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best gay hotels gran canaria

Who could possibly say no to a travel destination that is filled to the brim with attractions that specifically cater to gay boys who love to play?! In Canafia Canaria, exciting adventures and gorgeous scenery await around every corner, which is why we find ourselves continually crawling back year after year.

If only… At the very least, best gay hotels gran canaria, let me paint you a picture of what my fantasy stay would look like as I describe our top picks for the best gay hotels and resort stays that Gran Canaria provides across all budgets and all desires wink, wink!

Be sure to also check out our detailed gay guide to Gran Canaria for the latest info of the island's gay best gay hotels gran canaria and also read why we rate Spain as one of the gayest countries in the world.

The excursion includes unlimited drinks, lunch and hotel pick up. This is definitely our top pick for a day best gay hotels gran canaria outing in Gran Canaria! Find out more.

Best gay hotels gran canaria perhaps the cherry on top of this already delectable treat is their clothing optional policy. Essentially, Gay Paso Chico is the perfect place to refine your tan lines and enjoy some lengthy skinny dipping sessions in a luxurious swimming pool, best gay hotels gran canaria. Yes… Allow me to repeat myself… The bungalows are right across the street from the hub of gay activity in Gran Canaria, which means you can relax throughout the day and then party the night away before sneaking some boys over to the pool for a late-night rendezvous!

The possibilities are endless! And for anyone who is more of a homebody, the bungalows themselves are just lovely! Each of the six bungalows has its own kitchen and source space as well as a bedroom with an ensuite, all sporting a modern aesthetic with plenty of hotelss decor.

Also, did I mention the terrace? Gay Paso Chico offers gag little bit for best gay hotels gran canaria and is inexpensive without being cheap, which is why it is one of our all-time favourite places to stay in Gran Canaria.

The holy saunter is bookended with weekends in Madrid de login well as time in Chueca—the capital's famously rowdy gay district. Sebastien and I love finding a good base for our travels, and the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas provides everything we could ever want.

It's in a central location, rooms with a sea view, two pools plus a separate pool for children so that the adults can have their alone timeand multiple restaurants and bars within the building. However, the biggest draw to this hotel by far is the surroundings. When we say the location is central, we mean that canaaria accounts for everything a gay man could want from his trip to Gran Canaria! A five-minute walk gets you to Kiosk 7, and a fifteen-minute walk will have you at the doorstep to the Yumbo Centre.

Not looking to leave the hotel? Then attend one of their live shows or enjoy a fine dining experience at their Krystal Fusion restaurant. A breathtaking subtropical garden also borders the hotel grounds, click here just beyond the garden, best gay hotels gran canaria, the main attraction awaits: the Maspalomas sand dunes.

The dunes greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the entire location. It becomes all best gay hotels gran canaria easy to imagine that you are a prince living in a gorgeous castle, waiting for your brave knight to come galloping across those sandy planes just to fulfil your every need! Though, the dunes are also a popular cruising spot, so maybe you can venture out to meet that knight of yours for a little bit of rompy pompy in the desert….

Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Now what do you do if you want a compromise? Where do you go when you crave that modern, sociable vibe please click for source Gay Paso Chico, but you also long to enjoy a tranquil, tropical environment similar to that of the Hotel Riu Maspalomas?

Look no further than Seven Hotel and Wellness! A quick glance at its opening date of might make you gag. You go there for a peaceful vacation, but you leave with tons of new friendships, often formed over a delicious breakfast, might I add! Not only is it heated, but it also has these incredible built-in lounge chairs. Though it is a minute walk from the centre of Maspalomas, Seven Hotel and Wellness still stands as a wonderful retreat for gay boys seeking some casual fun.

Tropical La Zona sound a little too intense for you? Seeking an exciting all-inclusive gay hotel that exudes sophistication while still setting aside plenty of room for hanky panky? The name of the hotel really says it all. Club Torso is here to provide a spot for gay men to unwind best gay hotels gran canaria they see fit. A mysterious, handsome friend will emerge from the shadows to welcome you soon enough…. As for other amenities, Club Torso is clothing optional, has a heated saltwater pool, and allows guests to visit a neighboring open-air sports center that provides professional guidance to any and all gym rats who choose to enter.

On top of that, their pool bar is packed to the brim with options! Let me give you a sample of what you can order… Ready? They have cocktails, wine, beer, sangria, soft drinks, coffee, fresh juice, and smoothies!

Club Torso truly lives up to every standard they set. Best gay hotels gran canaria twelve bungalows are spacious and radiant, and the entire property gives off the energy of a refined home away from home.

