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Condoms made from the bladders and intestines of lambs and other animals have been around for thousands of years. Despite their ability to prevent pregnancy and provide a natural and more intimate feel, lambskin condoms began to lose popularity after the invention of latex condoms in the s. This was short-lived, as natural membrane condoms were found to be less effective in the spread of sexually transmitted infections STIs.

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Why condemn the condom? Lately, male prophylactics and their packaging have come under scrutiny as an environmental menace, just one more tiny — albeit commonly used — item to clog our landfills. In

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App Store. Google Play. Condoms are not biodegradable Condoms are not biodegradable Condoms are not biodegradable Condoms are not biodegradable Condoms are not biodegradable if you care about the planet have unprotected sex!

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Even in the throes of passion, I cannot and will not be persuaded to wear a condom until the condom cartel as I call the polluting condom manufacturers of the world start making environmentally friendly, biodegradable condoms. One rubber tossed in the trash today will outlive the children that would be born if it were never used. Lambskin condoms are the only type that biodegrades, but frankly, inserting the intestinal membrane of a baby sheep into a partner seems more unethical than throwing a latex condom into the ocean. I might as well be fondling my partner with a sausage.

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We live in a time where we are trying to be more environmentally conscious than ever before. Every choice that we make can have an impact on our environment. Perhaps you may want to live a "greener" lifestyle.

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If all goes well on Valentines day you may well be planning some intimate moments. Time to check out condoms. Latex: made of latex rubber from rubber trees a natural and therefore biodegradable.

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Around them, hair irons, press-on nails and makeup kits were stacked to the ceiling. But on this morning, the clerks had gathered to learn about an unusual new item on the shelves: nontoxic, eco-friendly vegan condoms. Meika Hollender, the co-founder and co-chief executive of Sustain Naturaladdressed the crowd and showed off her wares.

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A weekend away! How romantic! The bag will take only 12 months to completely degrade in the landfill.

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When we think of sexual pleasure, we think of taking care of ourselves — and if we're decent lovers, we think of taking care of our sexual partners. Yet, we rarely think about taking care of the environment. From what sex toys we buy, to which lube we use, to our birth control method of choice, what we bring into the bedroom has a serious environmental impact.

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Skip to content. What is the ecologically correct way to dispose of a used condom? One can't flush it down the toilet as numerous Urban Legends demonstrateand leaving it naked in the wastebasket strikes me as tacky


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