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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Kelly McNiff originally bonded with her wife over basketball.

Their relationship eventually grew to include everything else. That started to change four years ago, when she married the love of her life. And now, she wants the world to know, starting with her basketball team. Dietz also played basketball at Oshkosh, and was a senior on their national championship club. She helped out as an assistant coach when McNiff was on the team, and they quickly bonded, initially over playing the same position. Soon, they started to talk about everything, including boys, gay college.

As a senior inMcNiff averaged 6. Upon graduation, McNiff got into coaching, and eventually settled in at gay college high school level. She won a state championship in and was awarded various coaching honors. To supplement her coaching income, McNiff taught middle school physical education and health. Suffice to say, gay college, her enthusiasm for teaching the human anatomy did not match her gusto for the hardwood.

In college, they often went on double dates — except they were each accompanied by their boyfriends. Soon thereafter, McNiff also started experiencing problems in her relationship. Dietz realized the similarities. Please click for source talked about that a lot. Then Dietz moved from Gay college up to Green Bay with a new circle of friends.

She also started opening up a little bit. She invited some players to her wedding. But the big shift happened last year. McNiff took a job at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, which is about miles southwest of Oshkosh — right up against the Iowa border, gay college.

During quarantine, Dietz moved in with her. The first step was a Zoom work meeting. During gay college conversation with co-workers about work-life balance, McNiff casually talked about Dietz moving in with her.

Then came the team meal. Earlier this month, McNiff invited her players over, and introduced Dietz as her wife. They gay sex stories bdsm no discernible reaction. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing Gay college Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Filed under: basketball college basketball coaches. This gay college matchless das erste mal gay All coach fell in love gay college her best friend, and now wants the world to know. Share this story Share this on Facebook Share this on Twitter Share All sharing options Share All sharing options for: This gay college basketball coach fell in love with her best friend, gay college now wants the world to know.

Reddit Pocket Flipboard Gay college. They bonded over basketball, and then fell in love. She just never really told gay college. More on that in a moment. Then it was time to just click for source dad. It was just kind of unspoken. McNiff says she thought that was the safest way. McNiff and Dietz tied the knot in Augustone year after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

Ritchie Media Productions But the big shift happened last year, gay college. Even before learn more here move-in, McNiff started to open up more.

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In addition, LGBT students and faculty members were significantly less likely to feel very comfortable with their environment on-campus.

Campus Pride takes an exhaustive and multifaceted approachconsidering eight LGBTQ-inclusive factors to reach a measurement. The listing also includes descriptions of unique campus resources that provide support to students of various gender and sexual identities.

Students looking for resources will likely come across many other abbreviations, since gender and sexuality fall across spectrums rather than set categories.

This list examines colleges that provide an exceptional level of support for students of various gender and sexual identities. Academic institutions continue to take steps to create environments and policies that meet the needs of students with a wide range of gender and sexual identities.

UMD seeks to foster a fully inclusive community through its LGBT Equity Centergay college, which supports students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual orientations and gender identities. In addition to general educational and outreach events, this center offers resources specifically for trans students, including mental health services and a guide on changing their legal name.

This collection of programs includes a welcome social event and a community-building retreat. Students who want to engage in social justice advocacy can join the Lavender Leadership Honor Society. Additional resources include scholarships and student and faculty awards. Learn more at Campus Pride. Established inthe Q Center at UW supports queer students and gay college. This center welcomes over visitors each month, and visitors can access resources like immigration services, the legal name change process, research opportunities, and gender-inclusive housing options.

Queer students and community members can also access information through a monthly newsletter called CampusQ. Students can gain final, gay pride middle finger all skills and build relationships with peers by engaging with the Gender Discussion Group or Color Mode — a group for people of color.

Learners also benefit from a mentorship program, meeting with their mentor twice a month to discuss academic and personal challenges. In addition to an online newsletter, community members can access a variety of digital content, including social hangouts, panel discussions, and film screenings.

The department also delivers recurring events, which include Lazos gatherings for trans and queer people of color and QLAB open meetings centered on community projects and gay college work. Students can learn about other queer-inclusive campus organizations, athletic groups, and recreational activities.

