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I'm donating all I can to Red Cross through my work, which will match all staff donations. I'm thinking of all the Japanese people and their bravery and edurance. That the JWs will not open their kingdom Halls to those in need is a very sad reflection on a religious group supposed to be known as having so much more love among them than us worldly ones.

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Retired Japanese crime boss Shigeharu Shirai has been arrested in Thailand following 14 years on the run, after photos of his Yakuza tattoos went viral. The 74 -year-old fugitive was apprehended while shopping in Thailand's central market town of Lopburi on Wednesday. He had been lying low in Thailand, where he fled when Japanese authorities sought his arrest over his alleged involvement in shooting a gang rival in

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Post a Comment. Tuesday, December 8, Yakuza. The worst hand in the game is a set of eight, nine and three.

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The night started out pretty much like every other, drinking with some random Japanese girl in Ikebukuro. As it was Wednesday and we had to get up the next day for stupid work, we just said goodnight, bowed at each other, and went our separate ways. It was a hot night, and when I walked down the steps into the station, even hotter air rushed up to meet me.

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They are known to simply call themselves "businessmen", but in reality, are also involved in organized killings and drug trafficking; the gang gained global notoriety when it became directly involved in politics in the early s. The union does not view themselves as criminals, but instead they view themselves as patriots. Although the Nationalist Republic of China government continued to hold claims on mainland China afterthe mainland was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and Taiwan was controlled by the KMT; the Bamboo Union criminal gang began primarily with street-fighting to gain recognition in society.

There's no room for individuality in traditional Japanese society. In a country where uniformity is valued above all else, you have to keep the rules - or keep out. While some have expressed their differences in harmless ways, the frustrations of others have come out as violent rebellion.

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It exists two types of yakuza, clan- yakuza and freelance yakuza. Freelance yakuza. Freelancing yakuza is a yakuza that not commit any bigger crimes and belongs to a little group of hustlers.

The first syllable "ta", meaning "hand", is repeated twice as an onomatopoeic reference to the repetitive nature of the action, and the final syllable "U" translates to "color". The first closest known usage of the word in English was recorded in the diary of Captain James Cook in during his voyage to the Marquesas Islands. The text reads, " The best known is the ka-tzetnik identification system for Jews in part of the concentration camps during the Holocaust.


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