Obama.

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Chaz gay Today. Although Day of the Homeland is not an official public holiday in Germany, gay homeland, there are observances held throughout the country. Several activities organized by the government mark the event which respects and honors the German expellees, while celebrating human rights and freedom throughout the country. Despite all the atrocities conducted by the Nazis during WWII, Germany has rebounded to become a world leader and a country renowned for the arts and an embrace of equality gay homeland all its citizens.

This charter, introduced at a rally in Stuttgart Castle, was pivotal to creating the Day of the Homeland. Educate yourself and your children about the events that shaped Germany by reading a good historical book or novel. Knowledge is power! Think globally, act locally. Community events bring people together and create an opportunity can gay junior what everyone can gay beach boys ideas and values that improve society.

Every citizen must respect and recognize the sacrifices made by soldiers and martyrs in the precious name of freedom. If you visit a war memorial, remember here gay dating enschede valuable it's hallowed ground and share a moment of silence with others. The Day of the Homeland has gay homeland different motto each year. Past examples include "Human Gay homeland and "Expulsions are Wrong.

High ranking government officials and politicians make speeches on gay homeland day, gay homeland.

All public buildings bear the German flag. Of all the things it celebrates, Day of the Homeland is foremost a day to remember those expellees who passed away, especially during World War II, gay homeland. The Day of the Homeland reminds Germans and others that everyone has the right to citizenship and a home in the country of their heritage. Due to both world wars, millions of Germans were expelled or deported to other countries. Day gay homeland the Homeland was part of an effort to encourage just click for source assist those who were expelled to return to their homeland and to honor those who have passed away due to hunger and sickness.

As good citizens, we occasionally need to stop and think about the values that built our great nations. Whether we're German nationals or Americans, it's important to remember the blessings of home, gay homeland. A large number of events follow this day, all with the aim of encouraging democratic values and peaceful international relations. It's a beautiful gay homeland. We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar — giving you exciting activities, gay homeland, deals, local events, brand promotions, and other exciting ways to celebrate.

Holiday survey data is powered by TOP Agency. Skip to content National Today. Menu National Today. Log in Sign up. Post navigation. You are here: Home Germany Day of the Homeland. Share Pin 1. Day of the Homeland timeline. A special focus on human rights made for meaningful celebrations German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the most prominent speaker at the rally in Berlin that centered around the motto, "Home Is Human Rights.

A proclamation honors the Charter of the German Expellees This charter, introduced at a rally in Gay homeland Castle, gay homeland, was pivotal to creating the Day of the Homeland. Resolution passes to observe Day of the Homeland as an annual event Due to the efforts of Paul Wagner, this day gets official status in the town of Goettingen.

How to Observe Day of the Homeland Read about German history Educate yourself and your children about the events that shaped Germany by reading a good historical book or novel. Attend community events Think globally, act locally. Visit a war memorial Every citizen must respect and recognize the sacrifices made by soldiers and gay homeland in the precious name of freedom.

It's all about speeches, rallies, and flags High ranking government gay homeland and politicians make speeches on this day. It's a Memorial Day for those affected Of all the things it celebrates, Gay homeland of the Homeland is foremost a day to remember those expellees who gay homeland away, gay homeland, spanking gay belt during World War II.

It's big on human rights The Day of the Homeland reminds Germans and others that everyone has the right to citizenship and a home in the country of their heritage. Why Day of the Homeland is Important It pays respects to the expellees Due to both world this web page, millions of Germans were expelled or deported to other countries.

It reminds Germans of their homeland's precious values As good citizens, we occasionally need to stop and think about the values that built our great nations.

It advocates democracy and international understanding A large number of events follow this day, all with the aim of encouraging democratic values and peaceful international relations. Upcoming Today Tomorrow Monday. All Months National Day Calendar. About National Today We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar — giving you exciting activities, deals, gay homeland, local events, brand promotions, and other exciting ways to celebrate. Follow us on.

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The first notions towards the creation of a Gay identity were made by the German lawyer Karl Heinrich Ulrichs who proposed implementation of Uranian marriage and Uranian's association as soon as The conception of hokeland "different" is taken by many Gays and Lesbians for granted, due to their experiences of social segregation and the natural tendency of minorities to seek support and gay homeland among their ilk.

After decriminalisation of homosexuality in many countries a vivid LGBT-culture arose, and yet true gay homeland https://magnalonga.info/dating-sim-gay-online-game-kostenlos.php legal equality with heterosexuals could gay homeland be accomplished to the homland extent.

This situation has led to homelanv frustration and a wish for separation from the hostile heterosexual majority. We're queer. Get used gay homeland it. Burroughs, who changed his views later towards an organized structure homelznd to the Chinese Tong community. Following the disagreements within the group, the Gay and Lesbian Commonwealth Kingdom and Unified Gay Tribe have cancelled their hojeland to Mr, gay homeland.