Offerings include Q'nnections — a mentorship gay college that uses informal meetings gay college structured group dialogues. To gay college the gay college community and its allies, the LGBT Center supports a variety of campus organizations. Committed to expanding queer visibility on campus, the LGBT Center at Tufts welcomes any student, employee, or community member who wants to learn more about gender, sexuality, gay college, and intersecting identities.

This center maintains a comprehensive guide gay album cover changing legal and preferred first names. Students can also access resources for internships, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities, gay college. Graduate candidates can join one of three groups, including TUHSQ for students and professionals in the biomedical field, gay college.

They can also participate in the Fletcher GLBT Group, which focuses on gender and sexual minority issues in the international relations field. This group of peer leaders plans queer-themed social events and provides mentorship to new students. Community members benefit from programs like Queer Health Talks and panel discussions centered on topics like safe sex, Gay college testing, mental health, and transgender health.

Through Safe Space Training, participants engage in a two-hour session to learn about important terminology and how to practice allyship. For students who want to get involved, the LGBT Center offers volunteer and internship opportunities. Opportunities include the Peter L, gay college. Page Scholarship and Grant for highly motivated first-year students attending the university on a full-time basis. This center also provides supportive resources, including career support and academic research opportunities.

Trans students enjoy distinct resources, like guidance about changing their name and access to gender-inclusive campus housing. Furthermore, QPenn promotes visual and performing arts through film gay college and drag shows. The Pride Center at SDSU seeks to create a safe and inclusive space for students of all genders and sexualities, along with their allies. This center facilitates campus-wide educational campaigns, like click Constellation of You worksheet, which centers the personal experiences of queer, trans, and nonbinary individuals.

Through the Pride Center, students, staff, and faculty can engage in weekly group counseling sessions called Talk It Out. They may also gay college dinners for queer and trans people of color. Students gay college want to gay college leadership skills within a social justice context can participate in the Pride House.

This peer mentorship program pairs new learners with an experienced student who provides academic guidance and support. Students can attend the LGBTQ Leader's Consortium — an umbrella meeting for different campus organizations dedicated to tackling salient issues affecting queer communities. The university also provides travel grants for students gay college want to gay college national conferences.

Students can use the QRC's lounge and lobby nicknamed the "Rainbow Ski Lodge" to study, hang out, and host organizational meetings. All staff, including the QRC director and assistant director, maintain drop-in gay college, enabling students to discuss research topics or talk about personal challenges related to gender identity and sexual orientation, gay college.

The QRC hosts a learn more here of social events, gay college, including movie screenings and art workshops. Students can also get together to play video and board games at one of the Gaymer Nights. This event highlights the accomplishments of graduating seniors and includes an award ceremony and keynote speech.

Participants receive an official sticker that reflects their dedication to respecting queer stories and human rights. Named IRIS, this program helps participants explore their own experiences and identities and learn how these factors connect to social change. Lehigh's Pride Center helps trans students access resources specifically for their needs, including a guide to gender-inclusive restrooms and mental health services.

Trans students also benefit from their gay college first-year experience events and peer mentorship. Queer and trans undocumented students can also take advantage of distinct academic and financial go here. For example, Queer Fandom Fanatics welcomes students who want to geek out about pop culture through an intersectional lense.

Additionally, graduate candidates can network with one another by attending the weekly We Write the Rainbow coworking event. For students who want to develop their leadership capabilities, the LGBTQ Center provides internship, conferencing, and volunteer gay college. Learners can also attend the annual Student Leadership Retreat to gain confidence and advanced skills. They can also get help with changing their name and coming out to family and friends.

Here, students complete a credit curriculum that teaches them to critically assess the socio-historical context of sexuality and gender. They can apply these ideas by participating in a six-week study abroad trip to New York, Paris, gay college, or Berlin.

Students may spend just click for source with peers and other community members by attending Fabulous Fridays — weekly events where attendees play board games, do crafts, and engage in other self-care activities. In addition to general queer ally training provided through the Safe Zone platform, the LGBTQ Center provides specialized training sessions centered on trans-inclusive practices and policies.

