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EA has been inundated in recent weeks with what GamesIndustry International congratulate, white black gay sex apologise to be "several thousand" letters and emails protesting the inclusion of same sex or LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and ea gay content in its video games, most ea gay Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

When asked, EA ea gay that this has indeed been occurring, happy just to be with you michelle gayle unsurprisingly, EA has no gay sauna in freiburg to censor any of its games. This isn't about protecting children, it's about political harassment," Jeff Brown, VP of corporate communications told us.

The letters have been directed to EA's executive team, creative heads, its board of directors and just about anyone at a high level. Many of them threaten to boycott EA's titles if the publisher refuses to remove ea gay relationship content.

The letters also infer that EA was pressured by LGBT groups to include homosexual content in its games, and that this content is somehow forced upon children, exposing them to LGBT themes. Of course, those of you reading this already know how ludicrous this is. The games are not for children, nor do they force LGBT content on a player - it's merely an option for gamers who wish to replicate their real-life sexual orientation. Some of the letters also see more that EA is deliberately deleting ea gay against LGBT issues on its official forum, which is true when the comments happen to violate discussion rules on hate speech.

However, we have met with LBGT groups and sponsored industry forums to discuss content and harassment of players in online forums. In short, we do put options for same-sex relationships in our games; we don't tolerate hate speech on our forums," Brown added. We had suspected that perhaps Focus on the Family, ea gay, led by James Dobson, was somehow involved, but as it turns out, many of the letters have been coming from Florida, and it's rather apparent based on this call to action for Star Wars that the Florida Family Association is directing a campaign against EA because of the same-sex relationship content.

EA should be commended for their inclusive approach that reflects the diversity of our communities. HRC is currently organizing a petition "so that EA hears from the majority of fair-minded Americans who welcome their lesbian, gay, ea gay and transgender family and here. Speaking to the larger issue at hand for the industry and LGBT content in video games, Kane remarked, "A lot of game ea gay are realizing that in order to create a believable universe it has to be a universe that ea gay very diverse, and in some ways it sort of reflects the make-up of the culture we live in as well.

I think it's very logical that you'll start to see more LGBT characters appearing in games. Certainly Star Wars is a good example. EA listened to the people who click at this page intending to purchase the game and saw that there was a real desire to see same-sex ea gay included within the romantic options.

Cole-Schwartz believes that EA's progressive stance is a sign of the times and other publishers should take notice. Ea gay is true for video games and for LGBT people. EA's step in this instance is indicative of a continuing cultural shift toward greater inclusion," he said. What are your thoughts on Ea gay inclusion of same-sex relationships? Sound off in our comments section below. Two plaintiffs seeking damages as suit calls alt gayromeo "unlicensed, illegal gaming ea gay in over 60 titles.

Just one example of the letters We had suspected that perhaps Focus on the Family, led by Ea gay Dobson, was somehow involved, but as it turns out, many of the letters have been coming from Florida, and it's rather apparent based on this call to action for Star Wars that the Florida Family Association is directing a campaign against EA because of the same-sex relationship content, ea gay.

Enter your email address. More stories EA facing Canadian class action lawsuit over loot boxes Two plaintiffs seeking damages as suit calls out "unlicensed, ea gay, illegal gaming system" in over 60 titles By James Batchelor 12 days ago.

It amuses me how Ea gay. Perkins somewhat identifies himself with the empire, which is pretty clearly the bad ea gay. Well, at least in that association, i think he's correct. Anyway, when ea gay was in high school, ea gay, the "gay" was generally defined as someone ridicolous, weak and laughable, ea gay.

While i've never been actually homofobic, that general definition made me want to actively avoid contact with anyone declared or presumed gay in order to not be labeled as "laughable" myself just by proximity. Turned out that they aren't silly, ridiculos nor weak.

They're perfectly normal people. But it wasn't until i've met some colleagues or some friends left the closet that i started wondering: "So? Didn't even notice he was gay before he told me. Gives players something confront that whole "ridicolous" images with and start questioning it, ea gay.

Private Industry 8 years ago. They didnt had a problem with sister kissing brother in Star Wars but have a problem ea gay same sex content? Pier Castonguay Programmer 8 years ago. Well EA actually react in a good way for once, ea gay, good. In another point of view, they shouldn't worry about small things like this when they have other problems to worry about, like the fact they've been voted the worst company in America by The Consumerist just now.

Jonah Falcon Writer 8 ea gay ago. The only problem with Ea gay in the United States is that they are allowed to buy guns, ea gay. Otherwise they would simply be ignored and flagged as the idiots they are. It must be very resource consuming for every such group to be on some watch list somewhere.

George Williams Owner 8 years ago. Just to be clear. Is this a 'story' devised by EA? I dont even remember this kind of out rage when Star Wars Galaxies did indeed have same sex relationships. In other news, mature content in game aimed at mature audience has mature themes.

The hand wringing of bigoted fools is exactly the type of story EA are pleased to provoke, as controversy will undoubtedly help sales. As Jonah points out ea gay this type of reaction is hardly gonna deter the target audience. Bruce Everiss Marketing Flagge gay 8 years ago. There are a lot of narrow minded people in America. All those fundamental Bielefeld gay bar with their imaginary special friend.

It is very worrying, in a supposedly secular state, to hear politicians talking about this fictitious God person all the time. Games have age ratings, books don't. Yet there is some really nasty stuff in books, try reading the Bible for instance.

Jonathan O'Connor 8 years ago. Mass Effect 2 - Same sex relationships between women? Mass Effect 3 - Same sex relationships between men? Since then, nearly every Bioware had same-sex romance options DA:O and DA2 already had for both gendersea gay, and they were already received with homophobic complaints Now, what i think got the attention of the bigots is that SWTOR originally didn't have any same-sex romance options, but some people asked about them since they got used to see this content in Bioware ea gay.

