Divorce because of pornography

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After all, this seems like a type of adultery to me. Am I wrong? When a woman has discovered her husband is entrenched in pornography, reactions can vary greatly, but for many women it is nothing short of traumatic.

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Internet access is growing and access to pornography is coming right along with it. According to a Deseret News articlekids have their first run-in with pornography by age twelve. Unfortunately, you might know the answer.

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A new study titled "Til Porn Do Us Part" suggests that adding pornography to a marriage doubles the likelihood of divorce. Now, a new study looks at how this consumption might affect marriage in the United States. But many of these studies have been based on cross-sectional data that give only a snapshot of porn use and marital happiness.

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Researchers at Brigham Young University and the University of Missouri did a study that included heterosexual couples to examine the relationship between pornography consumption and relationship satisfaction. Epub Mar In some marriages, monogamy is practiced. In others, partners agree to an open marriage or additional partners also known as polyamory.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Pornography is on the rise! Wanna hear some more staggering statistics?

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In Matthew andJesus gives grounds for divorce based on sexual immorality porneia. Is that your understanding of the text? And those clear indications are lacking in both Matthew 5 and Matthew

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As film genres go, pornography is the most divisive; few art forms elicit such ardently different feelings from critics and fans. Now a new study suggests that pornography may actually physically divide people too, namely those who are married. And women who start watching porn are three times as likely to split, according to a working paper presented at the American Sociological Association on Aug.

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Couples who start watching porn after getting married are twice as likely to divorce, according to a new study. At the same time, the results suggest that couples who watch porn together stay together. But the problem with many of these studies is that they only examine solo pornography use.

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Does Matthew give a wife who finds that her husband views pornography grounds to seek a divorce? Only God understands the pain that many women feel when they discover that their husbands are looking at pornography. Many wives are hurt by this discovery.

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P orn ruined you. Ruined us. I said it was me.


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