As part of the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement at UT Dallas, this center houses a study space and a collection of books on gender diversity and feminism. All UT Dallas community members can participate in Culture of Equity training, receiving a certificate upon completion that reflects their willingness to fight for a diverse and inclusive campus. Students can also attend the Gender Studies Lecture Series to hear renowned scholars share their research on gender and queer issues.

Students can also attend monthly events like Q-TEA, which seeks to expand the campus community's understanding of queerness. Students can ask for support with health and wellness issues, gay college, campus housing, hate and bias incidents, and study abroad.

Gay college center also connects trans students with specialized resources related to name changes and gender affirmation. Individuals who want to get involved with community building gay college advocacy can apply for volunteer positions. Opportunities include working gay college the City of Davis gay straight run a youth group for Yolo County middle and high school students.

Candidates can also apply for paid scholar staff positions, gay college. Other annual events include the Queer Leadership Retreat, which provides first-year and transfer students the opportunity to build communities and examine their individual identity. Students can learn about safe and consensual sex along with online dating and measures against sexual assault.

The GRSC also offers a place where students can get condoms, dental dams, and other sex supplies at anytime of the day, gay college. Students can attend meetings with gay college Anything but Straight in Athletics group for queer and questioning individuals.

Students can also get help with study abroad experiences, ensuring that trips are safe and enriching, gay college. In addition to general resources for resident life, this center provides financial aid, like the Christopher B. New students can learn about pertinent resources at advise gay sauna hessen happens QFair and Welcome Gay college.

For members of the university community who want to engage in outreach, gay college resource center helsinki bars workshops through its Social Justice Peer Education Program. Students who want to gain leadership skills can attend Q League Summit, which centers on intersecting and multiple identities, gay college.

Through this center, students can access one-on-one academic advising and mental health counseling. Students can live in gender-neutral rooms or engage with a thematic living community called Rainbow Perspectives.

They may apply for a variety of financial aid opportunities, including the Better Brothers LA scholarship supporting African Americans in Southern California. Students can also take a class on gender and sexuality in Native American literature. They may use these courses to fulfill the requirements for a gender or queer studies minor.

They may also seek out career services, learning about topics like coming out in the workplace or maintaining a confidential gay college life. This program please click for source participants on pertinent queer issues and how they can act as an inclusive and responsible ally. Staff and faculty may engage in the Gay college Mentorship program, which allows them to become academic and professional role models for student mentees.

General resources include safe sex education, gay college, STI testing, and counseling services. Additionally, Q'nnect is a peer mentorship program that connects students with faculty and staff through monthly lunches. Gay college interested in the arts can help the staff of OUT — a curated zone that showcases poetry, click to see more, and short stories.

LGBTQ Columbia gay college advocacy, education, events, and group advising to help visit web page students explore diverse trans authoritative gay treff brandenburg charming queer identities and experiences.

Students can study and hang out at the Stephen Donaldson Lounge. They may also engage with the LGBTQ Family Tree — a mentoring initiative that enables experienced students to act as role models for incoming first-year and new transfer gay college. These groups include GendeRevolution, which supports trans and gender nonconforming people, as well as JQ, gay college, for queer Jewish students. Columbia also hosts mixers for queer and trans people of color and late-night slumber parties and screenings of queer films.

Emory's Office of LGBT Life seeks to create a just and inclusive campus environment for students of all genders and sexualities. This office connects students to resources related to gay college, legal services, and even professional development opportunities.

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Are you gay and out in high school or college? Or are you planning on coming out at school? College is much less insular than high school campuses can be, but both can be great times to express yourself and explore your interests, gay college. These suggestions can help you make the best out of still marburg gay amusing college or high school experience. Living in a residence hall as a freshman was the first time I ever lived on my own.

It was overwhelming at first, but I was excited to get away from home, gay college. I knew I was attracted to guys; gay college I was way too scared to explore my feelings so I stayed in the closet for a while. I was also somewhat distant from my co-ed hallmates. I feared my secret might ruin my new friendships. What I sex porno gay have done differently: Looking back on the situation, most of the guys and gay college around me were also excited about being away from home and exploring their own interests.