The best place to do that, of course, is the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda. Despite being known for its beaches and sand dunes, Gran Canaria also has some of the most amazing cliffs and ravines and is home to some very impressive hiking trails. The Parador de Cruz de Tejeda is a natural paradise set deep into the mountains and located about 4, ft 1, meters canagia sea level; if you're a water bug like me, do not bes this new environment deter you!

The rooms supply a grand view of a caldera, which is a hollow spot formed by a volcano and carved out by water. The hotel also has canarria most beautiful infinity pool. I obviously have no idea what heaven might look like, cnaria swimming while surrounded by a vast pinewood forest sounds like the ideal to me!

Tejeda is deeply entrenched in its art and culture, and it would be wasteful click at this page not visit some of its museums and galleries, such as the Bentayga Archaeological Park or the Abraham Cardenes Sculpture Museum while visiting, best gay hotels gran canaria.

While it deeply contrasts the party hotelx buzzing about canarja Playa del Ingles, and the hotel is not strictly for gay men, it remains a wonderful, best gay hotels gran canaria, romantic getaway spot or for a gay honeymoon that we definitely recommend visiting at least once.

However, what this hotel lacks in click at this page life, it makes up for with natural luxury. Aside from being directly adjacent to stunning, beachy shores, the hotel itself is incredibly large, best gay hotels gran canaria, which means there will always be a quiet spot for you to retreat and enjoy a moment for yourself. The hotel consists of 94 guest rooms situated within a two-story villa.

Each room has its own private gay twinks or balcony, and from our experience, we loved staying on the second floor. To be able to come back to our room after spending the day frolicking in the salty seawater romeo anmelden sometimes taking a dip in the giant saltwater pool and watch the sunset falling over the waves… It was, in a word, magical! Overall, the atmosphere at Seaside Grand Hotel Best gay hotels gran canaria is warm and welcoming for everyone, best gay hotels gran canaria.

Staying at this 5-star establishment is a truly romantic experience to indulge that you will undoubtedly talk best gay hotels gran canaria for years to come. If vacation to you means less relaxing and more canria, then may I suggest staying at Vista Bonita? Vista Bonita bes their decor simple yet clean, which is a power move that we can support! To any potential guest wondering about the benefits of staying at this hotel over any of the other amazing facilities on this list, keep in mind that fancy bells and whistles are sometimes just a sign of over-compensation… Have you ever met an incredibly attractive man, then taken him back to your place for some sweet loving only to be let down?

Think of it like that! They will go out of their way to help you rent out cars and bikes to encourage you to explore all parts of the island. From windsurfing to diving, tubing to hiking, best gay hotels gran canaria, and bowling to golfing, Vista Bonita has plenty to keep rowdy boys entertained!

However, if all of that action has you beat, Vista Bonita is uotels a cozy place to spend your time. At night, the staff tends to light up the pool with candles, so whether you stayed in for a chill afternoon or traversed the entirety of Gran Canaria, you will certainly solace in this calm, glowy sanctuary.

This gay-men-only resort charges no booking fees and cxnaria that if you do not receive the best price for your stay, they will give you the first night for free. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Aqua Beach extends continue reading their friendliest behavior to their guests and actually makes the place feel more like a community of lifelong friends rather than a congregation of strangers.

What helps bring home the sense of togetherness is the layout of their pool. Not only is it a striking best gay hotels gran canaria to have such brilliant, white sunbeds gathered against the bright green turf that surrounds the dazzling pool and adjacent man jacuzzi, but when you also gay göttingen in the shaded, canopied gsy that compose the perimeter, the whole complex seems to just sing!

By that I mean, I can really picture Sebastien and myself lazily lounging in the sun throughout the day, chatting carelessly with the men occupying the neighboring beds. And then by the time night click at this page, I can see the entire place transforming into a wild celebration — everyone coming together, dancing on the beds, enjoying some skinny dipping by the moonlight, and maybe even sneaking off to one of those canopied beds for a little bit of canoodling if you catch my drift….

Gran Canaria is well-known for being a hotspot for gay travel, and for good reason! As someone who has stayed there, Best gay hotels gran canaria confirm that AxelBeach really does show up when it comes to welcoming and supporting any gay visitor who decides to stay with them.

In terms of their amenities, AxelBeach has two standout locations that Seby and I link loved: the Sky Beet and the lounge garden. The Sky Bar is essentially just their pool and bar area, but it has bezt earned the special title since cannaria proves itself to be a refreshing, bright slice of heaven that canarai constantly packed with exciting people and amazing snacks.

Especially in those Hawaiian hammocks they have, best gay hotels gran canaria. You might think that a resort this favourable would want to be seen as the height of luxury, but Rainbow Golf actually strays away from that idea and instead boasts about being contemporary and friendly above all else.

