Amateur network

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The analyzer will be used to understand the characteristics of It will also afford us the ability to measure, and perhaps, improve the quality of transmissions emanating from AREDN-supported devices. Their support includes long distance communication DXingthe introduction and promotion of amateur radio in developing nations and encouraging youth participation in amateur radio.

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For some years now, the hobby of Amateur Radio has faced a looming existential crisis. In the early days of radio technology, Amateur Radio was a hobby very much for experimenters, people on the cutting edge of technical RF technology. They broke new ground and paved the way for commercial operators and broadcasters to make the most of the RF spectrum.

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If you are interested, get on one of the frequencies below and listen for for a few days. If you like what you hear, have a look at the membership information page and if what you see in terms of membership requirements and privileges fits, feel free to take a test drive of the system and speak to any of our members! If you are still interested, get to know an an existing member and have them sponsor you for membership. Has it really been that long?

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Page 6. Page 5. Page 4.

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We are a civic minded group with a passion for community service. Many of us participate in other areas of our communities in addition to sharing our love of amateur radio with others. Our charter and bylaws mandate that we provide and promote amateur radio education by providing novice and advanced training to our fellow citizens.

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WARA is currently working on setting up a second Internet feed to the system for redundancy. The network uses frequencies in the 5 GHz amateur radio bands and can be accessed using commercial-grade WiFi gear. Use Policy Even though the system connects to the commercial Internet, standard amateur radio regulations apply when using the system.

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MAIPN is part of a national movement within the Amateur Radio community to employ modern wireless technology in our local and regional Amateur Radio networks. We are taking advantage of a new class of low-cost digital microwave radios that have recently appeared in the marketplace. This equipment was originally intended to be used by commercial providers to deliver wireless internet service to customers who are underserved by existing cable and fiber optic networks. However, we have found that this equipment is ideally suited to increase the capabilities of our Amateur Radio networks.

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We are all amateur radio operators many of whom are Motorola Solutions employees, Motorola Service Station employees, dealers, system installers and Motorola equipment aficionados. Please consider a donation to support the talk group distribution core servers by clicking on the Donate button to the right. Even small amounts help!

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Project 25 Network Exchange for Amateur Radio. If you already have a Motorola Quantar repeater on P25, joining our network is easy. You just need to obtain a few more items:. Of course, you'll also need an internet connection of some kind.


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