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Hi, I am a fairly independent person, easy going. I love the outdoors, travelling and animals. I ride a motorbike, and love to get away at weekends when its not raining!

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People without whom this job would be impossible. If you're a denture wearer, and your dentures have begun to fit less comfortably than in the past, you may wish to consider having them relined. Denturists practice denturism, the practice of making, altering, repairing and relining removable dentures directly to dental patients.

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Do you know how inportant this is? Logan Rawlings is coming to dinner. We're talking about the editor of San Francisco Monthly.

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My sister ghosted me My sister ghosted me. I guess you could say I'm ghosting my siblings. When I ran into her weeks later and asked for an explanation, she said, "You have nothing to apologize for" -- yet she couldn't compose an explanation because "it was too horrendous and hurtful.

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The reader moves to Riverdale the summer before her Sophomore year. Big cars, small cars, fast and slow… Cars are everywhere and kids love them! Join the StoryBots as they zip around the pages of this rhyming book.

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Food is more than sustenance; it is history. Her puffy arms swung too and fro as she kneaded the dough, and I grew dizzy watching her. Which was arm, and which was batter?

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Globalisation, environmental economics, conservation and ecology, climate change, glaciation, volcanology, Quaternary science, the future of developing regions, cultural differences — just some of the topics you can study on the Cambridge Geography course. You don't have to search, cut and paste internet memes anymore. Game of Thrones may be over but the memes keep on coming.

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Whether you're the definer or the definee; whether it goes the way you'd been hoping or blindsides you like a rogue wave; whether it affirms your love, or dismantles it; it's likely to be an experience you won't soon forget. If you've ever D'dTR one way or another, or just want to hear us recount the details of our doomed couplings, whirlwind romances, perfect pairings, and ill-advised affairs, go ahead and bash that play button, baby! A new episode about every 28 days averaging 58 mins duration.

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The first time I saw a dental dam was in eighth-grade health class. I never thought I'd go to a sex party. Sex parties, to me, were the sort of in-real-life bacchanalia that you only see in porn.


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