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Well, she never really existed, did she? For five years, Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah, was the idol of just about every preteen girl in America. I know my oldest granddaughter watched many an episode of the hit TV show and did all she could to help support the franchise.

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Miley Cyrus knows how to perform pop stardom; she's been doing it her whole life. Her dramatic evolution started with Disney Channel's Hannah Montanaspanned everything from twerking on Robin Thicke to romping makeup-free by waterfallsand made its way to her current club-pop incarnation, with the only consistency being her prominent status in the limelight. Her newest act is starring in an episode in Black Mirror 's fifth season, where she critiques modern-day celebrity by tackling the straitjacket of personal brand and public image.

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Haha, random oneshot I wrote the other day. It sucks in the descriptive department, but I think you'll get a good giggle out of it anyway. I mean, who am I kidding.

Speaking to CBSMiley explained: America feels like my aunt [telling me] "You've grown up so much and we don't want to see you grow up! But what was hard for me was balancing everything. I mark that up as doing some damage to my psyche.

Has anyone seen the pic of Mylie Cyrus posing topless in Vanity Fair? IMO this is terrible. What about all these little girls who adore her.

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There's just nothing interesting to do in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Anyone playing the game probably saw the movie, so they know the story, not that this game does a good job of retelling it. The adventure portions are so linear and restricted that players are literally just walking back and forth reading speech bubbles while the game's plot happens by itself.

A Miley Cyrus film may or may not be heading to a porn festival. Of course. How exciting!

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But behind-the-scenes, Miley, now 26, was also grappling with the same struggle, growing up in the public eye and making mistakes while becoming a role model for her young fans, whether she wanted the title or not. Miley Cyrus' Disneyland Visit. After Hannah Montana first premiered on the Disney Channel in when she was just 12, with Miley's real-life dad, country music star Billy Ray Cyrusplaying her on-screen dad and manager, it quickly became the network's highest rated show ever.

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Check out her journey from TV princess to a twerking pilates loving singer. If you think Hannah Montana was blushing over the foam finger, the innocent pop princess would probably need gas and air after watching Miley Cyrus' new video Wrecking Ball. Miley burst into the big time in on Hannah Montanaa TV show about a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night.

The singer and actress can credit the show for launching her superstar career, but playing a child star didn't feel the same by the time she hit her late teens. I grew up. Cyrus likened her transformation to an image of an actor playing Peter Pan smoking backstage at Disneyland which she actually did see.


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