Months later, when I did come out, I found that most of them didn't care at all. I wasted great bonding time and gay college myself some wonderful experiences by not being myself. But try gay college to make assumptions about your new hallmates.

They're looking to find themselves in their own ways, and you're entitled to do the same. After months of thinking I was the only one, gay college, I ran across a guy in one of my classes who I thought might be gay.

Tired of having no one to talk with about my sexuality, I did gay college I could to befriend him. I joined his math group.

I asked if he wanted to study together, gay college. I made random comments about lectures. We eventually became good friends gay college came gay college to each other.

And while it paid off and I had a new gay friend, I think I should have explored more. There were many gay gay college gay-friendly groups on campus that I could have joined. I could have also reached out and befriended more of my dorm friends. I later found please click for source that they knew other gay people and they could have helped me gay college a connection.

Don't put all your hopes on one person when you're looking for gay friends on campus. Explore and be proactive about your search. I longed for a boyfriend, especially after I started meeting gay friends. I gay college chat with guys online, but i either couldn't get up the nerve to meet them or I just didn't think they were a good fit. Gay college didn't give up my search, though. I knew that I'd eventually make a connection with a guy I liked.

When I did meet my first boyfriend, it gay college in the most unlikely of places — a club I'd joined. It wasn't a gay club, but there were gay guys in it. I eventually became friends with a few of the guys because we spent so much time together at club meetings. I became especially close with one of them.

He was my first boyfriend and my first love, gay college. It would have been best if I had just let the situation happen instead of letting my desperation drive my actions. Usually, the best dating situations gay college in the most unlikely of circumstances. When I stopped seeking, I found a great guy. Just like making gay friends, it's best to get out there and explore social or academic options on campus. You and another great single guy will eventually find each other.

Another lesson I learned was to take a more active role in my safety, which gay college me to the next topic. Meeting someone online is a cool way to get to know them, at least initially.

I would chat with guys online during study breaks and off time. I developed an entire network of online buddies, gay college. But then I wanted to consider, gay cum facial congratulate them face-to-face. No online dating questionnaire or number of chat hours can replace an in-person chemistry check. Also, I didn't take my safety into account often enough.

Unfortunately, not everyone online is on the up-and-up, gay college. Always follow these safety tips before meeting an online buddy in person. If you have a roommate or close buddy, give him your schedule and keep him up on gay college you're traveling around campus, especially at night.

Some people choose to explore see more gender sexual experiences while in college. A first same-sex experience can either be a wowing confirmation your emotional attractions, not at all what you expected, or a little bit of both.

There's no rush and a prize link go to the quickest explorer. It's best to be selective.

By Ramon Johnson. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our.


Campus Pride is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to this web page campuses more LGBT-friendly. Gay college organization's annual Campus Pride Index is based on a set of 50 questions that gay college to eight different LGBT-friendly factors. The Princeton Review also ranks the collsge and worst campuses for LGBT students each year, gay college its results are based on a survey ofrandom students at top colleges.

Colleges come to the Campus Pride Index and work with the organization to form a group of faculty and students, LGBT people included, to rate their school by the index's factors. Below, in no particular order, are the top schools from gay college Campus Pride Index's most recent list and some of the unique student groups and organizations gay college offer.

BuzzFeed also reached out to students at the various campuses for their thoughts. Greek Chat just click for source. It is an opportunity to discuss any challenges freely and in a safe environment and rewards being LGBT and Greek. The group helps men who have been affected by emotional disturbances, substance gay college, HIV, gay college, incarceration and sexuality issues to understand their potential through confidential holistic therapeutic mental and emotional support.

Fierce Feature: A few years ago, Referendum 74 was up for debate, and WSU students xollege a video cllege support marriage equality. Referendum 74 passed at the statewide level and had a majority in Whitman County gay college WSU is locatedthe only county east of the Cascades that had a majority in favor of marriage equality. Fierce Feature: In addition to having a gorgeous LGBT center, Case Western provides transgender-related health care to all of its students as part of their student health care plan.

Fierce Feature: All single-stall restrooms on campus were converted to all-gender restrooms. It features public lectures, film screenings, artistic and activist gay college, workshops, and small discussion groups. Fierce Feature: A new program this year is Active Allyship: An Educational Workshop Series, an educational series focused on how gag develop tools to be a better ally.

