Men and leg cramps during sex

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I am a year-old male, and during intercourse, right before I am ready to ejaculate, I suffer from an excrutiating leg cramp which impairs my ability to finish the sexual act. This happens more and more frequently. I know it has been a while since you posted, but I was wondering how you are doing.

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It can be hard enough work reaching climax as it is than having to worry about an additional pain or locked muscle. And when muscle cramps hit, they tend to do so at the worst possible moment. Thanks, body.

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Sex is supposed to be the pinnacle of human enjoyment and bliss, and for many of it is; as well as an intimate way to bond with someone we love or to get to know someone that we think we could love. This can be highly embarrassing and kill a moment — particularly if this is a first time partner or someone we are still trying to impress. Furthermore, if it ends up reducing the number of positions we can have sex in, or ends up reducing our enjoyment then it can leave us missing an important part of our lives — and even placing a strain on our relationship.

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Sex is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And, for older men, pain in flagrante delicto is most likely to be a product of involuntary clenching in the calfthigh, and hamstring triggered by prolonged thrusting. The mid-romp charley horse results from a muscle spasm that occurs when the gastrocnemius, soleus, and quadriceps muscles lock in a contracted position.

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Pain during sexual intercourse isn't a problem limited to women, as many men have pain during sex as well. Experiencing this problem may not only affect sexual performance but sexual pleasure also. It can even have lasting psychological effects, such as fear of penetration, leading to impotence.

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Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Sex and Romance Sex and Romance how to prevent muscle cramps during sex.

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A muscle cramp always feels like a surprise. The involuntary contraction strikes without warning, whether it's a charley horse in the middle of night or a back spasm as you reach for an everyday object. But don't let that cramp throw you for a loop.

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If you haven't already, you will probably experience leg cramps at some point in your life. They can hit at the worst possible moments; whether you're lying in bed at night or taking a run on the treadmill, that sharp stabbing pain can feel totally debilitating. If leg cramps, also called charley horses, persist, they can become even more irritating, perhaps knocking you off your typical exercise or sleep routine.


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