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It was a few years ago. I think I probably was. I actually never even really drank that much, and as I told Oprah, I only did coke times, so statistically, the chances are good I was not wasted when this happened.

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Too much expensive wine and not enough paying their taxes. NOT SO. The film that made you wish you had a long lost twin.

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That trainwreck β€”at least, that might be one opinion after watching the just-released trailer for the erotic, noir film, which showcases Lohan's acting skills stripping skills prominently. The preview starts with Lindsay's character, Tara, monologuing about movies who sees them, if movies mean anything to anyone anymoreas pictures of various rundown movie theaters pan across the screen, naturally. She decides, "Maybe it's just not my thing anymore.

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Invites using different spelling of Ms. As with a lot of malicious campaigns on Facebook which rely on social engineering which is pretty much all of themit's sometimes astounding to see how people can fall for them, but they do. Social engineering on a social networking site is unfortunately a powerful combination.

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Lindsay Lohan is still upset that someone leaked her famed sex list back in March. During an interview with the UK's Daily Mailthe actress admitted the experience was "really violating. It's bad karma for whoever did it.

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In this somewhat less-than-hilarious clip from the upcoming movie, the two notoriously wild actors send up their hard-partying images. We've been warned for months that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan would parody themselves in Scary Movie 5 β€” and now that the movie is less than a week away from its not-particularly-anticipated release, the Weinstein Company has been generous enough to release a clip of the scene, which features self-parodic performances by Sheen and Lohan as they embark on a particularly ill-fated one-night stand. The scene begins as Sheen works to convince Lohan to sleep with him.

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She is either driving drunk, doing drugs, stealing diamonds from jewellery stores, in court, or getting herself out of jail! Looks like there were some videos shopped around to the usual buyers for hefty prices and someone picked them up. There are a couple of videos available showing what looks to be like Miss Lohan performing various sexual acts on past love interests.

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Lindsay Lohan hasn't spoken in a straightforward way about her alleged list of sex partners, but she's now revealing why she's so upset that it leaked. The fifth step reads: "Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. Lohan, 27, said she "cannot confirm or deny" whether the list is accurate, but she did give her theory on how it became public.

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Lohan's Beach Club episode two begins with the most comprehensive video recap ever. At least three minutes of re-introductions to the cast. Then the intro credits roll β€” in keeping with the show's inexplicable beachy business gal concept, its theme is Lohan's tragically overlooked single "Bossy. Even after the official recap reel ends and the "Bossy" chorus has played out, Lindsay and Panos are still re-explaining how the show works: they're employing the services of horny American millennials to help expand their Grecian nightclub empire!


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