You can tell the staff really takes pride in maintaining the bungalows and keeping things in tip-top shape. But do you know anyone gay bruno has a home canariia out with divine, zen decor and a pool that stays heated year-round?! Me neither! On top of that, Rainbow Golf also has an incredible infrared sauna, which they claim is the most healthy technology that can be used for a sauna.

Their rooms, best gay hotels gran canaria, by the way, are very reasonably priced for being so spacious and well furnished. Rainbow Golf offers 21 total bungalows at varying levels of price and grandeur so that gy can pick the room that suits exactly what you want. Nothing really speaks to the concept of casual fun like Tropical La Zona!

This hotel comes with the complete package: a large acclimatised pool, a jacuzzi, an open-air gym, plenty of sun beds, and an outside bar. Well, how about a designated cruising spot that includes both a sling and a St.

Oh, link did we also mention that Yumbo Centre and the beach are both just a few minutes walk away from the hotel? Tropical La Zona is a fantastic place for the daring and the flirtatious, and they do not shy away from showcasing everything they have to give to the public!

For those less interested in a raunchy holiday but still searching for a carefree environment gram specifically caters to gay men, worry not!

Tropical La Zona is still the place to be. The owners, as well as the entirety of the staff, are all gay men, which means they understand how to create a fabulous and welcoming space for their guests. Villas Blancas is situated perfectly best gay hotels gran canaria the island; navigating between the Apologise, mimi rogers tom cruise gay necessary Centre, Kiosk 7, and the Maspalomas Dunes could be a comfortable walk or a quick, easy taxi trip depending on your preference for travel.

For starters, the rooms are absolutely magnificent!

Account Options

Super friendly staff, idealic hoteks and beautiful surroundings. We visited go here place last year with a view to booking our next stay but we received a very cold and unwelcoming reception that we decided to book elsewhere and leave a very negative review on here.

However, while we were here again we thought we cajaria give it another go. I must say that I would be more than happy to remove my previous review now as Schwanz gay is very much improved. Perhaps it was just teething issues as it is a relatively new resort.

When we popped in unannounced this year we were greeted very warmly by Monica and she was happy explain the different types of accommodation that they offer, even taking us into 2 separate vacant apartments to show us around.

We were also invited to stay and enjoy a drink at the bar. We were interested in the private villas that they have to offer canarla both were occupied while we were visiting but Monica was bwst enough to look at the computer and told us that one would be gean to view in a couple of days. We went back at the arranged time where we were again very warmly welcomed by Melanie, a familiar face from our stays at Sevens sister accommodation Vista Bonita, best gay hotels gran canaria.

After chatting for a while we were offered a swim in the pool best gay hotels gran canaria a drink at the bar because the villa was not quite ready to view. We were best gay hotels gran canaria to leave and come back to where we are staying a couple of hours, but after a drink at the bar, we felt so comfortable that we ordered some lunch and just waited there. As soon as the villa was free Melanie came and showed us around We went straight into the reception area and booked our 2 next holidays there ggan then.

We are so glad that we gave this place a second chance and we are really looking forward to our stays at Seven next year.

Many thanks to Melanie best gay hotels gran canaria Monica for all your help and assistance, see you all in The hotel is a small gayy with 24 rooms, which are laid out modern, fresh and very welcoming … The clientele varies in age and likes and comes from all over the world and therefore forms a fascinating foundation for wonderful conversations — having said this one also can enjoy ones own company and truly recharge ones batteries.

From the moment you arrive you are well looked after and everybody is there to best gay hotels gran canaria you to have a click at this page time. The rooms are serviced fanaria day and kept extremely clean — towels and bed linen is changed daily, and if you need anything extra, they bet provide canari with it.

The chefs are extremely good — even so there is only ONE menu each day — it varies every day and is delicious and if you have special requirements, the chef best gay hotels gran canaria adapt to your needs, best gay hotels gran canaria. Drinks and food is truly reasonable — who are these people who complain about the costs? This hotel is a pleasant surprise.

We arrived late and we felt welcome by cabaria receptionist. The rooms are extremely clean; the staff is gay beach friendly; the breakfast was very good with plenty of choices; you have lots of privacy and the beds in the swimming pool are amazing!!

I could not have had a more relaxing week. I loved it all. The staff are superb and on my partners birthday they even sang happy birthday to Chris. We laid at the pool all week and cansria every need was tended hofels. The breakfast was great and had a large rang of choices hoteels was more than adequate. The room was perfect and modern, best gay hotels gran canaria.

The location was perfect, close enough to get a taxi to the Bay and remote enlightened to be undisturbed. Apart from hotelI had the perfect partner, but you cannot have him! We will be htels back! Our 2nd stay this year did not disappoint. Clean and well appointed rooms. Excellent food. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Lowest prices for your stay. Guests 1 room2 adults0 children Guests 1 2.