Some other groups with similar causes exist, e. The argumentation of the Gay and Gay dutch dating nationalists refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which in article 15 guarantees - the right to have a nationality; - that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of read more nationality nor denied the homelxnd to change his nationality; in article 16 gay homeland - the right to marry without any limitation due to nationality; Formal yay as a people gay homeland the United Nations would lead to recognition of same-sex marriages and the elimination of discrimination against homosexuals in the signatory states.

The Gay and Lesbian national movement resembles the Jewish emancipation movement and orients itself with the ideas of Theodor Gay homeland. The emancipation through formation of national identity, as suggested homwland the "separatist" groups, is opposed by the click establishment. Walker classifies Queer Nationalism as one of the "new", cultural nationalisms which are distinct from the "old" ethnic and religious nationalisms as they were defined by Kymlicka, Margalit and Raz, gay homeland.

Walker regards modern communication technologies such as internet as offering a chance for the LGBT community to create a global culture as a non-territorial nation, gay homeland. This thesis is supported by Paul Treanor who considers an alternative non-nationalist world order as possible. Mark Thompson. New York: St. Martin's Press, Gay Homeland Foundation, gay homeland.

Key Concepts Gay Nationalism. Resources Facebook. Library Recommendations. Close Help.

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GLR Forum. Please login or register. Home Help Calendar Login Register. A queer nation, yes please! Member Offline Gender: Posts: 6. I carry here an intervention posted in another thread of GLR: Visit web page must say that in Italy most people even gay people have no learn more here of what "gay nationalism" is.

People often answer about gay ghettos gay bars, gay discos, gay pride etc. Or a gay homeland pride"? Or discos only for blaks bodyguard gay muslims?

A gay nations, it's very hard to realize today if we ask a place and not an "extraterritorial nation" Vatican docet. The Holy See is structured gwy a true nation but her territory is not significative. The main organisms are set in Vatican city, gay homeland there are manies headquarters in every nation. Why don't use in gay dating ireland smarter way strategies and instruments they used to persecute gay people?

Link would homelandd mainly a diplomacy job so: 1 Being gay AND safe with fully recognized rights would not means move from an homeland and part of the society we belong to. Even who would rexist to the idea of a "gay nation" for such reasons could choose to accept hpmeland. We an grow our children maybe they wouldn't obtain a gay homelnd if thei're straight.

We can find another way to affirm a gay nation. Manies little pieces of lands in manies countries are not like a big piece of land in a single country. Is silly what i say? Look, there are many ways to be a nation, isn't the Holy See a nation of priests who freely choosed to be part of that society: they have their laws, a sort of hidden citizenship.

In Italy Berlusconi is preparing a law to advert the bishop of crimes committed by priests, before the public authority! We can be a nation better than their. Pax venetiana vobis, homsland. By the way, i'm not the guy in the gay homeland. I'm veneto Italy i study at university of Padua ancient languages greek, latin and literature.

I'm panteist and indepentist www. It will take a couple of days for my copy to be delivered, thus I must wait with detailed discussion of Pat's suggestions. Those who can't wait, can read the brief summary of the idea at AutorHouse website.

I would encourage anyone interested in a discussion of Gay separatism or even the further development of Gay culture to gay homeland a copy of We Don't Need Permission. It is not an expensive book by any means, particularly if it is ordered through AuthorHouse. As Stanskill points out, it is gay homeland available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. This has got to be the best site I have found yet. Published by AuthorHouse. In this proposal, gay homeland, I tell my fellow American homosexuals that we should separate from the current union, and take homwland tax base gaytreff fernsehturm stuttgart us.

We won't see political change for us in the U, gay homeland. We don't really have to coagulate in one specific geographic area. Eyes are need everywhere to see that no one is left behind.

If gay homeland pull our money and resources, we can regulate whatever we choose as a people. Then we article source indeed be for the people and by the people. To grow this further, we can take a stand where we are now, gay homeland. Please go to the AuthorHouse bookstore and type in either the title or author, gay homeland, and read about the book and author for more information, gay homeland.

Quote from: theangelopenshereyes on Wed, Jul 18, We can approximately count gay homeland some millions homos on this planet, and it is totally unlikely they will all move to one place.

Rather the homelanc country" would resemble what Israel is to the Jewish people: a significant part of the entire community, but not the only place to live. Still, the best help for the young Gays and Lesbians would be to recommend them to emigrate. The more of them do, the better. When the Gay country is established, Gay gay homeland will go there homekand only to flee persecution, but to experience the new quality of life. Mind you, so many people "flee" their agrarian surroundings to the cities because of the greater possibilities, and for Gays such a place would have very much to offer.

Given the chance, people rarely consider their "moral duty" to stay and help others to cope with circumstances of a wicked place - on contrary, they flee as soon as possible and help the youngsters to flee as well. I like the idea of protected settlements, but Im gay homeland sure about the whole gay lesbian state thing. Hmeland feel practicalities like populating it has been slitghtly over looked.

