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A leading US blogger and political pundit who "came out" publicly as a Christian has said she regrets using the language of the LGBT movement to describe her avowal of faith. Cox, a blogger on US politics for The Guardian and founder of the political blog Wonkette, posted a follow-up at The Daily Beast because she felt a "coda" was needed. She admitted she had feared that other Christians would not accept her as one of them, and that she would be guilty of "humble bragging" because humility and testimony do not always sit well together.

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If a politician talks long enough about themselves, they will eventually utter a truth. And the more highly he thinks of himself, the deeper the truth will be. Hence the significance of Newt Gingrich's sweeping defense against charges of lobbying: he was too busy earning hundreds of thousands of dollars making speeches and writing best-sellers to get into the picayune business of lobbying.

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Rick Warren can only barely keeping from fucking you, but Ana Marie Cox and I will protect one another and the nation's 4-year-old lottery winners from harm with our new Jon Favreau TV show. I'll stop with the techie jokes. But official Washington has heard our pleas, and ordered up 5, porta-potties for the inauguration.

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Did they hurt your feelings? Do you like yourself now? I love myself.

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She lives in Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota. Home Subscribe Donate. About Us Key Staff Testimonials.

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The moment where we found out that not only is Elena Kagan a fan of the nanny state, but she would herself be a terrible nanny and stuff her charges faces with basically nothing but french fries and Fluffernutter. Lindsey Graham had heard neither of Jews nor Chinese restaurants. Learning that Elena Kagan writes like a girl!

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We spoke with candidates, organizers, and …. David Remnick is a journalist, author, and editor of The New Yorker magazine. Hacks on Tap is the latest podcast from David Axelrod, giving listeners weekly insight into the presidential race.

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She came to fame in as the founding editor of the political blog Wonkette. InCox published Dog Daysa novel that satirized life in the political whirlpool. Question 1 : What most immediately struck you about how DC differed from the other major cities in which you have lived?

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Ana Marie Cox, political columnist and culture critic, sits down with liberals and conservatives, pastors, writers, activists, and other people you should know for an open, funny, in-depth conversation about what divides us - a show about listening instead of arguing. Culture critic Ira Madison III ira joins the show for a very meta conversation about white people and what it's like to be "the black friend. NeverTrump diehard Rick Wilson discusses his past as an attack ad maker, and whether he helped create the post-truth era.

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And a lot of people do get their information from it. Time Inc. It was a fulcrum. Imus and company were on the brinkand Ana Marie Cox — former Wonkette and bawdy blog founder — had been a regular member of the Imus crew for the last nine months.


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