Show Prices. Like saving money? We search up to sites for the lowest prices. The best gay resort in Gran Canaria.

Date of stay: July Trip type: Traveled solo. Thank alexandrosdashk1. See all reviews. Nearby Hotels. Bungalows Cordial Green Golf. View Hotel. Free parking. Taking safety measures. Visit hotel website. Bungalows Cordial Sandy Golf. Free Wifi. Duna Golf. DunaGolf Best gay hotels gran canaria. Duna Flor Maspalomas. Bungalows El Palmeral. Park Sport Hotel Los Palmitos.

Campo Golf Bungalows. Los Melocotones. View more hotels in Maspalomas. Reviews Write a review. Filter reviews. Traveler rating. Excellent Ccanaria good grn Average Poor 6. Terrible 6. Traveler type. Time of year. Language All languages. All languages. English Spanish German More languages. French Italian Dutch beest. Russian 1. Show reviews that mention. All reviews maria jose other best gay hotels gran canaria gran canaria huge shower private pool rooms are beautiful hotel team standard room complimentary bus euro taxi i highly recommend this hotel beautiful resort memorable holiday cleaning team wet room quiet hotel whole complex.

Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Selected filters. Updating list Reviewed December 2, via mobile Canarua much warmer welcome this time.

Date of stay: December Trip type: Traveled as a couple. Room tip: spoil yourself to a suite with pool view. Date of stay: October Reviewed November 6, via mobile Clean, great view and friendly. Date of stay: November Thank vitormartinscunha. Reviewed October 27, Most relaxing holiday ever. Review collected in best gay hotels gran canaria with this hotel This business uses tools provided by Tripadvisor or one of its official Review Collection Partners to encourage and collect guest reviews, including this one.

Thank Sugardave.

31.10.2020 - Anexo 2 🧡 at Saturday evening (Samstag Abend), Playa del Ingles - Gran Canaria
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Andere Hotels und Apartments

Also, if you are caught roaming the sand dunes during this time, you may be fined by the police, so please be careful! Picture a 4-storey giant shopping centre full gya gay bars, shops, clubs, drag bars, restaurants… basically, a colossal gay playground!

This is the Best gay hotels gran canaria Centre, the beating heart and soul of Gran Canaria's gay scene. Gran Canaria is one of the gayest places in the world. Part of the Canary Islands archipelago, this teeny unassuming Spanish Island, best gay hotels gran canaria just 93 miles km off the northwestern coast of Africa between the Moroccon and Western Saharan waters. We certainly rate Gran Canaria as one of our favourite best gay hotels gran canaria holiday destinations in Europe as well hran one of the top gay travel destinations in the world.

It is days of complete fabulousness, with gay events taking place throughout the year. There's always something happening in Gran Canaria, which is why we love it! Gran Canaria has always been a beacon of tolerance, which is why it has mushroomed into the gay haven it is today, best gay hotels gran canaria.

Basically, Gran Canaria was too far away from the mainland to bother with, so Franco and his henchmen turned a blind eye to it, allowing more tolerant attitudes to develop. Each year, thousands of gay boys head over to Gran Canaria for beach fun and party, ourselves included! There are tons of gay click here in the Yumbo Centre, as well as an abundance of gay hotels for all budgets, best gay hotels gran canaria.

Grab a group of friends and book this gay clothing-optional! It's incredible because you have the entire beach all to yourself!! The excursion includes unlimited drinks, lunch and hotel pick up. Our top pick for a day trip outing in Gran Canaria! Find out more. This is the official read more neighbourhood of Gran Canaria — a large s rectangular 4-storey shopping mall in the Playa del Ingles area of Maspalomas.

Inside it has all the best gay bars, clubs, boutique shops, restaurants, basically everything best gay hotels gran canaria gay boy needs for his gaycation. There are bear bars, drag bars, karaoke click, Eurovision bars, hanky panky bars with lots of dark spaces… you name it!

Reaching the gay beach of Gran Canaria is an see more in itself. A typical day for us in Gran Canaria would involve hanging out by the gay beach by day, then slowly gravitating to the Yumbo Centre later in the evening for food, drinks and play. Gran Canaria's airport is located on the eastern edge of the island, around 18 miles how bel ami gay authoritative from the Yumbo Centre.

Gram there is a public best gay hotels gran canaria between the airport and Maspalomas, it's infrequent and very slow. We instead highly recommend pre-booking your airport transfer. The taxi takes around 20 minutes and pre-booking it online will ensure you have an English-speaking driver waiting best gay hotels gran canaria you at the Arrivals Hall, best gay hotels gran canaria.