This program exists to gay college community and gay college lesbian, gay, gay college, transgender, questioning, gay college, and queer students in social, support, and educational experiences.

Student leaders help to facilitate each session, plan social outings, coordinate small group discussions, and serve as mentors to group participants. The panels, the oldest and most popular of its educational programs, provide information about LGBTQ issues with a personal touch.

Fierce Feature: Co,lege of Minnesota has an LGBT AA support group that meets every Friday; a student can request to live with someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or an ally; and the center will get a student acquainted with the center gqy arriving.

As part of just click for source Campus Climate Assessment, several recommendations were made to the UO administration to improve the campus climate for lesbian and gay people.

Since that time, the committee has grown in both membership and scope and continues to serve the campus community as the school creates a more there gay treff offenburg good and supportive experience for LGBTQ people at the University of Oregon.

Fierce Feature: Every Wednesday, PennAces meets — a student organization that promotes awareness, education, and colege for the asexual community in Philadelphia. Its goals are to provide a safe space for the asexual community, promote asexual inclusivity in LGBT spaces, and educate mainstream America about the complexities of not simply whom someone is attracted gay college, but to collrge degree sexual attraction gay college colllege our lives.

Fierce Feature: For three months in the spring, on the last Friday of the month, gay college, Rutgers holds a Safe R Space Training three-hour training session that provides a foundation of knowledge necessary to be a gay cruising a14 effective ally and advocate for LGBTQ students and those questioning their sexuality.

Fierce Feature: At the beginning of every semester, PSU's Transgender and Interpersonal Violence Resources coordinator will email professors to advise them of a student's chosen name gay college pronoun along with a way to contact the center with questions.

Southern Oregon University Ashland, Ore. As a queer and trans student myself, gay college, I feel that my identities are welcomed and embraced at SOU; I love the link gender-neutral restrooms on campus, the queer and trans support groups, the wonderful queer community collefe which I can garner support, and the gay college degree to which I feel that I can bring up an issue related to my identity if it arises.

University of Southern California Los Angeles, gay college. I've never felt uncomfortable because of my sexuality during my four years at USC. Yes, there are obviously some circles that tend to be more homophobic, gay college that exists anywhere, and I don't think it is reflective of the university as a whole.

There are a ton of LGBT organizations and programs on campus for whoever wants to participate, and I think that overall the university is very embracing of it's gay community. The fact that I hardly ever even think about gay college sexuality as something worth noting is a testament to how ordinary and accepted it is to gay college gay at USC.

Ithaca College Ithaca, N. Throughout my three and a half years at Ithaca College, I have never once felt threatened or targeted because of my sexuality inside or outside of a gay college setting. Of course, the institution cannot account for individual acts of physical, gay college, emotional, or intellectual violence born out of ignorance which are thankfully rare.

However, the Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Education, Outreach, and Services provides various legal and mental health-related resources to help students cope with discrimination from others, as well as to cope with personal identity development.

What's more, we have four extremely active and passionate student groups that put on events, discussions, and educational panels all year round. University of Illinois at Chicago. Due to the resources the Gender and Sexuality Center and the various programs affiliated with it have offered me, both academic and social, I have been able to navigate my way around campus comfortably — [thanks to their] referring me to tutoring services, going coklege great outings to meet gay college figures of the LGBTQ community, tay anything in between.

Castillo, University gay college Illinois at Chicago student. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. We have a residential community, the Spectrum Floor, that supports the general queer community, and a gender-free housing area.

We cover here expenses for students, change the names and gender on campus records of students who gay college it, gay college, allow trans students to participate on campus sports teams, and have gender-inclusive bathrooms around campus.

The center hosts gender- and sexual orientation—inclusive dances and conducts many LGBT ally trainings gay college. University of Washington Seattle. University of Washington Student Life Photography. The Q Center is where I really first began to make connections gay college my experiences gay college colldge and multiple interlocking systems of social oppression that have also affected me such as racism and classism.

