Vintage cobalt blue glassware

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Vintage glass is one of the easiest collections to start. You can find options for every budget, from antique bottles to exceptionally crafted Murano glass chandeliers. Depression glass, carnival glass, and milk glass are found in abundance at flea markets, estate sales, and antiques stores.

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Cobalt blue glass is normally a deep rich blue like the vase on the left. It is made by incorporating cobalt oxide in the molten glass mixture. Most blue glass is given its color either from cobalt oxide or from copper oxide added to the molten glass.

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Of all the varied Depression glass colors, cobalt blue has a consistently loyal following among glassware fans. The color is captivating, demand remains steady, and the prices of some pieces can be quite high. Although several companies made Depression glass in this color, two of the most popular patterns with collectors are Moderntone and Royal Laceboth produced by Hazel Atlas Glass Company.

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Cobalt glassware, with its deep-blue hue that inspires wonder, is collected for its rich tone. Its inherent beauty lends it to being put out on display, rather than being the type of collectible that sits stored away in boxes, not to be seen. Cobalt glassware is as functional as it is beautiful, making it suitable for display and use in kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas.

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Love cobalt blue. Enjoy Free. By Beachcrest Home.

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Cobalt glass —known as " smalt " when ground as a pigment—is a deep blue colored glass prepared by including a cobalt compound, typically cobalt oxide or cobalt carbonatein a glass melt. Cobalt is a very intense coloring agent and very little is required to show a noticeable amount of color. Cobalt blue glass is also used as an optical filter in flame tests to filter out the yellow flame caused by contamination with sodiumand expand the ability to see violet and blue hues.

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In stock. For a unique range of coloured glassware look no further than the Colbalt Blue glassware range. This distinctive range of blue tinted glasses includes Colbalt Blue wine glasses and Colbalt Blue tumbler glasses, and are manufactured by Libbey glassware and Artis glassware.

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Set of twelve low champagne glasses or dessert dishes in the Colony Whitehall cubist pattern. This pattern is often mistaken for Fosto Interesting and lovely vintage glass vase, roughly turn of the century I believe.

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