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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. Vaginal discharge, cervical fluid, and arousal fluid: are they all the same thing?

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Vaginal discharges are normal and help keeps your vagina moist and comfortable. Normal vaginal discharge is clear or white. When it dries on your underwear it looks yellow and has a slight smell.

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White discharge is a white fluid that comes out from the vagina or penis, including during and after sexual activity. For example, cervical mucus cleans and lubricates the vagina. Penile fluid, which flows through the same tube as urine, neutralizes leftover acidity so sperm can safely pass.

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Skip navigation! Story from Body. But for the rest of us, discharge is an almost daily occurrence.

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Discharge helps your vaginal tissues stay healthy, provides lubrication, and keeps your vagina clean, according to the Mayo Clinic. But seeing an unexpected color of vaginal discharge may give you pause which is the more low-key way of saying it might totally freak you out. Here are the different colors your vaginal discharge can be and why.

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IT'S something all women get, but we hardly ever talk about it. Knowing how much discharge is normal, what colour it should be and what it should smell like can actually help you spot some serious health problems, including STIs. Discharge is essentially a form of mucus that is produced from the cervix, the opening of the womb.

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Back to Health A to Z. Vaginal discharge is normal — most women and girls get it. It's a fluid or mucus that keeps the vagina clean and moist, and protects it from infection. The amount of discharge varies.

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All women have some vaginal discharge fluid or semisolid substance that flows out of the vaginal opening. Bacteria that are normally found in the vagina create an acidic environment that makes it difficult for other bacteria to survive. The fluid, made by glands inside the vagina and cervixhelps to keep the vagina clean and reduce infections by carrying away dead cells and dead bacteria.

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Back to Health A to Z. Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects men and women. It's usually harmless, but can be uncomfortable and keep coming back.


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