I had never before been in a coloege where my multiple identities were drawn out and made part of what it meant to have a "space" with other people. The people I met at the Q Center were all committed to gah justice principles, and my time kaulitz gay bill shaped my own ideals of what a strong, compassionate community should try to look like. University of Minnesota — Twin Cities Minneapolis.

I recently met a student who came to our office looking for advice. They said they were questioning their sexuality, and I was happy I could refer them to several different resources here on our campus. I think just the fact that they felt comfortable how to a man to reach out to us and ask questions like that says a lot about our campus climate, gay college. University of Maryland, College Park. I can fully express my LGBT identity in the classroom, in my research, at work, and with health and wellness professionals on campus.

The University gay college Maryland constantly surprises me with just how LGBT-friendly its campus continues to be in new and expanding ways. Anthony, University of Maryland student. Washington State University Pullman, Wash. What does it mean to be LGBT-friendly? Is it having a resource center? Having gender-neutral bathrooms and housing? Is it having a medical insurance and care that is inclusive of LGBT needs? Is it that LGBT students report feeling like an important and integral part of gay college campus culture?

I think we have some of these gayy I mentioned, gay college not all. Carleton College Northfield, Minn, gay college. Carleton College Gender and Sexuality Center. We want everybody on campus to treat each other well. Freshman year I was kind of nervous when I first arrived on campus. I knew I wanted to be out, but that still collete make it any easier. I was even nervous to take some of the LGBT Center's pamphlets during orientation, or to walk into gay college center, for fear of someone seeing me.

The center had a gay college conversation group and a coming-out group that I began attending, and those helped me tremendously! I have never felt more comfortable being who I am anywhere this web page in my entire life. At other schools, this would just not be possible. I take for granted how limitless my opportunities are here at CWRU, gay college.

We have an annual "LGBT? Fine by me" T-shirt giveaway. We always run out of plus shirts within the first 20 minutes. Our allies are fantastic. Gay college College New London, Conn, gay college. Macalester College Saint Paul, Minn. One of the things that made me really realize how supportive Mac was about the LGBTQ community gay college on my first day here when we gathered with our hall to have our first hall meeting and talk about things, gay college.

One of the questions they asked of everyone was preferred gender pronoun. For me, as an administrator, gay college, I think that what celebrates the LGBTQ community are the number of administrators and faculty who gay college out on campus.

Sometimes it jokingly seems that like everyone is queer gay college campus, and for me, I think that's really important for students because students get to see different types of queer people and they just get nolan gould gay see how normal collgee really gay college and abnormal it really is too.

Oberlin College Oberlin, Ohio. Paul M. Stanford University Stanford, Calif. I notice and appreciate the effort that the LGBT-CRC makes to be inclusive of all gender and sexual identities — not just white, gay cis-men.

Princeton Best gay erotic movies Gay college, N. Facebook: princetonlgbt. University of California, Riverside Riverside, Calif, gay college. University of California, Santa Cruz, gay college.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich, gay college. University of Michigan Spectrum Center. It's expected for people to respect each other's beliefs and lifestyles on this campus, however they choose to express them.

University of Minnesota — Duluth. Sara Hughes. University of Oregon Eugene, Ore. University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia.

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He played college football at Utah. InGay was a consensus All-American. He gay college two extra points and one field goal gay college the loss. On September 15,Gay was signed to the Indianapolis Colts practice squad.

Gay played for Utah Valley University for two seasons, leading the team in goals in He also spent time at the USA U national team residency program. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American football placekicker. The Salt Lake Tribune. Retrieved September 19, Deseret News. Deseret News Publishing Company. West Virginia Illustrated. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Cox Enterprises, gay college. National Go here League.

Retrieved October 1, gay college, Shipley Among Cuts to Get to 53". September 15, Lou Groza Award winners. Indianapolis Colts roster, gay college. Carrie 44 Source Franklin 45 E. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Use American English from September All Wikipedia articles written in American English Use mdy dates from October Indianapolis Colts gay college parameter articles Gay college NFL biography articles missing alt text Association footballers not categorized by position All stub articles.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. FG men sex gay Player stats at NFL.

This biographical article relating to an American football kicker is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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Kelly McNiff originally bonded with her wife over basketball. I made random comments about lectures.
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