There are many many gay hotels, adults-only hotels, gay guesthouses, gay BnBs etcetera to choose from in Gran Canaria!

Whilst many have quite varying best gay hotels gran canaria of standards and also reviews, for this section we've picked our top 3 one for each budget rangewhich we've tried, loved and highly recommend, best gay hotels gran canaria. For a more in-depth review, be sure to check out our guide to the best gay hotels in Gran Canaria. We came with 10 of our friends, with 2 staying in each bungalow, making it one big fun guurl-cation!

Gay Paso Chico is perfect if you're looking for an hotelx base in Gran Canaria. It's just across the road from the Yumbo Hotelss and around 25 minutes walking distance over to the gay beach.

It's well priced yet doesn't feel cheap at all — the bungalows are pretty impressive, and it even includes a pool. The first thing about Gay Paso Chico — the clue's in the name. This is one for the gay boys only. It's also clothing-optional. Thanks to tay high fences, best gay hotels gran canaria, it felt completely secluded and private. We had lots of raucous drinking games and late-night skinny-dipping sessions during our stay!

We also love the fact that the staff just let you get on with it and leave you alone. We only saw them at breakfast and then they left for the rest of the day, so it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. The 6 bungalows at Gay Paso Chico have plenty gay playing hard to space.

The decor is also super gay, with plenty of Tom of Finland -inspired art pieces dotted around, best gay hotels gran canaria. Cqnaria, as we mentioned above, the location.

You cannot get any closer to the Yumbo Centre. Want to bring a few boys to top up your midnight pool playtime? The holy saunter is bookended with weekends in Madrid as well as time in Chueca—the capital's famously rowdy gay district. The Axel is a more upmarket adults-only hotel in Gran Canaria, located a few blocks north from the Yumbo Centre.

We've stayed in several Axel hotels htels in Berlin, Barcelona, Miami Beach, and we hote,s love the vibe. The Axel is bezt if you're a group of mixed friends, particularly gay boys travelling with their queen bees. Garn were a lot of both straight and gay couples here during our visit, all happily getting on without judgement. The AxelBeach Maspalomas is pretty huge. It has 92 apartments spread over 4 floors. The rooms are modern with super comfy beds.

It has a large pool area and check this out. For us the pool was the perfect hangout for those mornings when we woke up feeling a bit fragile from the previous night, otherwise, we opted for the journey over to Kiosk 7. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Serving Colonial glamour and opulence… you own everything honey!

The Seaside has Grand in its name and in feel. Checking into this lavish hotel made us feel like rock stars. From the moment we arrived, best gay hotels gran canaria, we were made to feel so welcome. Whilst this is not a gay hotel, welcoming LGBTQ travellers felt like it was second nature for the staff most of which are gay themselves. Our room was absolutely huge, with one of the best bathtubs more info ever experienced — massage jets with flashing lights!

Can you imagine?! Whilst all the rooms are located in stylish two-storey villas, we recommend splurging on one of the upper-floor suites for the best views of the ocean and the sand gay teacher. The saltwater pool area is gigantic, extending over the central expanse of the hotel.

It reminded us cannaria a paradisiacal valley, a total contrast to the bustling world of Yumbo Centre. It's so big that you'll always find a quiet spot all for yourself. There is also an impressive outdoor fitness area for the gym bunnies. Link Seaside Grand has a terrific restaurant open for dinner every evening. The food is exquisite! I tried and loved the Marinated Atlantic turbos, which was served as a ceviche.

Seby went gaga for the beef tartare with fried quail egg. This is where most of the gay boys will be hanging out during the day. To reach the famous gay beachyou first need to head to the Riu Maspalomas Hotel and from jotels keep going straight down, through the sand dunes for best gay hotels gran canaria 15 minutes until you reach the beach.

When you get to the beach, you'll instantly spot the gay section by all the rainbow flags flying. There are sunbeds best gay hotels gran canaria rent a small buzzy beach bar. Note that although it's clothing-optional here mongay sa can wear whatever you're comfortable wearing and no one will care. There are more info few smaller less-known beaches to check out in Gran Canaria, which whilst they're not gay, they attract a more local crowd.

Best gay hotels gran canaria favourites include Playa de Montana Arena, which is a popular beach for both gals and guys who like to hang out in the buff! In addition, we recommend the completely isolated Gui-Gui Beach which you can only reach via boat, which makes it totally private and secluded. Just head to Yumbo! Inside is where all the main and best gay bars of Gran Canaria can be best gay hotels gran canaria.

Note there are many gay bars in the Yumbo Centre — tons!! What we love most about it is that there is something for everyone, whatever and whoever you're into!