Eventually Bioware announced that they'll introduce them in future updates or maybe they already have: not a SWTOR player, so I'm not sure. I guess that, for the bigots, the real scandal is that Bioware simply said "OK" rather than fighting against the introduction of LGTB content.

Terence Gage Freelance writer 8 years ago. The cynic in me would question whether this story has been revealed to take some of the limelight off EA's new 'Worst Company in America' label. However, it is amusing how people get so worked up by these things - no doubt the vast majority being those who don't ea gay and never will play games but cling on to these tragically outdated beliefs.

Chris Madsen 8 years ago. EA starting to have bad reputation on other parts, but I respect ea gay part of them. I do condsider male homosexuality abit nasty, ea gay, but ea gay is because I am a male hetero.

But I don't hate or disrespect homosexuality, nor should I, because I might have something sexual considered not "normal" and same thing goes for those complaining xD but telefonsex gay don't go sneaking into their bedrooms and found that out xD.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Chris Madsen on 5th April am. Ben Furneaux Principal Designer 8 years ago. I condsider male hetrosexuality a bit nasty, but that is because I am a male homo. Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters 8 years ago. Bruce - You call them narrow minded then proceed to bash people's religions. The other day it was sexist comments about banning women from ea gay.

Isn't regular trolling mimi rogers tom cruise gay It's ok as long as it's ea gay "Lipstick lesbians", but as soon as there's a sword fight involved "omg its wrong! Rob Fahey Columnist, GamesIndustry. Whatever else EA may be ea gay right or wrong at present, they absolutely deserve applause for standing firm on this - not just by refusing to remove existing content Ea gay suspect most game companies would also hold firm on that ea gaybut on remaining committed to being inclusive and broad-minded in their future development efforts.

This stance earns them a LOT of brownie points - especially, I might add, ea gay, in major non-US territories like Europe where this particular culture war is quite a bit further down the line. Fran MulhernRecruit3D 8 years ago. I think the best comparison to put down any anti-homophoboic rhetoric is simply this. See more of Thrones, ea gay, the most popular tv series ever to come on HBO and the majority of tv networks in generalhas gays, incest, whores, ea gay, thieving, murdering, treachery, and baby killing Mass Effect 3, and any other games to ever have come out with optional homosexual content, ea gay, is really pale in comparison for several reasons.

A: People have not cared please click for source not ea gay much anyway Ea gay The game does not 'force' anything on anyone. In several other games players have heterosexual relationships as part of the story, but you dont see gay activists running around screaming fire and brimstone about it.

Going down that path requires certain choices made in such a way to 'unlock' that check this out of content in the game anyways. I would like to point out that I have not actually played any of the Mass Effect series, ea gay, but this does not restrict the validity of my opinion in any way on the subject matter, ea gay.

I am so deeply torn between suggesting that perhaps you don't want to include homosexuality on a list like that although I'm sure you didn't mean it like that! I forgot about the whores in Baelish's brothel making out with each other Last edit by Joshua Rose on 5th April pm. To even suggest this is an issue reflects more on those who seek to censor it, ea gay. Congrats to EA for taking a stance against such narrow-minded discrimination. No, actually my point in including homosexuality on a list like that is just pointing out that it's a part of the most popular show on television.

EA has publicly responded to a letter-writing campaign ea gay at the publisher by anti-gay groups complaining about the inclusion of same-sex relationship options eq games like Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Corporate comms chief Jeff Brown confirmed to GamesIndustry International that it had received thousands of letters from protestors but has no plans to censor its games as ea gay result. One such example is reproduced below. This ea gay about protecting children, it's about political ea gay said Brown. Brown went on es refute some correspondents' claim that it had only included the feature in its games because of ew from LGBT groups, and addressed allegations that it had deleted any posts discussing the issue on its forums.

It has, but only in instances where hay speech was involved. In short, we do put options for same-sex relationships ea gay our games; we don't tolerate hate speech on our forums. The da appear to have been spearheaded by two separate religious groups: Florida Family Association and Family Research Council. The Human Rights Campaign is currently organising a counter-petition backing EA's progressive stance on the issue, ea gay. EA should be commended for their inclusive approach that reflects the ez of our communities," commented Michael Cole-Schwartz, the group's director of communications at Human Rights Campaign.

Buy Mass Click here 3 from Amazon [? Sometimes we include links to online retail stores, ea gay. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here. Jump da comments Dirt 5 review ea gay enjoyably old school arcade racing. PS5 faceplate company is forced to cancel orders following a complaint from Sony.

Xbox Series X and S entertainment apps confirmed. Fortnite's next-gen update adds "dynamic visuals and physics", Activities support on PS5. Here's an extended look at Apex Legends Season 7 gameplay. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm Wa time.

Never miss a ea gay. He also dismissed the suggestion that it is forcing a homosexual agenda on children, ea gay. Dirt 5 review - enjoyably old school arcade racing Handbrake turn. PS5 faceplate company is forced to cancel orders following a complaint from Sony "We are extremely disappointed about this but we have no other option.

Comments Comments for this article are now closed. Thanks for taking part! Hide low-scoring comments Yes No. Order Newest Oldest Best Worst. Threading Expand click here Collapse all. Subscribe ea gay The Eurogamer, ea gay.

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Are we trying to comfort people who might have questions about their sexuality? It's worth noting that Starbucks had almost exactly the same experience recently and stuck to it's "pro-gay" guns. It is very worrying, in a supposedly secular ea gay, to hear politicians talking about this fictitious God person all the time.
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