Second breast cancer

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Women diagnosed with breast cancer have a higher risk of getting a new breast cancer than women who have never had breast cancer [ ]. A new breast cancer is called a second primary breast cancer. Unlike a recurrence, which is the return of the first breast cancer, a second primary tumor is a new cancer unrelated to the first.

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Women successfully treated for early-stage breast cancer have a higher-than-average risk of a new breast cancer developing in the same or opposite breast. These women also are at risk of the original cancer coming back recurrence. Researchers looked at the medical records of 1, women in Florence, Italy who were diagnosed and successfully treated for early-stage breast cancer.

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I have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time! I was diagnosed the first time in and again earlier this year! I've found the cancer diagnosis more difficult to come to terms with this time, for reasons I've yet to understand!

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Thinking about cancer or dealing with cancer risk can be scary or overwhelming, but we believe that receiving information and resources is comforting, empowering, and lifesaving. One study showed an increased risk for a second breast cancer in women with a certain CHEK2 mutation. I need to learn more about genetic testing for hereditary cancer.

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Breast cancer survivors are at higher risk for getting another breast cancer, as well as some other types of cancer. Steps for staying as healthy as possible include eating right, getting regular exercisestaying away from tobaccoand getting recommended screening tests. Breast cancer survivors can be affected by a number of health problems, but often a major concern is facing cancer again.

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The risk of a second breast cancer in patients with high-risk BRCA gene mutations can be more precisely predicted by testing for several other genetic variants, each of which are known to have a small impact on breast cancer risk. Breast cancer patients who are diagnosed at a very young age, or who have a strong family history of the disease are regularly found to carry a mutation in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. They are also at high risk of developing a second cancer in their other breast and may opt for a double mastectomy to reduce their risk.

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A new breast cancer 2. How is a second primary breast cancer diagnosed? How is a second primary breast cancer treated?

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Prophylactic mastectomy is a surgery to remove one or both breasts; prophylactic meaning a preventative measure, done in hopes of reducing your risk of breast cancer. Bilateral prophylactic mastectomies, or double mastectomies, are the removal of both breasts. It is also important to be aware that while removing the opposite breast reduces the risk of developing a new cancer, it does not change the outcome from the existing cancer.

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Each breast contains 15 to 20 lobes of glandular tissue, arranged like the petals of a daisy. The lobes are further divided into smaller lobules that produce milk for breast-feeding. Small tubes ducts conduct the milk to a reservoir that lies just beneath your nipple.


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