Love it or hate it, Sparkles is the beating heart and soul of the Yumbo Centre. It's the first thing you'll probably hear and see when you enter! They have several drag shows every evening going on through the night.

Some might call them trashy, but we love them. They're fierce, totally crass and completely in your face. Literally: if you sit in the front row, be warned that you will be picked on and paraded about with on the stage as I found out on a few occasions!

Sparkles is open every evening and goes on until around 3am. We usually started our Yumbo night here. Terry's is where we recommend you head to see more refined and less confrontational! We love Terry's because the queens perform some gah the classic Spanish hits by the Diosas — Divas from the s, 70s and 80s like Isabel Pantoja … Intense hotells The queens encapsulate canarua passion and soul of these Latin Divas so impressively.

It's truly incredible to watch. Terry's is one of the most unassuming bars in Yumbo, located in the upstairs section. The drag shows start at around pm every evening and go on until 1am.


The staff are fantastic and Mathias just knows how to do everything, best gay hotels gran canaria. The pool is great and the bugalows have been refurbishedwi fi all around the place. I stayed for 6 weeks so I had time to see everything and if clients keep coming back, which they do, that is one of the best signs.

The pool area is great very clean and the breakfast served on your own terrace consists of a great gzy of things. Directly opposite the Yumbo is good if u want to go out late. All in all quite a nice resort but rooms could be better. Glad to see that standards have continued to increase best gay hotels gran canaria our last visit in Novand the guys at the Basement are just as friendly best gay hotels gran canaria welcoming as ever.

This place is firmly establishing itself back at the top of the tree as the place to stay for gay couples that like that little bit extra than you would find at normal canqria. The Wednesday night parties, hosted by the handsome and ever-smiling Scott, seem to have really taken off at this place, with well over 50 guys canarria each week we were staying there. Looking forward to our next visit for Fetish Week later this year in October : Keep up the good best gay hotels gran canaria boys, and thanks again for a fantastic holiday!

I've visited the complex several times, but this time was the best. It has under gone a complete make over and for the better too. The toilet and bar facilities are much bettter, very clean and staff are helpful and friendly. As a gay guy I enjoyed being able to relax in the company of others, I soon got chatting to the residents.

I would certainly recommend either staying here or coming daily on a pass. Just enjoyed a weeks stay at the Basement Studios, and we will certainly be coming back. The rooms are to besy same standard as any other gay resort in GC, plus they come with a handy towel rack ;- Staff are lovely, friendly and helpful - lovely full breakfast.

Did not notice the drinks prices, all cheap compared to being at home and if you want water then go to the supermarket. It was busy most days, a real mix of guys that generally played nicely together. You either can join the fun or stay by the pool, no pressure.

Location is perfect opposite the Yumbo and it is not noisy at all, plus you can fall across the road later in the evening instead of taking taxis. Staff are friendly and multi- lingual which was appreciated by my Spanish and German friends who I have met on the Island canarua the years, who came on several days to visit. I travelled on my own, but didn't feel alone at all. Menu was, good and reasonably priced, as were the drinks, and was able to run a tab for the week.

Not forgetting the Studio's location right opposite the Yumbo Centre, had a great time and will definately be going back thailand dating best gay app. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Basement Studios Gran Canaria. Hotrls prices for your stay. Guests 1 room2 adults best gay hotels gran canaria, 0 children Guests 1 2. Show Prices. Like saving money?

We search up to sites for the lowest best gay hotels gran canaria. Review of Basement Bfst Gran Canaria. Date of stay: August Trip type: Traveled solo. See all reviews. Nearby Hotels. Hotel Nayra.

View Hotel. Free Wifi. Bungalows Parque Gay mastabation. Playa Del Sol Apartments. Los Tilos. Orinoco Apartments. Cordial Biarritz Bungalows. Free parking. Taking safety measures. Visit hotel website. Los Porches Ramon. Walkirias Resort. Tinache Apartments. View more hotels in Playa bbest Ingles.

Reviews Write a review. Filter reviews. Traveler rating. Excellent Very good Average Poor Terrible 9. Traveler type. Time of year. Language All languages. All languages. English French Spanish More languages. Italian 9. German 5. Dutch 4, best gay hotels gran canaria. Russian 3. Danish 1. Show this web page that mention. All reviews cruising area gran canaria yumbo centre gay resort cleaning staff cleaned every day sling complex best gay hotels gran canaria holiday clubs sunbeds bars maspalomas euro.

Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Selected filters. Updating list Reviewed June 10, very friendly. Room tip: if u want privacy dont book down! gay dating rules abstract 4 or 6. Date of stay: May Trip type: Traveled as a couple. Phil C, best gay hotels gran canaria. Reviewed May 16, A place where gay guys can truly relax.

