What are the asian pacific countries

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Jump to navigation. Senior government officials from Asia and the Pacific, along with civil society representatives and the private sector have committed to promote more inclusive technology and innovation policies to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals SDGsat a high-level meeting in Bangkok this week. Hongjoo Hahm highlighted that technology can fuel equality and narrow the growing digital divide, but only if it is inclusive and addresses the need to leave no one behind.

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Current Situation and Future Perspective 1. It also encompasses an enormous variation of climate and topography, from tropical to arctic, and from the Himalayas to coral reefs. In addition to its immense physical expanse, the region also presents a great historical, cultural, and ethnic diversity as well as a variety of stages of political evolution and economic development.

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In the U. Historically, Asians and Pacific Islanders were grouped together by government classifications and by us, as part of an intentional community-based strategy to build coalitions with one another. Whilst our communities use various names to describe themselves; these groupings are ultimately political and part of a dynamic, continuing process of self-determination and self-identification.

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What does APAC stand for? This region is also known as Asia-Pac, or AsPac. The term grew in popularity in the s when it was being used to discuss commerce, politics and finance. Because there is no clear definition of the Asia Pacific region, the region varies by context.

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East and Southeast Asia rank among the most dynamic regions in terms of economic development. Most countries in the region are experiencing considerable economic growth. Several Asian countries have emerged even stronger from the economic and financial crisis.

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Alternatively, the term sometimes comprises all of Asia and Australasia as well as Pacific island nations Asia Pacific and Australian continent —for example, when dividing the world into large regions for commercial purposes e. On the whole, there is no clear-cut definition of "Asia Pacific", and the regions included change depending on the context. The term has become popular since the late s in commerce, finance and politics.

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The Asia Pacific Region, as defined above for this study, is an immense region, covering some 2. Stretching from the borders of China-Mongolia with the NIS to the north to the southern tip of Australia and New Zealand to the south, this region covers the spectrum of conditions from northern temperate and boreal through the range of tropical and subtropical zones and back to temperate. From the high plateaus and mountains of Pakistan to the west and extending to the island countries of North Asia and the South Pacific, the Asia Pacific region incorporates conditions of moist tropical to arid and semiarid desert.

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Summaries of the taxes which apply to businesses and to individuals in Asia Pacific countries. Summaries of the taxes which apply to businesses and to individuals. Each profile is updated periodically. The date of the last update is shown on the cover of each country or jurisdiction's chapter.

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We've made some changes to EPA. EPA works with nations in the Asia-Pacific region to protect the global environment and public health. Our work focuses on the largest developing economies and population centers, including China and Vietnam.

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Asia Pacific Region. With more than 1. Across the region, our goal is promoting respect, inclusion and human dignity for people with intellectual disabilities through sports. News Letter Enrollment.