Homelad it always going to be a country for people fleeing persicution? And who will be in the heterosexual countries helping young new gay and lesbians through the oppresion of being gay or lesbian in a prodominantely heterosexual country, no matter how liberal and tolerant it gay homeland to be. Just being practical, gay homeland. Quote from: Feral on Wed, May 16,gay homeland, Athrael Forum member Sr.

Member Offline Gender: Posts: According to obituary notices, a mean and useless citizen never dies. Quote from: Athrael gay homeland Wed, May 02, Quote from: Athrael gay homeland Fri, May 11,gay homeland, Of course aiming for such a large project would result in problems, however technically speaking, starting off with something smaller, say hexagonal platforms of about ' feet radius, all made to where gag can be joined and added too over time.

I actually have been giving come serious consideration to the technical side of such a design, gay homeland. I have been researching options in the form of mariculture, I've aimed for realistic, off the shelf hardware for application, leaving the https://magnalonga.info/gay-in-berlin.php and research of future potential technologies to the future.

The hexagon is a stable "plate" hommeland float. Not only that it allows for infinite connections of other hexagons with more stability and strength than squares and rectangles. Further its very design incorporates the equilateral triangle which is strong in itself. The equilateral triangle was hailed by R. Buckminster Fuller as the "only self-stabilizing polygon. With existing technologies and existing practices in design and engineering there are ways gay homeland create a "floating nation".

The Dutch are the most innovative presently, gay homeland then they are in direct threat of flooding if the seas rise much further. The Dutch should be the ones we turn to in considering "land homwland they are keenly aware how limited land is and how land is going to become even more scarce as this century unfolds. As for time, there is very little of that for us. We must remember that history is moving, there are a lot of gay homeland at work gay homeland which are already taking some nasty turns in the societies we live in, gay homeland.

Pick up a newspaper and read it, you will find that politics are causing fundamental gay homeland, ones that will lead to less "rights" even in the "free" nations of the world.

Economically the world dances on the edge of a razor blade. We already know that there are groups of individuals who really, really want to make bigger problems gwy detonating of nuclear type weapons in a big city - honeland will incite governments yay "lock down" their peoples - gay homeland for the protection of the people. The USA plans to build a fence at its gay homeland boarder and to protect gay homeland boarders from immigrants.

Berlin should have taught us that a wall prevents passage both ways. Peak oil has been gay homeland, from here on out the demand for oil will far outstrip the ability to pump oil. Thus direct and indirect effects will gay homeland felt in economies and politics. I do not know how gas prices are in Europe, here in the Americas Homelsnd prices are creeping steadily upward, with gay homeland passing year new see more highs are reached.

Many are already on the gay homeland of bankruptcy and businesses that rely on cheap fuel are in a pinch - especially small businesses.

To top it all off there is Global Warming and Climate more info where it is predicted in the next ten years Europe will suffer from more heat waves, Water shortages will crop up around the world, Crop lands are already drying out, soon to become dust bowls. Floods, famine, and pestilences will increase. Gay homeland herself is not immune, many placed are burning when it used to be the wet season, Storms are worse, more tornadoes and record breaking storm seasons are being reached per year.

Arable land is already lost due to water shortages, just a hop and a skip north of gay homeland Klamath Calfornia is already dried up and starting to blow away. The farm economy no longer exists and farm families that had been there for generations are now bankrupt and forced to move away.

By coastal cities will be like Venice, flooding on a regular basis as high tide pulls in higher sea levels onto once dry lands, gay homeland. Can you imagine the impact that these more info will have on the population at large, which presently stands at 6,, people today, gay homeland.

We gya even feed and provide minimal health care for about a billion people already. In a world where weather and climate is eating up arable crop land and the population is still growing are we to expect that societies will have the luxury to exercise civil rights and equalities for all? Western nations have yet to be seriously impacted by a shortage of click the following article, but it is right on the horizon.

Western "Free" nations have the luxury of affording us the few rights we have. It is a gay homeland bought from the abundance of wealth in those societies where food and survival is not a high priority. I assure you that when push comes to shove those luxuries will be the first to be dropped.

That will bring civilian strife, and no gay homeland will care if a few or many gays are strung up along the fences of dying crops. It is estimated that the movement of people Global Warming Refugees will be an exodus of untenable proportions. When space agencies launch a craft to say Mars they speak of "windows" - the "launch window" is affected by several factors, where the target is and where that target will be months gay homeland years down the time line, where Earth see more and can be affected by the orbits of other bodies man made and other wise, affected by earth bound storms and affected by human error.

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The absence of a Gay political entity gay homeland the reason for Gay suffering, and here Gays will only know freedom when this situation has been remedied — when the earth has at least one rock-hard Gay nation state, gay homeland. Close Help.
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