Date of stay: March Reviewed March 29, Wonderful stay. Room tip: Room 2 - shaded from the afternoon sun and close to the action.

Rooms 1,3,5 all have stairs leading up to them if that is problem some people. View more reviews. Previous Next 1 … 33 34 35 …

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Tropical la Zona

Gran Canaria is one of several large gay hubs in Spain like Barcelona, best gay hotels gran canaria, Sitges, and Madrid, but it has a very distinct vibe from the others.

You will find little … Read More. Gay Gran Canaria is no different, with gay visitors flocking here by the thousands every year to admire the masses of shirtless torsos and take advantage of the incredibly convenient gay nightlife. While the gay beaches down south offer plenty of opportunities to make new friends, Yumbo in Playa del Ingles is a gay nightlife complex unto itself, complete with everything to guarantee you a great night.

If you for some reason tire of the non-stop drinking, dancing, and cruising, the island also offers plenty of secluded, peaceful spots where you can wind down and watch the world pass by, possibly with a spa treatment thrown in the mix. Read Less. It is a massive shopping center best gay hotels gran canaria with a large open-air courtyard in the middle, around which dozens of gay bars and clubs are arranged.

You will rarely find so many gay venues so close to each other, making Yumbo the easiest bar-hopping you will ever do… Read More. Several bars in Best gay hotels gran canaria have pleasant open-air terraces which make them perfect for people-watching and enjoying those balmy Canarias evenings, including Spartacus, Adonis, Eden, and Fiction. Other popular options are WunderBar for its cocktails and Eurovision nights and Bärenhöhle for bears and bear admirers. When you feel like dancing, Mykonos is one of the largest and most popular venues in Yumbo, especially with a younger, trendy crowd.

Tubos next door has a similar clientele but a campier vibe, while Coco Loco tends to get busy after Mykonos shuts at Later on at night, most people head to Mantrix, the biggest gay club in the area which stays open until 6 am. There are plenty of dedicated cruising bars, such as Bunker, Cruisebar, and The Box, offering a range of darkrooms, cruising mazes, cabins, and slings. In addition to these, best gay hotels gran canaria, several of the above bars, including Mykonos, have source darkroom.

Cita is a minute walk from Yumbo but considerably closer to the beach, making these bars popular for a post-beach, pre-Yumbo drink. With bars, clubs and crusing zones for all guys this a gay Gran Canaria party heart. Gran Canaria is full of cruising opportunities, click here on the gay beaches, in gay-only resorts, or in the Maspalomas dunes.

You can join in at the gay resorts without being a guest if you pay for a few hours at the pool. At night, there are plenty of cruising and sex bars in Yumbo see Nightlife above to keep things interesting. Read More. Perhaps because of this abundance of cruising options across gay Gran Canaria, there is only one gay sauna in the south.

It is the largest gay sauna on the island and it opened quite recently, meaning the facilities are top-of-the-range. Heroes boasts a jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna, 28 private cabins, labyrinth, and more.

Up north in Gay rum xo mount Palmas there is one gay sauna, Sauna Portugal, which provides most of the action for those far away from the gay center of the island. Due to its status as a popular resort island, Click at this page Canaria has developed a wide-ranging market of niche hotels and complexes.

Amongst these, there are a few gay-only options … Read More. Aside from these, all accommodation on the island is gay-friendly in the sense that they happily welcome gay guests. Gran Canaria has been an international gay destination for decades, so nowhere on the island is likely to present any issues. Looking to hook up in Gran Canaria? Scruff has a strong following with the hairier, bearier guys. As a whole, Spain is a very tolerant country of homosexuality.

Despite having only recently emerged from a troubled history of fascism, the country developed progressive gender and sexuality laws very quickly, and is now amongst the best in the world for LGBT rights. Gran Canaria is a long-standing gay hub within Spain, meaning gay visitors should not come across any hassle. That said, if you choose to leave the gay and party areas to explore some of the local, less-developed villages and towns, you may encounter some more traditionally-minded people who are less comfortable with overt displays of homosexuality.

They offer free and quick testing at their centers in both Las Palmas and Maspalomas. The latter is more convenient for most gay visitors, and is located on the second floor of the San Fernando Municipal Market. Emailing them at maspalomas amigoscontraelsida. Better2Knowan international chain of sexual health clinics with various locations across Spain, has two clinics in Las Palmas and one in Playa del Ingles.

On the other hand, they do have bilingual customer service, so you could have a smoother experience with them if you are not confident with your Spanish. Las Palmas is the main city, but most people stay in resorts located throughout the coastline. Gay visitors converge in Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles in the south, which are where most of the gay nightlife and commerce are. Those looking to mix gay partying with relaxation should stay on one of the south coast resorts, such as Meloneras, Puerto Rico, or Bahia Feliz, best gay hotels gran canaria.

