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Jasmine F. Mian, Catherine J. Mondloch; Recognizing identity in the face of change: The development of an expression-independent representation of facial identity.

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Recognizing facial expressions is an important way to get a sense of how someone is feeling. Beyond being able to simply recognize facial expressions, however, you should also understand how to communicate about how someone might be feeling. We advise that you learn the 7 major types of facial expressions, know when certain types of expressions are used, and develop your interpretations.

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X Doesn't Change Facial Expressions is a series of animated GIFs created by compiling a series of individual's stillshots or celebrity photos and producing a montage in loop sequence. Much like Noah Kalina's Photo-a-Day project, the resulting artwork reveals a surprisingly consistent facial expression for each subject depicted. The meme initially began as an epic group prank in the notorious SomethingAwful forums [1]. To make the long story short, SA users dug up an impressive collection of KSwizzle's photos, which was then compiled into a GIF animation.

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Facial Expressions is a fad generally involving a fast-moving animated GIF of a person in different photos but with the same facial expression. Two of these YTMNDs are currently in the Hall of FameParis Hilton doesn't change facial expressionsbecause it is the most viewed, and Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressionsbecause it was famously posted and watermarked on eBaum's World without giving credit to the original creator. In more recent versions the picture may also be static and depict various people either "dead" or "frozen".

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A surprisingly common problem people have is when their neutral or resting facial expression sends the wrong message about how they're feeling. A closely related issue is when someone's truly neutral face doesn't give them any trouble, but if they're concentrating, tired, or thinking about something else, then their features create a false impression. Whatever the misleading facial expression is, it can cause a few problems: It can give people the wrong idea about you, and perhaps cause them to avoid you.

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The President began by asking me whether I wanted to stay on as FBI Director, which I found strange because he had already told me twice in earlier conversations that he hoped I would stay, and I had assured him that I intended to. He said that lots of people wanted my job and, given the abuse I had taken during the previous year, he would understand if I wanted to walk away. My instincts told me that the one-on-one setting, and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position, meant the dinner was, at least in part, an effort to have me ask for my job and create some sort of patronage relationship.

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Adapting to endure humanity's impact on the world. Your roommate bursts through the door, throws her bag down onto the kitchen table, and storms into her room. How do you think she's feeling?

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But recent research has found that may be far from the truth. While conducting research on emotions and facial expressions in Papua New Guinea inpsychologist Carlos Crivelli discovered something startling. He showed Trobriand Islanders photographs of the standard Western face of fear — wide-eyed, mouth agape — and asked them to identify what they saw.

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