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When The CW's reboot of the cult favorite TV series Charmed was announcedthe first question on everyone's minds was who would be playing the "Charmed Ones," the trio of supernaturally chosen sister witches. Instead of casting big-name actresses, the network chose instead to select three actresses who have worked steadily but haven't had breakout roles just yet. The middle sister, Mel Vera, is played by Melonie Diaz, a longtime staple of the indie film world.

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Sign in. R 83 min Comedy. Four teens are tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house for a school project.

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Phoebe is the youngest Halliwell sister. As a Charmed One, she was the youngest, the oldest being Prue Halliwelland the middle sister being Piper Halliwell. After Prue's death at the hands of the demon Shax and discovering that she had a younger half-sister, Paige MatthewsPhoebe became the middle sister, the middle Charmed One. Phoebe has since adjusted to her role as mediator between her sisters just as Piper previously was.

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Please share and help us raise more awareness of this oftentimes traumatic phenomena to emphasize people need Jesus as their Saviour and how to get totally freed by purposefully receiving full deliverance from Him. I really hope people will take the time to listen to it! Episode of the A Minute to Midnite Show:.

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Piper: I asked if Prue was going to have sex with someone other than herself this year. Phoebe: Come on, you don't think we'll be 60 and still living together, sharing clothes and a cat. Piper: Well now that you put it that way, no, I don't want to live with you anymore.

By amensisterfriendApril 13, in Charmed. It's been so fun chatting about this show with you guys! Since we're always talking about various episodes anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be up for a casual group rewatch.

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By amensisterfriendApril 7, in Charmed. There's something about the energy, tone and even storylines that I just prefer about the later seasons. For me, it's Piper. The Piper of S1 was down to earth, a little endearingly shy, sarcastic but sweet.

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