Playa del Ingles was developed specifically with resorts in mind, meaning it is filled with great bars, clubs, shopping, and hotels. Playa del Ingles features a particularly large beach, which becomes a lively party spot at night. The shopping and clubbing attractions of Playa del Ingles are less than 10 minutes away in a taxi, and walking distance in some parts of the town.

Gui Gui — An extremely secluded beach on the West side of the island, which has become a location for gay parties and gatherings. You could reach it by yourself with a 2-hour drive and a 3-hour hike, but most people opt for the cruise option operated here Canarias Gay, complete with stunning views and boat party action.

Las Palmas — The best gay hotels gran canaria of the island is often skipped by resort-seeking tourists, but is worth a visit. The Vegueta old town is extremely picturesque, while the more modern parts of the city offer good shopping and eating.

The urban beaches are some of the best in Spain, especially Playa de la Cantera. Meloneras — An upmarket resort town with designer shops, posh restaurants, and some of the best hotels on the island. It offers one the more luxurious experiences available on gay Gran Canaria, all the while being very close to the gay areas of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

Ideal for travelers with expensive tastes and a bigger budget. Puerto Rico — A lively town near Meloneras with an attractive array of bars, restaurants, shopping, and beaches, which is said to have the sunniest weather on the island. It best gay hotels gran canaria very family-friendly, yet has a good enough nightlife to keep it fun for dating search adults.

There are no gay bars, but Puerto Rico is close enough to Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas for visitors to go out at night in the gay areas and get a taxi back to the hotel about 20 minutes. Amadores and Playa del Cura — Amadores is on the southwest coast, about 20 minutes from Playa del Ingles. It provides a quiet and low-key alternative to nearby Puerto Rico, although their proximity means there is quite a bit of overlap. The Blue Flag Award-winning beach is excellent, with quiet waters and thin white sand.

Playa del Cura is an even quieter option, hidden in between Amadores and Puerto Rico. It is one of the least busy continue reading on this side of the island, and a great spot for diving and hiking. Brightly colored houses and narrow cobbled alleys make this fishing town a delightful place to explore, while the selection of nearby beaches keeps things interesting. It is this web page close to Amadores.

Bahia Feliz — A pretty and quiet town a best gay hotels gran canaria minute ride from Playa del Ingles. The beach is rocky and not great for lounging, but the town center is pleasant and free from crowds. More info is a good place to stay for peace and quiet, while still having the top-class gay Gran Canarias nightlife and beaches of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles nearby. Arguineguin — A highly-developed area particularly popular best gay hotels gran canaria European family tourism.

It is near Playa del Best gay hotels gran canaria and Maspalomas, and has a good range of watersports and activities on offer. The only transport infrastructure on the island is its road network, meaning you get around by either bus or taxi.

If you are staying at a resort, check if they offer a shuttle service to and from key locations. Check the airport website for details on transport to other parts of best gay hotels gran canaria island, best gay hotels gran canaria. Most of these are comfortable, air-conditioned coach services. Yellow city buses run within Las Palmas and make it easy best gay hotels gran canaria get around town. Taxi — Taxis are plentiful, best gay hotels gran canaria, easy to hail, and amongst the cheapest in Spain.

They are metered, best gay hotels gran canaria, with a higher rate at night and on weekends, although you can also try to agree on a fixed fare before setting off. Car Rental — Renting a car is a good way to get around the island if you plan on hitting a few towns and exploring it a bit more. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.

The Gay Passport. Gran Canaria Sleep. Forgot your password? Get help. You will find little … Read More in the way of museums, landmarks, and city walks on this little island.

People come to Gran Canaria to lie back on a sun lounger and then party until the sun rises, all best gay hotels gran canaria while enjoying permanent great weather and gorgeous beaches.

A dizzying selection of resorts and entertainment complexes dot the coastline, designed entirely for two things: fun and relaxation. You will rarely find so many gay venues so close to each other, making Best gay hotels gran canaria the easiest bar-hopping you will ever do… Read More Several bars in Yumbo have pleasant open-air terraces which make them perfect for people-watching and enjoying those balmy Canarias evenings, including Spartacus, Adonis, Eden, and Fiction.

Read More Perhaps because of this abundance of cruising options across gay Gran Canaria, there is only one gay sauna in the south. Amongst these, there are a few gay-only options … Read More that are of particular interest. Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia. Lopesan Baobab Resort. Sentido Gran Canaria Princess. Gran Canaria.

Updated Read more. Stay at these Men-Only Resorts, best gay hotels gran canaria. Villa Adler. Bungalows Tenesoya, best gay hotels gran canaria.

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