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The X chromosome is one of the two sex chromosomes in humans the other is the Y chromosome. The sex chromosomes form one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes in each cell. The X chromosome spans about million DNA building blocks base pairs and represents approximately 5 percent of the total DNA in cells.

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A lot of unintended harm happens when people assume a Y chromosome makes a person a boy or a man and the lack of a Y chromosome makes a person a girl or a woman. It is true that in typical male development, the SRY gene on the tip of the Y chromosome helps to send the embryo down the masculine pathway. Moreover, the SRY gene can be translocated onto an X chromosome so that a 46,XX person may develop along a typical masculine pathwayand there are dozens of genes on chromosomes other than the X and the Y that contribute to sexual differentiation.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Diseases and conditions found only on the X chromosome are said to be sex-linked, as are rare Y-linked conditions such as male infertility. While disease such as color-blindness and hemophilia have long been understood to be X-linked, biologists and behavioral geneticists now know that important brain functions and conditions, from intelligence to autismmay be up regulated or down regulated by genes found on the X chromosome.

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The shorter average lifespan of males compared to females appears not to be a result of the fact that males have only one X chromosome. The results have been published in the scientific journal Evolution. It is common that the lifespans of males and females differ.

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Chromosomes are long segments of genes that carry hereditary information. They are composed of DNA and proteins and are located within the nucleus of our cells. Chromosomes determine everything from hair color and eye color to sex.

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Sex chromosomeeither of a pair of chromosomes that determine whether an individual is male or female. The sex chromosomes of human beings and other mammals are designated by scientists as X and Y. In humans the sex chromosomes comprise one pair of the total of 23 pairs of chromosomes.

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Jennifer Marshall Gravesan Australian biologist, is probably best known for a dire prediction: the human Y chromosome, which makes males male, could disappear in the next 5 million years. In the last million years, the number of genes on the Y has plummeted from more than 1, to roughly 50, a loss of more than 95 percent. The X chromosome, in contrast, stands strong at roughly 1, genes.

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Sex chromosome abnormalities may be caused by full or partial deletions or duplications of sex chromosomes. Chromosomes are structures within cells that contain DNA and many genes. A gene is a segment of deoxyribonucleic acid DNA and contains the code for a specific protein that functions in one or more types of cells in the body see Genes and Chromosomes for a discussion about genetics.

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The Y chromosome is one of the two sex chromosomes in humans the other is the X chromosome. The sex chromosomes form one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes in each cell. The Y chromosome spans more than 59 million building blocks of DNA base pairs and represents almost 2 percent of the total DNA in cells.

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A sex chromosome is a type of chromosome that participates in sex determination. Humans and most other mammals have two sex chromosomes, the X and the Y. Females have two X chromosomes in their cells, while males have both X and a Y chromosomes in their cells. Egg cells all contain an X chromosome, while sperm cells contain an X or Y chromosome.


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