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Contact Us. Health and Healing. Part 1: At the Crossroads of Integral Healthcare.

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Sally Kempton - Religion in the Modern World. Part 3. Designer Spirituality or Discipline Disaster?

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Often moderated by Ken Wilber, these discussions span a wide range of topics--including spirituality, sexuality, psychology, ecology, art, business, and politics. Through the rich diversity of subject matter runs a single thread, a fierce determination to connect the dots of fragmentation and begin to make sense of a world gone more than slightly mad Integral Naked offers a much more comprehensive, cohesive, and fulfilling way to navigate the rich complexity of the traditional, modern, and post-modern worlds.

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Within the history of Integral thoughtthe Integral Community springs from the voluminous writings of Ken Wilber, although there is disagreement over whether the Movement itself is identical with his belief system, and those of his supporters and co-workers, like Don Beck Spiral Dynamics and Andrew Cohen Evolutionary Enlightenmentor whether "the Integral movement is bigger than Ken" as someone who posted on one of the forums said. It constitutes a new philosophical school or meme -set, in the tradition of charismatic spiritual teachers of all ages, in which an articulate, brilliant, and popular figure would arise, and gather a following around him- or her-self. After the teacher passes on, their teaching remains through books and organisations dedicated to perpetuating that teaching; although without the brilliant light of the Founder, things generally become pretty stultifying, and there is often little or no original development.

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Do you like this website? Please support Integral World! An independent forum for a critical discussion of the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber.

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When I unsubscribed to Integral Naked last month, I received an automatic response from the site asking me to reconsider and presenting the "Top 10 Reasons to Come Back to Integral Naked. If you're receiving this email, it's because you were once a member of Integral Naked, the web's hottest spot for integral dialogues, performances, and events. Then, for one reason or another, you had to leave.

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Tuesday, October 30, This is a past event. In their groundbreaking books, The Jesus Mysteries and Jesus and the Lost Goddess, Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy explored the secret teachings of the original Christians that lead to gnosis or spiritual enlivenment.

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Part 2. A Better Set of Skillful Means. Get the Plugin and then copy and paste this code in your WordPress:.

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Steve Whitmire spent 14 intense and creative years with the extraordinary Jim Henson before his passing. As ofSteve has been the animating force behind, most notably, Kermit the Frog for nearly two decades. This was not something Steve planned for in any way.

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