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I am from the woods with trails made by Thomas and I, where wonder is plentiful with an abundance of mystery. I am from the segregated streets of old downtown, before the yuppies were invited and gentrified 4 th ward. I am from poverty-stricken immigrant families that came to Houston following their heart, finding themselves in a milk crate furnished upstairs apartment.

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I may have accumulated a hundred books about writing over the years, but I can't recall the last time I opened one of them. I don't think of it as writing anymore; neither should you. Just take a pen or open the laptop and write.

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I used to do this, the self I was used to do this the selves I no longer am nor understand. Something bright, then holes is how a girl, newly-sighted, once described a hand. I reread your letters, and remember correctly: you wanted to eat through me.

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It deepens like a coastal shelf. In real life, the poet Larkin never married, and never had children either. But, of course, the real Lemony Snicket, Daniel Handleris a father. As parents, we all know we fuck up.

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Latin Poetry Roman Republic. Lesbia, come, let us live and love, and be deaf to the vile jabber of the ugly old fools, the sun may come up each day but when our star is out…our night, it shall last forever and give me a thousand kisses and a hundred more a thousand more again, and another hundred, another thousand, and again a hundred more, as we kiss these passionate thousands let us lose track; in our oblivion, we will avoid the watchful eyes of stupid, evil peasants hungry to figure out how many kisses we have kissed. For your part could you bring a decent.

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Life experiences, art, nature, travelvodka and a vivid imagination. Michael Faudet is a viral poet who has taken Instagram by storm. From the UK to Australia to New Zealand, Faudet is a well-traveled poet whose environment has always influenced his work.

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Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. Be the first to learn about new releases! Follow Author.

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I always say that I have no regrets Life is what it is I am where I am meant to be Fate has lead me to this door and that I do not wish I had picked another This does not mean I don't still look back Think to myself Amberley What the actual fuck… Continue reading regret tainted reunion. On this side of midnight I sit Warm Summer rain day dream glitter still plays in my hair On my skin And I find myself thinking Of spiders And flies And others that crawl and creep and wait Spiders take their time Construction beauty Delicate threads of glistening light Spiralling and spiralling They build their… Continue reading waiting goddess, still. I sit Cross legged On my bed Midnight is just around a star encrusted corner I watch out my window Constellation gazing wonder And I want to write a love poem But one for someone I have never really written one for This person She is amazing She can diffuse arguments with words of love… Continue reading that she.

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I t is a touching image, from a bygone age, to think of Philip Larkin composing thousands of letters and cards to his family, always writing with his favourite fountain pen. The habit started when he was a year-old schoolboy, with a postcard from Germany to his sister Kitty, and continued until he was a world-renowned poet, sending mail to his year-old mother in a nursing home. Much of his prolific correspondence has been published before but a new book, Philip Larkin: Letters Homefeatures previously unseen mail to his family.

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